Too Old For School: 30 Young Roles Played By Overage Actors


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Grease are just two of the many iconic high school movies that have earned a more permanent place in our hearts than our own graduating class. But as much as we think we know their stories inside and out, we often forget their central lie: Their stars were way older than their roles. Prepare to be amazed (or at least to laugh knowingly!) as we take a look at some hit TV shows and movies — from The Graduate to High School Musical, Beverly Hills 90210 to Buffy — starring actors who aren’t exactly age appropriate for the parts they play. Check out the full gallery of the 30 over-aged actors who managed to fool us!

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Madonna To Perform With LMFAO, And Other Reasons We’ll Watch The Super Bowl

The only way we could be more psyched about the Super Bowl is….well, if we cared more about sports. But the other only way we would be more psyched is if Animal Planet‘s Puppy Bowl and Super Bowl merged into one adorable bowl. We say “only” because so far, this year’s game is looking pretty excellent. For example, early this week it was announced that both Cee Lo Green and LMFAO will allegedly be joining Madonna for her big half-time performance. Man, we wish we could have seen Madge’s face when she heard she had to perform next to RedFoo and SkyBlu; you know she hates giant shuffling hamsters. A few of other reasons to be excited come February that aren’t the Patriots or the Giants include:

  • Ferris Bueller returns: Oooooooh yeaaaaaah! Yesterday we saw a sneak-peak of Matthew Broderick channeling his classic slacker role in a forthcoming Super Bowl ad, mostly likely for Honda. Just don’t let Cameron drive it, dude. Or lean on it. Or near it.
  • Football pants: Have you seen them? They are truly some of the best pants. Top three pants of all time.
  • Nicki Minaj: Self-explanatory, but listen to “Stupid Hoe” a few hundred times if you aren’t sure. Did we mention she will reportedly be joined by M.I.A. during the half-time show as well? It’s like a Puppy Bowl…for the ears!
  • That 50 Cent Super Bowl bet: Admit it. If Curtis actually has the cojones tan grandes to tweet a photo of his bathing suit region if and when the Giants win, you are going to look at it. Do not lie to us.

Besides, that Puppy Bowl/Super Bowl thing isn’t ever going to happen anyway. What if someone stepped on a puppy? We would have to throw away TV. Not just ours. Like, all of it.

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Eddie Murphy Leaves The Playground In The Tower Heist Trailer

The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Daddy Day Care, Meet Dave, Shrek Forever After: if we said Eddie Murphy has literally spent the last decade making movies for people incapable of tying their own shoes, we would hardly be exaggerating. How can someone make Dreamgirls between Norbit and Shrek 2? He almost won an Oscar for that role!

Luckily if the Tower Heist trailer is any indication, it seems like Murphy is back on top of his hilarious game as a charming ex-con in a (thankfully) adult action-comedy. Directed by Brett Ratner, the movie hints that we might even be seeing some hard-core flirtation with Gabourey Sidibe, which is clearly not for children.  The film also co-stars Ben Stiller and Matthew Broderick. Actually, it is nice to see all three of these leading men in a film that doesn’t involve talking museum exhibits or CGI mice or ogres voiced by Mike Myers. Though, okay, if the Klumps stop by and make a brief cameo, we can’t exactly going to complain or anything.

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Harry Potter Premiere Hits New York

The Deathly Hallows premiered in New York last night and we couldn’t help but sniff a little looking at all the pictures. Each premiere means we’re inching gradually towards the end. A lot of the tertiary characters didn’t show up for the event but our main squeezes did. After wearing a dreamy Oscar de la Renta to the London premiere, Emma Watson chose a Bottega Veneta gown, Giuseppe Zanotti platform peep toe heels and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry for the NYC leg. We’re not totally feeling the look and the harsh make-up, but more on that in our next post. Not much smiling from Emma at this one. She looks like she’s taking this quite emotionally, and we don’t blame her.

Props to Daniel Radcliffe for turning up in Prada as well!  Completely the trio was Rupert Grint who cleaned up quite nicely in his suit as well. He also looked like he had taken a brush to his hair and what a difference that made! Alan Rickman — possibly one of our favorite actors and the only one who could pull off Severus Snape — looked as cool as cool could be. Pulling up the handsome quotient were Tom Felton and Matt Lewis aka Draco Malfoy and Neville Longbottom. Growing up has agreed with these two. A couple of celebrities also turned up for the premiere. Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker brought their son, James Wilkie. (Note to SJP: Stop putting your son in twee hats.) America Ferrera brought new husband Ryan Piers Williams. Sarah Hyland showed up looking lovely in an LBD, and our happy WTF of the day was Jay Manuel! All-in-all, a pretty successful premiere.

