Hollywood’s Hottest Hispanic Men

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On the heels of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ve been thinking about the gorgeous Latino men who’ve been heating up Hollywood for years. What better way to celebrate than compiling a list of the sexiest Hispanic hotties around?

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Sarah Jessica Parker, Gisele Bundchen Look “Interesting” At Robin Hood Gala

Let’s first put this event into context. It wasn’t a party held in Sherwood Forest, clearly. The 11th Annual Robin Hood Foundation gala took place yesterday at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. The foundation benefits people dealing with poverty and lately, National Reservists  and veterans of  the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. This year $400,000 will also assist veterans to fly to L.A and record a song Will.I.Am. And to stir things up, Lady Gaga performed at the benefit as well!

As for the celebrity guests, lets focus on two incredibly famous ones — Sarah Jesscia Parker and Gisele Bundchen. We don’t mean to rag on them because they were helping with a great cause, but what were you thinking ladies! We don’t have much issue with what SJP was wearing because everything that was blah about the outfit was eclipsed by that hair! Who did that to you, Parker? It looks like a cobra rearing its head! You should have used your Carrie cred and told (threatened, even) your hairstylist to put that teaser comb down. As for Gisele, we get she’s a supermodel and God blessed her with genetics far beyond our comprehension, but what is that outfit? We get you’re sex on a stick, Gisele. We don’t need to see your sternum, inside-boob and inner thighs to know that. Dominatrix-meets-sexy librarian may be a little too much for a benefit.

Luckily, others stars fared better. Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos get our vote for best dressed couple.  Mariska Hargitay looked pretty fine too and a preggers Thalia is just adorable! Take a look at our gallery for the rest of the celebrity guests.

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