Flashback Lunch: Maureen McCormick And Patrick Swayze Go To Skatetown, USA

After The Brady Bunch and before Dirty Dancing, Maureen McCormick and Patrick Swayze (in his film debut) starred in Skatetown, USA, arguably the least remembered of the roller disco movies, coming out beforeĀ  Olivia Newton-John‘s Xanadu and Linda Blair‘s Roller Boogie. The plot is something about a war between skate gangs and disco versions of Rolling Stones songs. Flip Wilson, Ruth Buzzi, Billy Barty, the Unknown Comic and Scott Baio make appearances. Why, yes, it was made in 1979.

With Swayze all over the news and McCormick rocking Comedy Central’s roast for Larry The Cable Guy, it’s high time someone put Skatetown, USA out on DVD. Check out some highlights, including a shirtless Swayze whipping himself with a belt during his solo skate, after the jump.

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by (@katespencer)

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia Confesses: I Was A Druggie

Remember when you were a kid and you were totally hooked on Brady Bunch re-runs, and especially loved it when Marcia, played by Celebrity Fit Clubber Maureen McCormick, would grab her face and scream out, “Oh my nose!” Well it turns out she was clutching her nose not because a football “broke” it, but because it was disintegrating from serious cocaine snort-age. Maureen’s career crumbled after her Brady stint, and she reveals in a new tell-all book that it’s all due to her serious coke n’ Quaaludes addiction. She even once traded sex for drugs, news that would probably make Jan Brady feel better about herself.

Maureen hit up The Today Show today to really get into the nitty-gritty – like her family’s bizarre bout with syphillis, the paranoia that led her to hide in her closet from her agent, and the reason Eve Plumb (Jan) hates her. Eek. Clip above.