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Break-up Alert: Pia Toscano And Mark Ballas Split Up!

They’re done? Already? We first heard of these two getting together in April this year and they seemed to be doing just fine! But just as quickly as they hooked up, American Idol survivor Pia Toscano and Dancing With The Stars dreamboat Mark Ballas are now dunzo. A source told People that the now-off couple had a serious discussion about their relationship and decided that they had higher priorities than love. Careers, man — they tend to win at this stage, don’t they?

The source explained further saying, “They both decided with everything going on that they couldn’t give each other what would be fair. They mutually decided this.” Ah well, five months doesn’t amount to heartbreak normally, but splitting up still sucks. Plus, they were kinda cute together, weren’t they? Hopefully these two will be luckier in their respective careers than they were in love.

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Chris Jericho Plays Matchmaker For Pia Toscano And Mark Ballas

So everyone was shocked when Pia Toscano was tossed out of American Idol so much so that Pia fans want Stefano Langone to either voluntarily resign or get booted off by Fox. Which — and we’re going to go out and say it at the risk of getting slammed — is just stupid. Firstly, that’s not going to happen guys, so y’all need to chill. Secondly, Pia’s doing just fine post elimination. Girlfriend kept her eye on a different prize and it came in the fine shape of one Mark Ballas. Pia got DWTS contestant Chris Jericho to pimp her out because “she had a crush” on Mark and the wrestler did his wingman thing!

It worked because Ballas was totally game and the two met for a date at Gulfstream (a restaurant) in Century City. We smell a hook-up! Question is…will they last? There are also murmurings that Pia is this close to inking a record deal with Interscope. So like we said, relax people. She’s raking it in!

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Bristol Palin Sparks Off Nachogate Controversy

Dancing makes a girl hungry, okay? And clearly, nothing can get between Bristol Palin and her nachos. Not even some pesky state law. Because she went and walked right into the Rumrunner’s Old Towne Bar and Grill in Alaska to get her food fix during a Dancing with the Stars segment. Problem is, Tripp‘s mommy isn’t 21 yet and isn’t legally allowed to bar-hop, even if she is just stuffing her face.

Unfortunately state investigator’s are all up in her grill. But give B some credit, because a daughter of Sarah Palin will eventually find some sort of loophole to latch on to. And that clause is that she was accompanied by someone who was over the age 0f 21, aka partner Mark Ballas, which is legal. And just in case you weren’t buying the modest-Bristol spiel, a source revealed for good measure, “Bristol had nachos only.” And TMZ has the photos of her stuffing her face. Case closed!


Joanna Pacitti Ignored By American Idol

We weren’t surprised that Felicia Barton, Idol’s replacement for suspect singer Joanna Pacitti, was saved until the final week of the Top 36—it gave the show almost a month to let the story die before they’d have to acknowledge it. Funny thing, though—they didn’t. Much was made last night of Barton’s being “called back,” and the judges’ pride in her “return,” but never once did they acknowledge on air why the hell she was back in the first place. We’re flattered the producers assume everyone watching reads gossip blogs.

If Joanna’s upset about the severity of her removal from Idol history, she’s not telling. When she hit the red carpet with boyfriend Mark Ballas of Dancing With The Stars last week, she had nothing bad to tell People about her booting. “I actually had an amazing time on the show and I met some amazing friends…Everything happens for a reason and it’s opened up a lot of opportunities.” We’re almost disappointed she won’t be making the talk show circuit again, crying about how she’s the real American Idol and the real Annie.

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