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For the Record, the Lost Series Finale Didn’t Suck


As we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Lost, we remember the controversial series finale that people still argue about today. There are 4,938 questions showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and the writing staff brilliantly left unanswered. Without trying to address each one, I’m here to take a stand on why the series finale kicked ass, with a little help from cast members Michael Emerson (Ben Linus), Yunjim Kim (Sun-Hwa Kwon), and Ken Leung (Miles Straume). Don’t agree? I dare you to rewatch that final episode and refrain from crying all over again.

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Crime In The Summertime: 14 Celebs Who Behaved Badly (And Got Caught) This Summer

While many celebs spent the warmer months gallivanting in the Hamptons, yachting in the Mediterrean or hitting up [the VIP sections of] music festivals, some were making questionable decisions like staging a protest in Costco, brawling in bars, driving like maniacs and “servicing” themselves in movie theaters. The summer temps brought out “the naughty” in stars ranging from The Biebs to Randy Travis to Fred Willard. Here are 14 celebrities who got arrested, barely slipped by or at the least induced major facepalms this summer.

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Matthew Fox’s Mug Shot Taken … Two Months After His Arrest

Matthew Fox Mug Shot

Things really went kind of south for Matthew Fox over the last year. He had a massive fall from grace because of everything from a DUI arrest to beating up a “party bus” driver, the latter of which, was one of the stranger celebrity incidents we’ve heard of in a while. Those accusations by Dominic Monaghan didn’t help his case either. Last we know, he was getting sued by that party bus driver, Heather Bormann, as she claimed he tried to drunkenly trespass on her bus and then he, “leaned in and started punching my crotch and breast” after she tried to prevent him from getting on. Which was just … we can’t even begin to say anything.

The mug shot you see above is not because of that case. It’s because of his DUI, mentioned earlier, which happened in his home state of Oregon, in the first week of May this year. Fox was arrested at 3:23am after being busted by cops while trying to drive to a fast food spot. Luckily, he didn’t face any jail time as Fox and his lawyer struck a plea deal with prosecutors, which also required him to get treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. So, case closed right? Not quite. Fox had to go back to the Deschutes County Adult Jail in Bend, Oregon a couple of days ago, to get his mugshot clicked. The arrest was on May 4. It’s July 3 today. What gives? Apparently, the camera was broken the night of his almost-incarceration, so the judge made him come back for it, two months later! So it may not be a drunken one … but here’s his mug shot, finally!

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No Jail For DUI, Assault Charges Dropped: Things Are Looking Slight Less Horrible For Matthew Fox 

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No Jail For DUI, Assault Charges Dropped: Things Are Looking Slight Less Horrible For Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox Avoids Jail For DUI

After having what for most people would be the worst week of their life, Lost actor Matthew Fox some good news today. Of course, no news could be good enough to counterbalance the awfulness he was accused of on Wednesday, so take that into consideration. After being arrested for a DUI in Oregon earlier this month, TMZ reports that Fox struck a plea deal with prosecutors which will ensure he doesn’t get jail time; as part of the deal Matthew pled no contest to one count of DUI, lost his license for a year and has to undergo drug and alcohol treatment. Oh, boy. Actually, that news is kind of a mixed bag, too.

That being said, the actor had to be pleased that Heather Bormann, the Cleveland party bus driver who accused Fox of assaulting her last year, had her case recently withdrawn by her lawyer after she allegedly “intentionally failed and refused to provide full and timely cooperation and information.” Boy, that’s kind of unsettling too, right? Oh, and then there’s the part where his former Lost costar Dominic Monaghan took to Twitter and claimed that Fox “beats women.” You know what? Forget we said anything. Matthew Fox’s whole situation is still coming out deep in the negative column.

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Depressing Celebrity Beef Alert: Dominic Monaghan Claims Lost Costar Matthew Fox “Beats Women”

Dominic Monaghan Claims Matthew Fox "Beats Women"

Kate! We have to get back to the weekend, before we heard all these horrible allegations about Matthew Fox! While you were getting sunburned in a hammock, Lost actor Dominic Monaghan was on Twitter accusing former costar Matthew Fox of violence toward women. “he beats women. No thanks.” the FlashForward actor replied when asked to pester Fox to get on Twitter. When an outraged fan asked how he could make such claims considering all the good times they must have had on the set of Lost (note: people on Twitter be crazy!), Monaghan tweeted, “how do you know we ever did?you don’t know either of us.he beats women.not isolated incidents.often.not interested.” Oh, well, if it was isolated incidents, that would be totally different! Horrible, horrible different!

TMZ reported today that “sources close to” Fox have denied the charges, but the actor has yet to issue a statement himself. This isn’t the only cringe-worthy part of Fox’s life recently; in addition to a DUI arrest earlier this month, the Alex Cross actor was also accused of, well, punching a female bus driver in the groin late last year. Hey, maybe at the end of this feud, we’ll find out we were all dead this whole time and this beef never happened? And then we’re in a church for some reason? Oh, you’re right. That would make literally no sense.

