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When Male Makeup Transformations Go Horribly Wrong

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Movie makeup can be an awesome thing. Remember the jaw-droppingly realistic transformation Charlize Theron went through to become oily-haired, acne-plagued serial killer Ariel Wuornos in Monster? What about Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button, or Heath Ledger‘s Joker? When done right, the combination of artful makeup and prosthetics can truly perform miracles of visual trickery. It’s movie magic at it’s finest!

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Martin Lawrence In Talks For New TV Show

Fifteen years after starring in his self-titled hit Fox sitcom, Martin Lawrence’s new TV show is reportedly in the works. According to Vulture, the Death at a Funeral star is in negotiations with CBS for a new sitcom. Once the star decides on a project, he will sign on to both star in and executive produce. Thank goodness; we’ve been yelling “Damn, Gina!” for years, and kids under the age of 16 have no idea what we’re talking about!

Lawrence’s Martin left the air in 1997 after five excellent season of Bruh-Man, Mama Payne and, our personal favorite, Pam. In the meantime Martin has been seen mostly on the big screen in films like Bad Boys II and Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins. Won’t it be nice to just slip into a fabulous wig and neon-pink fanny pack rather than a fabulous wig, fanny pack and fat suit a la Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son? Don’t tell us there is no way Sheneneh will be in Martin’s new show. Let us dream a little while longer.


Ciara Comes Out For Death At A Funeral Premiere


Ciara‘s new single “Ride” doesn’t drop until later this month, but that didn’t stop the singer from stepping out to the Death At Funeral premiere in Hollywood yesterday. Most of the cast came out for the event, including Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, James Marsden,  Tracy Morgan, Regina Hall and Zoe Saldana, along with well wishers like Eddie Murphy, Kevin James. Rock’s last collaboration with director Neil LaBute, 2000’s Nurse Betty, was a flop—will they have better luck with this twisted family comedy? See photos of these stars and more in the gallery below.

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Stars Blown Away At This Is It Premiere

Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry & Adam Lambert

Strong winds weren’t going to keep Hollywood celebs from paying tribute to Michael Jackson at the LA premiere of This Is It last night. Everyone from Will Smith to Ian Ziering made the scene, with Paris Hilton stealing the “Look At Me!” Award from Jermaine “Sgt. Pepper” Jackson with her giant gold safety pins. While pals Katy Perry and Adam Lambert seemed to be having a great time, Jennifer Lopez‘s hair problems were compounded by a frightening run-in with a clingy fan inside. Don’t grab her arm like that if you want a photo, people! A polite tap will do.

See who else showed up to watch MJ’s last stand in the gallery below.

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