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TONY Awards Red Carpet: The Older Ladies Do It Better

What was in the water when these ladies were growing up? ‘Cause we’ll have some! The 2011 TONY Awards took place yesterday at the Beacon Theatre in New York City and we’re in awe of the slew of all the “older” actresses that walked the carpet. We’re not being derogatory about age at all. We genuinely think that the so called young Hollywood lot could learn a thing or two from ladies like Edie Falco (aged 47), Ellen Barkin (57), Brooke Shields (46) and Marg Helgenberger (52) because they looked incredible. Christie Brinkley looked pretty damn fine too, but we didn’t like the strapless blue gown she wore. And God Bless her soul, we love you Whoopi Goldberg, but what the hell were you wearing? She had some bizarre hat and an outfit that looked like it was made from cheap curtains on, which you’ll able to see in our gallery below.

A word about the gentlemen during the evening. Could Neil Patrick Harris (he was the host of the show) and partner David Burtka get any more handsome? Al Pacino could have taken a couple of styling tips considering he wore a weird headband, but his girlfriend, gorgeous Lucila Sola (who is 40 years younger than him) didn’t seem to mind. Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Rock, Matthew Broderick, Don Cheadle all suited up too, so take a look at the pictures and tell us what you think.

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Harry Potter Premieres In New York

The premiere of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is exciting for so many reasons. Not only is the the penultimate installment of the beloved series, but it’s also the first time that the entire cast has completely come into their own and grown into adulthood and it’s (hopefully) not creepy for us to say that they’re a really good-looking bunch. The film premiered in New York last night at Alice Tully Hall and the cast and dozens of celebs (and their kids) were in attendance. And in a crowd full of fashion darlings like Sarah Jessica Parker and Lourdes Leon, it’s pretty safe to say the Emma Watson was easily the best dressed of the night in a slinky black number. Hermione Granger has officially gotten a makeover and she looks amazing.

We are seeing the film this week and are proud to say that we have never actually used the word “squee!!” for anything, but right about now we are totally squeeing our pants, We. Are. So. Excited. We can’t wait till Friday to discuss – are any die hard fans out there planning to hit up the midnight showing on Thursday? Let us know! And in the meantime, check out who attended last night’s premiere.


The Brat Pack: Then And Now


The five stars of The Breakfast Club reunited this weekend for a John Hughes tribute in New York City. Hughes’ death of a heart attack just over one year ago left us a little shaken – even though the teens in his films were a few years older than us, they depicted adolescence in a way we haven’t seen since, and we’re Hughes disciples of the highest order. Not to mention the fact that his trio of high school films, The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, and Sixteen Candles, marked the genesis of The Brat Pack, the group of young actors including Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe and Demi Moore, who were known for starring – and partying – together during the mid 1980s.

So whatever happened to the Brat Pack? Some of them, like Robert Downey, Jr., have found more success now than ever, and others, like say, Mare Winningham, found that their star burned out before it even got to shine. More often than not though, after a dark period called the 1990s, these actors reemerged and found success on television and in movies and most importantly, on Twitter. Journey with us to a land of prom, record stores and fancy cars and see what became of them…

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Matthew Broderick Forgets Lines, Play Premiere Delayed

matthew broderick

Matthew Broderick‘s Broadway career has been less than stellar following the massive success of The Producers. His reteaming with Nathan Lane in The Odd Couple failed to find the same spark, and his performance in The Philanthropist earlier this year suffered harsh criticism (and not just for those sideburns). Following a distastrous preview last Monday, his new play The Starry Messenger might be dead on arrival. Attendees report that Broderick frequently forgot his lines—asking for assistance ten times in the first act alone.

“He kept apologizing under his breath after he forgot a line,” said NY Daily News source, “and everyone in the audience started to feel awkward.” In an apparent response, the play’s producers have set its official premiere for Nov. 23rd, a week later than original planned. Even if he gets his act together, will Broderick’s bad buzz prove impossible to overcome?

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Are Sarah Jessica And Matthew Living Apart?


Could there be drama brewing in the West Village? British tabloid Look magazine says that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are going to be living in separate homes. Apparently the pair has decided that – after 12 years of marriage and the birth of twin daughters in June – it’d be wise for SJP to crash in a cushy Brooklyn brownstone with the kids while Broderick remains in their Manhattan townhouse.

Here’s a source’s scoop: “Sarah clearly loves Manhattan but she has three children now. It might be better for them to grow up somewhere calmer. But Matthew loves their townhouse in Manhattan because it’s close to his work on Broadway.” The friend adds, “It would be a surprising decision to make so soon after the arrival of their twins. Having the babies born healthy and happy was a dream come true, so it’s strange that they might have to spend some time apart at this stage.”

It definitely seems strange to us, especially because Brooklyn is not that far from Broadway (trust us, we live there). Is trouble brewing in their posh paradise, or is this just another bogus break-up rumor?  [Photo: GettyImages]