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Steven’s White Wackiness, Emily’s Granny Panties + More Worst-Dressed Stars

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These stars may be talented for their own reasons, but let’s just say, fashion isn’t their forte. This week, they definitely proved just that.

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Who Is Josh Gad Recruiting For The Frozen Sequel?

After the success of Frozen, the brains behind Disney’s blockbuster animated film are inching closer to a potential sequel. But who will join the likes of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell and Josh Gad? VH1’s Ellie Lee spoke to Gad — the man inside Olaf, the lovable animated snowman — on the carpet at the FX Upfronts in New York. And no, they did not sing “Let It Go.”

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Marlon Wayans Champions Women’s Right To Fart Jokes

When you hear that Marlon Wayans is in a broad buddy-cop comedy, you wouldn’t be blamed for assuming that the White Chicks star was one of said buddies. But in The Heat, the youngest Wayans brother is happy to be the relegated to the straight-guy role, playing Sandra Bullock’s FBI love interest, leaving the comedy up to Sandy and Melissa McCarthy. “I couldn’t be as silly as I wanted to be ’cause that wasn’t the role I was playing,” he told VH1 News. “The role I was playing was ‘the cute guy,’ and so I watched them be really funny.”

And after watching his co-stars in the Paul Feig-directed movie, what does Wayans have to say about the antiquated notion that women aren’t as funny as men?
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They Got the (Girl) Power! The Top 10 Female Buddy Flicks in History

Romy and Michele Sex & the City Waiting to Exhale

Female buddy films are the Manolo Mary Jane pumps of Hollywood (i.e., so rare they’re almost nonexistent!). But the best ones — like The Heat, premiering this weekend — portray lady relationships as the complicated, rich, hilarious animals they are. From classics like Thelma & Louise to popcorn fare like Charlie’s Angels, check out our favorite estrogen-soaked casts in history.

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