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LisaRaye And Ex-Hubby Land In Hospital After Bite Fight

American actress LisaRaye and her husband, Turks and Caicos prime minister Michael Misick have been having some problems as of late. Misick was accused of raping a woman in April of this year and soon after their two year marriage was rumored to be on the rocks, after Misick was spotted with BET veejay Rosci, who supposedly entertained girlfriends at his (and LisaRaye’s) house. On Wednesday, the prime minister officially announced that he and LisaRaye were separated and he is pursuing a divorce. Fairly standard scandal fare, but it gets better! Last night LisaRaye allegedly went to their house and a major confrontation ensued. By the end of the night, they were each at separate hospitals on the island, both being treated for bite wounds. They bit each other. Adults. With their teeth. And then of course, they released statements:

  • Michael says: “LisaRaye, her cousin Phillip Travis, and her publicist, Lynn Jetter, assaulted the guard at the premier’s home, proceeded to ransack the house, and then assaulted the premier and his sister. The premier at no time had any physical contact with LisaRaye.”
  • LisaRaye says, “An attempt was made by and on behalf of my husband to first prevent my entry into our home and then, later, to make me leave our home by force. I shall continue to assist the police force with its inquiries.” [NYDN]

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