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You Won’t Believe Which Baby Celebrities Appeared on Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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When it comes to scary television shows, nothing quite beats Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Nickelodeon series — which ran from 1990-2000, including the revival — was downright terrifying, and made for perfect Halloween entertainment year-round. And celebrities thought this too; you won’t believe what famous faces appeared on the show before they were famous! We’re looking at you, Ryan Gosling.

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Smurfs Up: 10 Things From Our Childhood Hollywood Hasn’t Ruined Yet

Cosby Show, Jem, Alex Mack, Doug, The Magic Finger, Mr. Snuffleupagus

We’re still dazed and confused by the fact that the first Smurfs movie was such a success, they needed to churn out a sequel just two years later. For those of us who grew up on these three-apples tall Saturday morning cartoon characters, it’s Alvin and the Chipmunks all over again. If it isn’t a giant movie remake, it’s the scandalous life of the former child stars besmirching our precious memories. What beloved things from our childhood hasn’t Hollywood ruined yet? Actually, we came up with a list. Read on only if you aren’t a studio exec looking for an unoriginal idea to steal.

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From Friends‘ Spud-nik To PLL’s Vampy Adam Lambert: TV’s Best Halloween Costumes

Our favorite costumes from the Halloween episodes of Friends, Community, Pretty Little Liars and Glee

Halloween means candy corn, haunted houses, and your dad wearing that musty vampire outfit yet again. But it also means Halloween specials on TV! Throughout the years, the small screen has captured the fun of dressing up for the holidays. It’s a time for our favorite characters to get creative and just a tad inappropriate as they sport costumes from the topical, the slutty, or other clever ideas that perfectly reflect their own personalities. Here’s a list of some of our favorite Halloween costumes from TV over the years that may give you some inspiration of what to do…and what not to do.

[Photo: CBS]

Best Mystery Costume – The Slutty Pumpkin (How I Met Your Mother): It was that crisp, autumnal night on Halloween when Ted Mosby thought he met the love of his life…in a costume that has become the show’s famed “Slutty Pumpkin.” Though her face was veiled, this mystery woman became the object of Ted’s harvest-filled fantasies. Many years later, we discovered that the woman was none other than Katie Holmes! Even though the costume doesn’t have much originality, we give them props for mocking the “slutty fill-in-the-blank” outfit.
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Happy Birthday, Ryan Reynolds! Here Are 25 Reasons Why He’s Hotter Than Ryan Gosling

It’s a question that has perplexed humankind since the dawn of time (or at least the last five years): Who is the hottest Canadian Ryan of All? The top two contenders are obviously Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. But like Highlander, there can be only one. Everyone has their favorite choice, but seeing as how it’s Ryan Reynold’s 36th birthday today, we’ll give him the leg up above Mickey Mouse’s old flunky Gosling. Don’t believe us? Well, our crack team of pop culture experts have put the two Ryans to the test, measuring them against all sorts of important criteria. And the results were pretty telling. See for yourself!

1. Spooky-Themed Nostalgic Television Moment:

Gosling: A 1995 episode of Are You Afraid Of The Dark called “The Tale of Station 109.1″

Reynolds: The 1996 original TV-movie edition of Sabrina The Teenage Witch

The Winner: Are You Afraid Of The Dark is too scary. Sabrina The Teenage Witch has a wise-cracking talking cat. Reynolds wins. Clearly.

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Snooki? Gisele? Tamera? Play Our Guess The Celebrity Baby Bump Game, Summer Edition!

Celebrity Baby Bumps

We begin staring at them, wondering if they’re merely the result of a big burrito lunch; then, soon enough, we marvel at their size in proportion to their petite carriers and placing bets on when they’ll pop — yes, we’re talking baby bumps. Particularly those sported by our favorite pregnant celebrities. It’s fascinating how some famous ladies, like Megan Fox and Gisele Bunchen, play coy for months, hiding behind cleverly draped dresses or simply ignoring questions when we know they’d never allow themselves to acquire food babies like the rest of us. Others, like Snooki, Tori Spelling and Vanessa Lachey, flaunt their bumps like crazy, posting pics on Twitter, posing in front of the paps in revealing outfits. To each her own!

