Was the Late Dr. Frederic Brandt Hurt By ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Character?

Celebrity Dermatologist Dead

Dr. Frederic Brandt, a cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist to the stars, was found dead at his Miami home Sunday. According to the New York Post, Brandt was reportedly devastated by some recent publicity, courtesy of Netflix’s The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Martin Short appeared on the series as Dr. Franff, plastic surgeon to Jane Krakowski‘s character, and bore a strong resemblance to Brandt. Read more…

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Tom Hanks’ Adorable GMA F-Bomb Joins Our Top 10 Best Celebrity On-Air Blunders

Only Tom Hanks could drop a filthy f-bomb on Good Morning America and have us find him more endearing. Maybe it’s that mustache? It’s very sweet in a dad way, very Mr. Belvedere on a long weekend. Maybe it’s because we know Hanks was trying to get into character to demonstrate his Cloud Atlas accent for host Elizabeth Vargas? “I want people to buy my f—ing…” Hanks growls. No, it’s because T. Hanks claps his hand over his mouth and bugs his eyes like a scandalized seven-year-old when he realizes his blunder. Don’t worry, Tom! We’ve heard (and seen) worse on-air celebrity gaffes. 10 of them, to be precise!

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