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Greetings From … Hawaii! 20 Celeb Vacation Postcards To Make You Jealous


What’s the deal with postcards? We like sending and receiving them, but they also seem a little bit like bragging, don’t they? “Wish you were here (in this amazing place, but you aren’t so ha.” Especially this collection of missives we received from our favorite celebrities this year — including Rihanna, Lucy Hale, Jennifer Lawrence, Max Greenfield and a certain commander in chief.

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New Girl Fashion Cap “Bathtub”: Of Summer Suits And Bowls Of Hair

We love that this week’s New Girl episode was basically a love letter to Schmidt’s beautiful suits, what with their slim lines and emaciated ties. It goes without saying that said suits are destroyed in a bathtub accident, but we’re sure Schmidt will be back in his former sartorial glory soon. He spent all that time on his Suit Folder, after all! This way he just has to replace every…single…item…

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Lady Gaga, New SoulCycle Fan, Should Enlist These Other Celeb Spinners For Her Charity Ride

Lady Gaga attended two spin classes in NYC over the weekend

Ten years ago, if you wanted to spot a famous actor or musician in their natural habitat, your best bet was to take a class at Manhattan’s Jivamukti yoga studio. These days, the paparazzi are regularly stationed outside all the hot spin class studios in New York and L.A., ready to catch everyone from Katie Holmes to Maria Shriver sweaty and glowing after a tough ride. And now we can add Lady Gaga to the list of famous folks who are toning their legs while imagining themselves in a climate-controlled Tour de France. Impressively, Gaga took two classes in a row at the SoulCycle in Union Square, one witness told the New York Daily News. She looked slim, despite her recent claims that she’d gained 25 lbs. and was wearing hoop earrings and full makeup. She barely broke a sweat after the first class, and in the second, she was “hooting and whipping her towel around” when the instructor played “Born This Way.” Last week, Gaga tweeted that she’ll be working with SoulCycle to create a “Ride for Compassion” to promote her latest Born This Way Foundation effort, the Body Revolution.

We think Gaga could raise a lot more money for this Revolution of hers if she enlisted the help of these amazing spinners:

  • Jimmy Fallon and LMFAO collaborated on the very motivating spin song below in July — maybe they’d consider reuniting for a live performance?

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New Girl Fashion Cap “Neighbors”: Schmidt Tries To Start An Arcade Fire Via Ironic T

New Girl Fashion Recap Neighbors

Are we right in thinking that New Girl just keeps getting better and better every week? Last night’s episode “Neighbors” introduced Jess and the gang to the new, marginally younger crowd that moved into the building: Chaz, Fife, Sutton and Brory. It wasn’t until we saw the new neighbor’s half-shirts and florescent sweatshirts that we realized how good Schmidt, Winston and Jess typically dress. (Nick doesn’t count; he’s a 30-year-old 90-year-old.) Did the new neighbors’ young people fashion looks seem dead-on to you, or did they make you roll your eyes in contempt for the New Girl wardrobe department? Were you rolling your eyes while wearing headphones and a handmade feather clip? Are you one of them?

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New Girl Fashion Cap “Fluffer”: It’s After Labor Day. Schmidt’s Wearing Whales.

We love that last night’s episode of New Girl revolved around Schmidt’s ridiculously preppy belt. (It also revolved around the adorable sparking chemistry between Jess and Nick, but hey, this is a photo recap.)(Though we will say, squeeeeee!) Donning the above mentioned jaunty pink sea mammal belt, Max Greenfield took a brief fashion journey into the heart of the Republican Party while pretending to be Tuggb Romney, fictional child of Mitt Romney. Clean cut, well-made and totally insane: that’s how we like our Max Greenfield. And our New Girl.

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New Girl’s Guys Predict Utter Humiliation Onstage: Reason #41 To Watch Tonight’s Do Something Awards

For some reason, being on a hit comedy series does not necessarily prepare you to be the host of an awards show — at least that’s what New Girl’s Lamorne Morris fears when he and co-stars Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield host the Do Something Awards, which air tonight on VH1 at 9 p.m. ET.

“I’m not gonna lie, I might go to the bathroom, like, on myself, onstage,” Morris told VH1’s Kate Spencer.

“I’ll give you 500 bucks if you do it during the show,” Johnson offered.

“500 bucks is not enough,” Morris said. “You would legitimately have to give me everything you’re being paid and what you’re being paid, double it, and then I’d do it.”

Well, that would make for a very different kind of show, wouldn’t it?

Like the rest of us, the guys were excited about all the celebrities set to appear — from Justin Bieber to their own castmate Zooey Deschanel. But Greenfield saw a big opportunity with one particular guest:

“We’ll be hosting — will we also be auditioning for Ben Affleck?” he asked. Oh, we certainly hope so. Or even vice versa — Affleck would make a great fling for Jess!

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Are New Girl’s Nick And Jess The Niles And Daphne Of Our Time? Jake Johnson Weighs In

You should be very excited to watch the Do Something Awards next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET. Besides the fact that it’s a nice chance to see celebrities celebrated for more than just who they’re dating or what they starred in, the show is hosted by three of the most charming men on TV these days, New Girl stars Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield and Lamorne Morris. And when VH1 News’ Kate Spencer had a chance to sit down with the guys on recently, she couldn’t resist to make this very astute observation about the will-they-or-won’t-they dynamic of Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Johnson): They are just like Niles and Daphne from Frasier.

David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves as Niles and Daphne on Frasier

“Niles and Daphne is a great reference! Yeah, but I think I’m a little bit more masculine than Niles. No disrespect to Niles,” Johnson responded. Though he was quick to add: “Do not compare Zooey Deschanel to Daphne. You can call me Niles.”
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Max Greenfield Is Already Planning Out His Emmy Awards Outfit With Zooey Deschanel

Max Greenfield, Emmy Nomination, Do Something Awards Host

Hands up if your favorite character on New Girl is Schmidt. All I’m seeing right now are, like, a million hands up in the air, so I’m guessing I’m in really good company. I was also very pleasantly surprised at the Emmy nominations list announced yesterday. Yeah, there were a few snubs, but on the whole, it was a big fat yay because plenty of my favorite shows and actors were given props.  Of this list, high up on my personal high-fives is Max Greenfield, aka Schmidt, who I adore akin to the self-loathing Cece (Hannah Simone) feels for getting it on with him. (Although, I am first and foremost a proud, card-holding member of the Cumberbitches.) Max and Zooey Deschanel have both been given nods for their series and the news is made doubly awesome since the actor and his fellow “men of New Girl”  — Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris —  are also hosting the VH1 Do Something! Awards, which will air on VH1 on Tuesday, August 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Vulture got him on the phone to congratulate him about the nomination and he’s already way ahead of the pack, in terms of awards show pre-gaming. “Zooey I think e-mailed me minutes after it happened, and we immediately started to coordinate what we’re going to wear,” he joked. And he’s not taking any chances with his outfit, either, adding, “… I already e-mailed Damian Lewis and Michael C. Hall. I want to make sure that I don’t show up in the same outfit. How embarrassing. I don’t want to wear the same color, you know what I mean? I want to make sure that it’s a memorable moment on the red carpet for me.” Hah! Good luck, Schmidty! We’ll be bringing you all the action from both awards shows, so you won’t miss a thing.

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