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Throwback Photos of Dakota Johnson and Mom Melanie Griffith

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Before they fought over 50 Shades of Grey on the Oscar’s red carpetMelanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson were the coolest mother-daughter pair at nearly every Hollywood event. With Dakota blowing up the box office for her role as Anastasia Steele, you would have thought Melanie would be proud to watch her daughter’s big break. But when she revealed on Sunday that she didn’t want to see it, Dakota snapped back. What happened to you two?!

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Will Francesca Eastwood Be As Successful As These Past Miss Golden Globes?

Francesca Eastwood, next year's Miss Golden Globe, could end up like Hollywood stars Melanie Griffith or Linda Evans, who held the title when they were young.

Being named Miss Golden Globe (or the rare Mr.) must be a strange honor — as far as we can tell, it’s basically the Hollywood Foreign Press saying, “Hey, you’re a young, attractive daughter/son of someone famous. Will you please wear this fancy gown and help hand out awards so we don’t have to hire a model?” On the other hand, it’s also sometimes a nice way for a PYT to get his/her name and face out there. Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca was named Miss Golden Globe for 2013 yesterday, and she’ll actually be following in the footsteps of her older sister Kathryn (2005), which is a first. What we’re really wondering is whether the actress — who’s now known mostly due to her mom’s reality show, Mrs. Eastwood and Company — will also be following in the footsteps of the Globe honorees who did make a name for themselves, from The Beverly HillbilliesDonna Douglas and Dynasty‘s Linda Evans to Melanie Griffith and her daughter, Dakota Johnson (Ben and Kate). Check out the ladies (and man) who turned this into a golden (sorry) opportunity:

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Melanie Griffith And Antonio Banderas Might Be Splitting Up, But His Dancing Video Proves Nothing

Melanie Griffith And Antonio Banderas Allegedly Breaking Up

Look, we don’t know the ins and outs of Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas‘ relationship. We don’t have the time, resources or high-powered binoculars necessary to verify whether rumors of their impending break-up are true. We do know, however, that video of Antonio dancing with Indian actress Mallika Sherawat at Cannes this year proves absolutely nothing about the stability of their union. Take a look at the video after the jump if you don’t believe us: there is clearly plenty of room for the Holy Spirit between those two! If anything, the video is a testament to Antonio’s commitment to Melanie. If he wasn’t invested in keeping their love alive, Banderas could be booty-dancing up a storm! We’ll gladly offer our booties up as a test if you want, Melanie!

Color us dubious, but we’ve been hearing break-up rumors about these two for years, or at least since Griffith did that stint in rehab in 2009. “They seem absolutely fine. Honestly, they seem happy,” a source told People last night. The couple has almost made it to 16 years of marriage, which is, like, 3,000 years in Hollywood marriage time. As such, we…really, really don’t want these rumors to be true. We want Melanie and Antonio to make it into our Celebrity Couples Going Strong After More Than 20 Years list. You can do it, you two! Just check out your fellow old marrieds for strength!

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Coachella Turns Into CelebrityVille For A Second Weekend In A Row

Coachella went down for its second weekend in Indio, California, and as expected, the stars flocked to it again. Last weekend had its fair share of controversies attached to it. Not to the festival per se, but to the many celebrities who attended. What was Lindsay Lohan doing there against her judge’s advice? Who was the mystery dude Emma Watson was with? And what exactly was Rihanna smoking? So many questions. No answers just yet. But in contrast, this last weekend of Coachella seemed easy-peasy.

Some celebrities, like Dita von Teese and Busy Philipps, showed up on both Saturday and Sunday. Dita was also spotted hanging out with pal Kelly Osbourne, and her purple hair. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was seen rocking out to Florence Welch. Twilighters Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki Reed (with hubby Paul McDonald) were there, as well as ex-Twilighter Rachelle Lefevre. Joe Jonas hatted up, while Joe Manganiello (and yay for this) took his shirt off. But the cutest photographs by far, were of Alicia Silverstone with her son Bear Blu. Top marks for the baby-size noise-cancelling headphones! Look out for all of the action in our gallery.

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[Photos: Splash News Online]

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Oscar Skinny: Angelina Jolie And Other Actresses We Want To Feed

While we totally enjoyed the silly way Angelina Jolie insisted on posing with her leg at last night’s Oscars — and the Twitter stir her leg caused all through the night — many of you were more alarmed than amused. Is she really able to stand and walk around on legs skinnier than our arms? Did she give all her food away to war refugees? We’re not completely sure of the normally slender actress was actually thinner than usual last night, or if we’re just not used to seeing that much of her bared leg against the stark contrast of all that Versace velvet. But yeah, there were a bunch of actresses we’d like to feed sandwiches to right about now. Somehow, we doubt they partook in that popcorn that was passed out in the Kodak, much less the 3-D desserts Wolfgang Puck cooked up for the Governor’s Ball. Melanie Griffith’s face was downright sickly looking, and a close inspection of Jane Seymour’s decolletage is not for the weak of heart. There are others whose razor-sharp shoulders and collar bones we’re used to — like Rooney Mara’s — but that didn’t stop us from wishing we could show up, grandma style, and shove plates of food in their faces. Awards season is over ladies, please feast to your heart’s content!

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