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‘Saved by the Bell’ Star Tiffani Thiessen Says People Thought Her Pregnant Belly Was Fake

Getting into a tiny cheerleading uniform when you’re pregnant is no easy task, but our teen dream Tiffani Thiessen handled it like a boss for Jimmy Fallon‘s epic Saved by the Bell reunion. The star stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live today and explained how she had to “psych [herself] out” for the big skit.

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Did I Do That? From Sitcom Kids To Grown-Up Stars

Why can’t the world let Jaleel White be great? The man formerly known as Urkel complained to People today that he feels limited by his sitcom past. “I’m very versatile, but somehow I didn’t earn the tag of being called a versatile actor,” the former Family Matters star says. “I’m still chasing that one Vanity Fair tag that says, ‘This guy’s a versatile actor.’ I accept it. It’s fine. But for me, it’s like what do I have to do to get that [acknowledgment]?”

Luckily for White, those different and exciting roles could still be just around the corner! Your career doesn’t have to end when those highwaters get too tight to wear! Check out our gallery of sitcom kids, from Leo DiCaprio to Raven-Symone to Sarah Jessica Parker, who successfully made the transition from adorable youngsters to adult film and television stars. And hey…don’t lose the faith, Jaleel.

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar Is Engaged, And It Isn’t To Kelly Kapowski

Sorry 90s TV fans, but it looks like Zach Morris is off the market. Yes, Mark-Paul Gosselaar is engaged, and amazingly/sadly it isn’t to Kelly Kapowski. The ink has barely dried on his May divorce from Lisa Ann Russell, but Mark has popped the question to ad exec Catriona McGinn over the weekend. “He couldn’t wait to propose,” his friend Neil Lane told People. Neil also designed the custom 5 carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring. “He was so excited to have found the woman of his dreams.” We’re so excited! And we just can’t hide it! No wedding date has been set yet, but we sure hope they hold the reception at The Max. You can’t mess with tradition.

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Adrien Brody Teaches Fellow Douches How To Wear A Tie

Adrien Brody

“Douche” may be an overused expression, but we’ll make an exception for Adrien Brody. Since winning an Oscar in 2002, he’s spent his time stinking up blockbuster (King Kong) and art flicks (The Darjeeling Limited) alike, getting banned from SNL for improvising in a Jamaican patois while wearing dreadlocks for 45 seconds when he was supposed to be introducing Sean Paul (whom he eventually announced as “Sean John”). Plus he wears the crappiest leather outfits imaginable and sports punchable smirks on the red carpet like the one above. So yeah, Adrien Brody: douche.

So here’s a fashion tip for folks who’d like to look as douchey as our boy. Planning to hit the town in a suitjacket with your shirt unbuttoned to your chest hair? Why not take that tie and wrap it around your neck? If you get the fold right, you can create a lovely triangular window for your follicles. Some people might not notice how you’ve perverted the idea of neckwear at first, so you can enjoy the moment they suddenly grasp your stealth douchery. Boo ya!

See Brody yuk it up with Robert Downey Jr., Mark-Paul Gosselar(!) and Kenny G(!!) at the premiere of his new thriller Splice in the gallery below.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Vs. Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Rate The Manes

Donnie Darko. Zack Morris. No one at Scandalist remembers wishing these teen dreams would grow out their locks, but they’ve gone and done it anyway. Jake Gyllenhaal can at least blame his Rambosity on the video game hero he’ll be playing in Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time. Mark-Paul Gosselaar isn’t doing a Heath Ledger biopic, though – he’s just starring in a new law drama on TNT, Raising The Bar.

So what say you? Do you want to grab a handful and ride, or do you wish these Samsons would shave it off?