by (@shalapitcher)

Rebel Wilson Recruits Ellen DeGeneres And Maude Apatow In Quest To Take Over Hip-Hop

Rebel Wilson is doing her best to help us in our unofficial quest to write about her twice a day here at VH1 Celebrity. After doing her best Lady Gaga on The Tonight Show earlier this week, she’s back to promoting her rap alter ego, Rebelicious, whom we first met a few weeks ago on Bullett Media. And after firing her sister, Liberty, from her rap duo, she’s enlisted a couple of other talented ladies. On Tuesday, when 14-year-old actress Maude Apatow (yes, daughter of Judd and Leslie Mann) interviewed her for, Rebel instructed her on the art of being a hype man, to adorable effect. And now this morning, we’ve been treated to a performance by Rebelicious and Ellen DeGeneres of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop.”

Amazingly, it is Anna Kendrick, not Rebel, who does the bulk of the rapping in Pitch Perfect. Maybe her talents just went undiscovered until this press tour. Read more…