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Mel B Gives Birth To New Baby Spice

Okay, not an actual new Baby Spice; Emma Bunton is still alive (we’re assuming) and well (also assuming). Either way Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice Mel B, welcomed a baby daughter into the world last night. Brown’s baby girl joins the family alongside father Stephen Belafonte and siblings Phoenix, Angel and Giselle, all of whom were apparently fainting all over the delivery room. “Finally our baby arrives,” the former Spice Girl tweeted.” Stephen nearly passed out, Phoenix screamed, I laughed so hard the baby popped out!!! She is just sooo amazing!!” We were already picturing Mel wearing stars-and-stripes platforms and a tongue stud with her hospital gown, hysterical labor-inducing laughter just seems to round out the picture.


Spice Girl Mel B Is Pregnant

Apparently what the Spice Girls all really, really want, besides to zig-a-zig-ahh, are loads of babies. Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, is pregnant with her fourth child, the appropriately-named Baby Spice, Emma Bunton, has number two on the way, and it was just announced that Melanie “Mel B” Brown, the scariest of all Spices, is pregnant with her third child.

Speaking to US Magazine, Brown said “Both my pregnancies have been lucky and happy and exciting, no matter what situation I’ve been in.” Perhaps she was referencing the “exciting” paternity battle she engaged in with ex Eddie Murphy over their daughter Angel, now 3. “This is different because we have been married for four years,” Brown said, referring to her husband Stephen Belafonte. “We have a history together, we’re best friends, we’re in it together, and he’s totally supportive.” Congrats to all the Spices on your new babies and your ability to stay topical all these years later!

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Mel B. Takes A Page From The Jada Pinkett Smith School Of TMI

We get it, celebrities! You’re beautiful, you have money, and you do it constantly, and then you talk about it…why, exactly? To rub it in? To impress us? To make yourselves feel cool? WHY?

Why are we so irritated, you ask? Well, because if it wasn’t bad enough that Jada Pinkett Smith is always talking about the quickie sex she and Will Smith have in their limo, Mel B. is joining in on the action (literally). Mel B. gladly discussed her sex life on Lopez Tonight the other night, admitting that she and hubby Stephen Belafonte “shag five times a day”. Which is great for them, but it only serves to make us wonder how they hell they make time for work and, you know, parenting and stuff.

We’re guessing that their neighbors are used to hearing multiple zig-a-zig ahhh’s throughout the day.


Mel B And Daughter Phoenix Get Matching ‘Dos


Mel B has been sporting a new look lately that’s not all there – the Spice Girl has partially shaved her head. Reminds us of Cassie‘s look from last year, actually. Whats more is that her two daughters have followed suit.

Mel was seen out and about with baby Angel last week and the tot was sporting one of  the more impressive mohawks we’ve seen (Maddox Jolie-Pitt, watch your back). And Mel went out last night with her 11-year-old daughter Phoenix Chi, who is an exact clone of her mom, hair and all. The pair was hanging in L.A. and checking out the premiere of Cats and posed for the cameras with their matching styles. This is a mother-daughter trend we can get behind, unlike some others we’ve heard about. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Kim Kardashian Helps Mel B With Her Lollipops

Kim Kardashian

Scary Spice Melanie Brown has a new line of Sugar Factory couture lollipops to hawk, and plenty of friends willing to help. Kim Kardashian, sister Khloe, Lo Bosworth and Stacy Keibler all came out to LA’s Guys And Dolls Lounge in LA to give her wares a taste—some, like Kim, more enthusiastically than others. Watch her slurp away in the gallery below.

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Eva Glitters, Melanie Shivers At Bad Lieutenant Screening

eva mendes & melanie brown

Nicolas Cage wasn’t able to make it to the AFI Film Festival screening of Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans in LA yesterday, but his female co-stars brought plenty of crazy in his absence. Eva Mendes wore a dress entirely made out of old gum…sorry, sequins…and Fairuza Balk‘s black leather gown took us all back to The Craft. But sometimes less is more, as proven by Spice Girl Melanie Brown, whose decision to attend sans pants caught plenty of eyes. It was like something out of a Werner Herzog movie…oh wait, this is one!

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Style Wars: Girls In Gold

On opposite sides of the Atlantic last night, two glam ladies rocked stylish gold gowns. Emmy Rossum was at Fashion Group International’s 26th annual Night Of Stars at Cipriani Wall Street, NYC, wearing a beautiful draped dress that showed off her elegant figure. While in London, the ubiquitous Mel B went for full on bling in this glittering gold number. But which hottie looked better in the jewel-like color?

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Mel B’s Fitness Regimen Scares Us


Mel B’s hot, fierce body has become a new career for her these past couple of years (burlesque show, DVD, underwear modeling, various pap shots poolside with bikini and heels – you get the picture), but unless we hadn’t already guessed, it takes fearsome work to look the way she does. The former/current/oh, who cares anymore Spice Girl is the face of International Fitness Week (apparently), so gave an interview to the UK’s New! magazine terrifying us with how hard she works at it.

  • On how she stays fit: “I like to work out with other people – we might do an army workout or hike if I’m in LA. This week I’ve been running – I ran six miles yesterday and six miles the day before.”
  • On doing 600 situps each day: “I do it at the end of my workout. I do it every ten reps so it goes quickly. I rest every 200.”
  • On being “addicted” to exercise: “Once you get into it, it’s like a drug.”
  • On her diet: “I’ve trained my body to crave clean, healthy food.”

Our whole body is crying out for a nap on the sofa and a bag of Kettle chips just reading that. Still, at least Mel gives herself a break by knocking back the wine every time she’s in London (seemingly). You can take the girl out of Britain, but you can’t take the Britain out of the girl! (Photo: WireImage]


Spice Girls Threaten Us With Another Reunion


Um, but didn’t they all promise never ever to get up on stage together again? Apparently not, as it’s reported that the Spice Girls will reform for a one-off gig at the soccer World Cup in South Africa next year, after Mel B and husband Stephen Belafonte have put together a big money deal. Unsurprisingly though, Victoria Beckham isn’t keen.

“Mel’s determined to get the girls back together for the World Cup and wants them to plough ahead as a foursome if Victoria doesn’t want to take part. She has got the others excited by the idea of a one-off appearance. They are very interested,” reports the Sun. The news comes after the four girls – minus VB – hooked up in London last week, and Geri even took to the sofa of British TV show This Morning to hint at the possibility.

Soz, but we’re totally underwhelmed by this idea. It’s a) not been long enough since the last reunion and b) just smacks of dollar bills in the eyes. Frankly, we’d be more excited by a Glenn Medeiros comeback. [Photo: WireImage]


Mel B Slums It For New Show


Mel B‘s been all about the glamor in recent times – we feel that we’ve seen her having fun poolside in Las Vegas, champagne glass in hand, stilettos on feet more often than we care to remember. But now the former Spice Girl is spending time in her hometown of Leeds, England, surviving on welfare handouts for a reality show to see how the other half live.

For the show called “7 Days on the Breadline”, Mel will see if she can make state payments of $200 last for a family of six for a week. Spending time in the deprived Harehills area of Leeds, she’s living as a single mom of five children for the show which will air in the UK later this year. However morally dodgy the set-up of this seems to be (essentially – “Ooh! Look at celebrities having to live like poor ordinary people!”) it’s sure to make entertaining watching. [Photo: Splash News Online]