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Hunter Parrish, Where Are You?

Weeds fans can get a tiny Nancy Botwin fix in R.I.P.D., in which Mary-Louise Parker plays a foxy police chief of the afterlife. But whither her on-screen son, Hunter Parrish, who once taught us the true meaning of the word “cougar”? He was rumored to be up for Peeta in the Hunger Games — along with a dozen other popular roles we’ve fantasy cast since Weeds ended last year.

Parker seemed just as eager for Hunter to do big things as we are. She had just spoken to him two days before she sat down with VH1.
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Sarah Jessica Parker Works It As Gloria Steinem On The Lovelace Set

That was quick. Didn’t we just publish that story about Sarah Jessica Parker winning Demi Moore’s Lovelace┬árole from Mary Louise Parker? Demi had to give up her part playing Gloria Steinem because of her “exhaustion” and health troubles. The deed was done rather quickly — it’s been less than a week since the story broke — and SJP has already swanned into her replacement role with ease. That’s how H’town works. These photographs emerged of Parker at the Lovelace set and she looks … authentic? She does fit into the vibe of the ’70s quite nicely, we think. Do you?

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Hamm And Franco, Together At Last


True story: the last time we visited L.A., we were in a restaurant when our friend casually said “Hey, James Franco is in the parking lot,” and within four seconds we had bolted out the door to look for him. Not to talk to him, mind you, we just wanted to admire him from a short distance. That’s also why we watch Mad Men, to admire Jon Hamm through the magical picture box. You can imagine how we felt when our eyes feasted on this photo from last night’s Sundance Film Festival premiere of Howl. Franco portrays Beat poet Allen Ginsberg in the film, and Hamm plays his attorney. We don’t object.

For more pics from the film, which also stars David Strathairn, Treat Williams, and Mary-Louise Parker, check out our gallery. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Claire Danes And Hugh Dancy Get Married

OMG – Angela Chase has got married to someone way hotter than Jordan Catalano. For anyone under the age of about 28, yes, it’s actually Claire Danes who’s got hitched to her hot British actor boyfriend Hugh Dancy. The under-the-radar pair wed earlier this month in France, with no further details forthcoming about exactly when or where.

The couple has been together since 2006, and have kept their romance pretty low-key – especially considering Claire was at the centre of a scandal in 2004, when Billy Crudup left his then-pregnant girlfriend Mary-Louise Parker for her. We’re just hoping against hope that the newlyweds double-barrell their surnames to create the brilliant new Dancy-Danes or Danes-Dancy combo. Congratulations!