But once again, we’d like to make their beautiful maternal bodies into a fun little game to while away your summer afternoon. Guess the celebrity baby bump! And don’t cheat by studying the thumbnails here; that’s just silly.

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Melissa Joan Hart Is Expecting Baby Number Three

There’s a baby boom happening in H’town. News broke today about Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer expecting their first child. They’re not the only ones with the kid-related news, though, because Melissa Joan Hart is also preggers with baby number three. She announced the news on Twitter yesterday, writing, “(Early) Happy Birthday to me! And baby makes 3!” Today’s her 36th birthday and what a wonderful extra present she’s got. The actress, producer and super mommy and her husband Mark Wilkerson are already parents to two boys — Mason Walter, who is the eldest at six, and Braydon Hart, who is four. Congratulations to the entire family, and happy happies to Melissa!

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Breaking Dawn Premiere Draws The Strangest Celebs

Do you remember back in the early days of Twilight, when people who weren’t teenage girls (or those early-adopter Twi-moms) kind of only sheepishly admitted to being Twi-hards? Ancient history. The proof is in the guest list of last night’s black-carpet premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1. In addition to all the cast of the films, we expected to see a who’s who of young Hollywood, so folks like Ashley Tisdale and Ashley Benson were no surprise. But Ron Artest? That was such a surprise that none of the photographers seem to have snapped him. Other interesting guests included Heather Locklear, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danica Patrick and Rob Lowe. Even electronic dance musician Kaskade made an appearance. So, were they there for a photo op, or really excited to see Edward and Bella’s wedding? Flip through the pics of these random celebs and let us know what you think.

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The Breaking Dawn Shortlist: Who Rocked The Minis?

There were gowns aplenty on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 black carpet. But we sifted through piles of photographs and found lots of leg as well. Many celebrities rocked mini dresses, holding their own against the likes of Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene and Elizabeth Reaser. Ashley Tisdale wore tight, lacy white and leopard-print booties. Kylie Jenner looked lovely in a nude A-line mini with a cinched waist, while sister Kendall Jenner wore a similar peach version. Cassie Scerbo (whutup, Make It or Break It fans) worked it in a bodycon, red number and Melissa Joan Hart wore the same color, only in a more elegant, ’40s silhouette. We’d also like to give special mention to 12-year-old Kiernan Shipka — a.k.a. Sally on Mad Men — who looked lovely and age appropriate in a black and navy blue bell-skirted frock. She may just be our pick for best dressed of the night.

Check out our gallery and let us know who got it right and who got short changed by their stylist.

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Do you have a photo of yourself with Robert Pattinson? Tweet it to us @theFablife and we could feature it later this week!

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Harry Potter Premiere Hits New York

The Deathly Hallows premiered in New York last night and we couldn’t help but sniff a little looking at all the pictures. Each premiere means we’re inching gradually towards the end. A lot of the tertiary characters didn’t show up for the event but our main squeezes did. After wearing a dreamy Oscar de la Renta to the London premiere, Emma Watson chose a Bottega Veneta gown, Giuseppe Zanotti platform peep toe heels and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry for the NYC leg. We’re not totally feeling the look and the harsh make-up, but more on that in our next post. Not much smiling from Emma at this one. She looks like she’s taking this quite emotionally, and we don’t blame her.

Props to Daniel Radcliffe for turning up in Prada as well!  Completely the trio was Rupert Grint who cleaned up quite nicely in his suit as well. He also looked like he had taken a brush to his hair and what a difference that made! Alan Rickman — possibly one of our favorite actors and the only one who could pull off Severus Snape — looked as cool as cool could be. Pulling up the handsome quotient were Tom Felton and Matt Lewis aka Draco Malfoy and Neville Longbottom. Growing up has agreed with these two. A couple of celebrities also turned up for the premiere. Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker brought their son, James Wilkie. (Note to SJP: Stop putting your son in twee hats.) America Ferrera brought new husband Ryan Piers Williams. Sarah Hyland showed up looking lovely in an LBD, and our happy WTF of the day was Jay Manuel! All-in-all, a pretty successful premiere.

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