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Bijou Phillips Learned Of Sister’s Incest When She Was 13


The Mackenzie Phillips publicity train chugs on today – she was just on “Oprah” reflecting on her family’s reaction to her recent revelation that she had a sexual relationship with her father. She called her stepmother Michelle Phillips‘ harsh reaction “unkind” and said her younger sister Bijou has yet to contact her. Bijou hasn’t stayed silent when it comes to the press, however. The Scientologist (and sometimes actress/model who is engaged to Danny Masterson) released a statement revealing that her ex-junkie big sister told her about the incest when she was practically still a kid. Yikes.

“When I was 13,” says Bij, “Mackenzie told me that she had a consensual sexual relationship with our father. This news was confusing and scary, as I lived alone with my father since I was 3. I didn’t know what to believe, and it didn’t help that shortly there after Mackenzie told me it didn’t happen. Mackenzie’s history with our father is hers, but also clouded with 30 years of drug abuse.”

She adds, “I understand Mackenzie’s need to come clean with a history she feels will help others, but it’s devastating to have the world watch as we try and mend broken fences, especially when the man in question isn’t here to defend himself.”

MacKenzie’s other sister, Wilson Phillips‘ singer Chynna Phillips, was also on “Oprah” today declaring support and forgiveness for her sis. Coincidentally (as all these Hollywood things are, natch), Chynna’s Christian rock album is also being released this week. Go figure.  [Photo: GettyImages]

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Family, Dr. Drew, Weigh In On Mackenzie’s Incest Allegations

Mackenzie Phillips

Now that her story is public, the question on people’s minds is “What does Mackenzie Phillips‘ family think of her revealing secret?” It’s no picnic to hear someone in your family air dirty laundry and when it’s something as horrible as incest, it’s sure to be polarizing.

The Phillips family certainly has different reactions, ranging from support to disbelief. Mackenzie’s half-sister Chynna (of the band Wilson Phillips) told Us Weekly that she became depressed when she first heard the news, but ended up standing by her sister and said of the affair: “After long nights of heroin use, she’s claiming that she once woke up and that my father was on top of her having sex with her. Was he actually raping her? I don’t know. Do I believe that they had an incestuous relationship and that it went on for 10 years? Yes.”

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Mackenzie Phillips Reveals Shocking Sexual Affair With Famous Father


“One Day At A Time” star Mackenzie Phillips had a turbulent upbringing full of drug and alcohol abuse, not to mention pressure of living in her famous father’s shadow. John Phillips of the Mamas And The Papas had addiction problems of his own and theirs was obviously a dysfunctional relationship, but Mackenzie has only now just revealed JUST how dysfunctional it was: the father and daughter had an incestuous affair.

Our mind was blown when we heard this – it’s all in Mackenzie’s upcoming tell-all entitled “High On Arrival” – and it just seems too horrible to be true. In an excerpt from the book, Phillips writes, “My father was not a man with boundaries. He was full of love, and he was sick with drugs. I woke up that night from a blackout to find myself having sex with my own father.”

She explained that both of them were incredibly high and she doesn’t actually recall how many times this kind of thing may have happened – we can’t even fathom this, nor can we fathom that even once they both entered rehab, they continued to have an affair. Normally we (obviously) love juicy celeb gossip but this story deosn’t sit well with us at all, we’ve basically been in holy sh*t! mode since we heard it. However, if you’re anxious to know more, the book is out now.  [People. Photo: GettyImages]


Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Mackenzie Phillips Or Sinbad?

Troubled One Day At A Time star Mackenzie Phillips recently shot back into the spotlight when she was caught with drugs at LAX airport. Untroubled A Different World star Sinbad has not recently shot back into the spotlight. Both were born on November 10th. Which one is older? Get the answer after the jump.

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Mackenzie Phillips Arrested For Heroin Possession

When it comes to drug dependency, age ain’t nothing but a number. Mackenzie Phillips just joined Tatum O’Neal in the “oh wow, still?” Celebrity Drug Arrest Hall of Fame after police found small amounts of heroin and cocaine on her during a search at LAX airport. Phillips’ drug problems first became known when she took a hiatus from TV’s One Day At A Time for a rehab stint in 1980. In 1983, she left the show for good rather than take another drug test. Phillips has claimed sobriety since the early nineties, returning to TV after an eight year break to play a drug counselor on the classic “Intervention” episode of Bevery Hills, 90210. Phillips is the daughter of John Phillips of The Mamas And The Papas, and the half-sister of Bijou and Chynna Phillips. [LA Times]