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How Can Anyone Be As Incredibly Ripped As Matthew Fox In These Alex Cross Promo Pics?

Matthew Fox Gets Ripped For Alex Cross

Um, is this real life? We guess we were so distracted by Matthew Fox‘s DUI earlier this month that we failed to notice that the actor had slowly turned into a hyper-sinewy street fighter. Seriously, look at him. Now look at a photo of him from earlier this spring. We have to think some of that shreddedness must be CGI or color-corrected beef jerky or something because how can a human being get that jacked and still have functioning organs? Let alone be drinking?

That being said, we are truly psyched to see the Lost actor flexing his acting muscles/every other muscle in his body for the upcoming crime thriller Alex Cross, due out October 26. It’s been two years since the hit ABC mystery drama ended and Fox last had a role; playing a serial killer named Picasso across from Tyler Perry‘s titular detective seems like the perfect way to step back into the limelight. Oh, and we have to wonder…was Fox this cut when he allegedly punched that party bus diver in the groin last November? We hope not. That would be the worst cause of death to have to put in your obituary.

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Matthew Fox’s New DUI Is Probably Not Going To Help His Efforts To Get Back To The Island

Matthew Fox Arrested For DUI

How are you going to make it back to the island if you have to be held in the drunk tank overnight, Jack? You’re just lucky you don’t need a driver’s license to travel back in time. That’s…that’s what happened on Lost, right? We’re still not 100% clear on the mythology. What is 100% clear, however, is the fact that Lost star Matthew Fox has some serious issues with alcohol, as evidenced by his DUI arrest in his home state of Oregon last night. According to TMZ, Fox was arrested at 3:23am while he and a passenger were attempting to drive to a fast food joint…in another dimension! Is that what happened on Lost maybe? Do you think Matthew Fox has to drink to deal with the uncertainty of the series’ finale? No, that’s terrible. Just because that’s why we drink doesn’t mean we should be projecting it onto anyone else….

Of course, getting busted in the middle of the night while sating his munchies is only the second most embarrassing booze-related thing Matthew Fox has supposedly done in the past year. Last August the actor was arrested for…um…allegedly punching a Cleveland party bus driver in the crotch. In all sincerity, we hope Fox gets some help for his ongoing problem. We forget more and more details about Lost each passing day, and we don’t want to have to rewatch the whole thing just to update you on one guy’s arrest record.

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Matthew Fox Sues Party Bus Driver Over Crotch-Punching Accusations

Matthew Fox has officially boarded the party bus. Destination: justice! In what has officially become our favorite news story of the 2011, Lost star Matthew Fox is suing Heather Bormann, the driver of a Cleveland party bus, after she accused him of drunkenly assaulting her back in August. Bormann filed a lawsuit against the actor in September, which alleged, amongst other things, that Fox punched her in the crotch after being denied entrance to the bus she was operating. According to Fox’s suit, Bormann was the one who physically attacked him, and that her false allegations have lead to “public hatred, contempt, ridicule and shame.” As far as we can tell Fox has not denied drunkenly trying to board a party bus in Cleveland, Ohio, so we say keep that ridicule and shame coming!

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Matthew Fox Sued Over Party Bus Brawl

Don’t Clevelanders already have enough to deal with without B-list celebrities showing up and punching their party bus operators? Come on, people. A few weeks after the Lost actor was detained by police for the brawl, looks like Matthew Fox’s party bus fight is about to get Matthew Fox sued. Bus driver Heather Bormann has filed a lawsuit against Fox for allegedly drunkenly assaulting her after she refused to drive him from the bar where she was parked to the Cleveland Ritz-Carlton. Oh, see, Matthew must have thought she was a regular bus driver…that he was punching like a crazy person.

According to TMZ Bormann is allegedly asking for more than $25,000. For that amount of money, Matthew Fox could buy his own party bus, get drunk and punch himself. And if these allegations are true…he probably should.

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Matthew Fox Detained By Police After Party Bus Brawl

We have to go back to the party bus, Kate! In sad, bizarre news that is not directly related to Katy Perry’s VMAs outfits (do. not. even. get. us. started.), allegedly Lost‘s Matthew Fox punched a party bus driver this past Saturday night in Cleveland. As if vomiting bachelorettes and and blow-up dolls flying out the sunroof weren’t enough of a professional hazard…

Reportedly the World War Z actor attempted to board a party bus in Cleveland driven by Heather Bormann, who informed Fox that, sadly, not every party bus is a Matthew Fox party bus. “He just kept staring at me with his mouth wide open and not saying anything,” Bormann told TMZ, who also indicated that she believed the actor had been drinking. “I told him, ‘You have to leave buddy. You are trespassing on my bus.’” Fox then allegedly “leaned in and started punching my crotch and breast.” The actor was detained by police but was not formally arrested before being released, meaning party bus drivers nation-wide can only stay on their guard…and wait.