Maggie Grace Cast In Breaking Dawn

Psst! This post contains slight spoilers about Twilight: Breaking Dawn! If you haven’t read the books and don’t know what happens, consider yourself warned.

On Lost, Maggie Grace played Shannon, the bitchy, sunbathing brat whose brother died and eventually gets killed herself. It was just announced that Grace has been cast in Twilight: Breaking Dawn as Irina, the bitchy vampire whose lover died and eventually gets killed herself.  (So she had good reason to be bitchy, but still, she seriously put a damper on Edward and Bella’s plans for eternal love for a while.)

Of course, the similarities end there so this isn’t actually just typecasting. On Lost, Grace was just a spoiled rich kid who was only useful when someone needed something translated from French to English. In Twilight, she’s the focal point for the entire second half of the book and the story hinges on her after she makes accusations about Edward and Bella’s baby, Renesmée. While Grace isn’t who we pictured for the role, we think it’s an interesting choice. What say you, Twilight fans? Do you think she can bring what’s needed (vengeance, sparkliness, spying skills) to the role?


Women In Film Love Their Little Black Dresses


At the Women In Film Crystal + Lucy Awards last night, some of the most fashion forward actresses around toned down their looks and stuck with the basic little black dress. Seriously, it was like there was a Hollywood phone chain and they all called each other in advance to make a fashion plan.

“This is Courteney on the horn, who’s this? Debra Messing? You old so and so, we haven’t talked since we were both on Must See TV back in  the day! What’s that? All black outfits? Really? Did Hudgens agree to this too? Okay, I’m in. Latah!” Courteney Cox and Zoe Saldana were  honorees at  the award ceremony which was hosted by Messing.

The army of black was interrupted by a few brave souls who brought some color to the party (we’re loving Busy Phillips‘ gold number) but overall the looks were subtle and simple. Maybe they’re waiting to pull out the big guns and get creative at the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday.

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