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Blink And You Miss ‘Em: Celebs Who Were Famous For, Like, Five Minutes

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Celebdom is so unfair. We get used to entertainers — we crush on them, obsess over them, and follow their every move in tabloids (or in real life, if you’re stalkery).  We actually invest in those actors, musicians, and singers! But Hollywood is fickle. Seemingly overnight, the world’s hottest stars can topple from their place on the top of the fame food chain, never to be seen or heard from again. And we’re left bereft, and confused, and wondering which curly-haired, pouty-mouthed blonde we can worship now that Ryan Phillippe can’t get hired anymore. Oh, was that just us?

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Miley Cyrus Debuts Her Teddy Roosevelt Inspired Tattoo. Yup, Add That To Our List Of WTF Celebrity Ink

Miley Cyrus gets a Teddy Roosevelt tattoo

Ke$ha topped the list of our 20 Worst Celebrity Tattoos a few weeks back when she proudly displayed her inner lip ink reading “Suck It” on instagram. But now the dollar-signed-one might have some competition in Miley Cyrus, who was seen today showing off her new Theodore Roosevelt-inspired tattoo. We say “might,” because honestly we’re not sure how to feel about it. Body art inspired by our 26th president isn’t something we come across on a regular basis. On one hand, we guess it’s a pretty cool quote taken from a 1910 speech in which he said “So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” But on the other hand…what? And furthermore, WTF? We know you’re just being Miley, but damn. Maybe she’s still feeling the patriotism from her 4th of July festivities. Head on down to the gallery below to see more celebrity tattoos that left us scratching our heads!

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Ke$ha’s New Mouth Ink Tops Our 20 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Ke$ha Mouth Tattoo

Ke$ha, you’ve won again. You always do. Though never with a disturbing orifice tattoo before. “New tattoo!” the singer proclaimed on Instagram, displaying both her new “Suck It!” inner lip tattoo and what appears to be a gold toof. While we need some time to wrap our heads around why and to what purpose Ke$ha would get the inside of her mouth inked (Is it a command? To whom? Is it a reminder? It’s a reminder, isn’t it?), we only needed to see the photo for a millisecond to crown her queen of the bad celebrity tattoos, joining the likes of Gucci Mane‘s ice cream cone face ink and Hayden Panettiere‘s misspelled torso tattoo.

Don’t feel bad, every other famous with an awful tattoo! We probably just don’t know about your mouth art yet. Let us know, please; it’s what Instagram is for. In the meantime, everyone else can take a gander at our worst celebrity tattoo gallery. With Ke$ha at the lead, it looks like ya’ll need to start upping your bad tattoo game…

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Gala Fashion Roundup: Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Aniston, Fergie And Co. Are Belles Of The Balls

amfAR Inspiration Gala, AFI Lifetime Achievement Awards

Two major events took place on both coasts last night. The first was the amfAR Inspiration Gala at the New York Public Library. Hilary Swank and Fergie attended and both looked lovely. Swank was a breath of fresh air in ladylike monochromatic Marc Jacobs tea dress while Fergie looked svelte in a midi black sequined Calvin Klein Collection sheath. Nicely done, ladies! The other party was the AFI’s 40th Life Achievement Award in honor of Shirley Maclaine in Culver City, California. We loved Dakota Fanning‘s flowing Gucci dress. She personalized it by adding Cartier bracelets and a Gucci belt. Mena Suvari wore a similarly themed Goddess gown, only hers was a white halter version with a black ruffle detail. Marcia Gay Harden also knocked it out of the park in a black circle dress and strappy heels. It was perfect for her figure. The sexiest outfit for the night, though, goes to Jennifer Aniston who glowed in a low-cut, leggy white Burberry gown. C’est magnifique!

Sadly, Katherine Heigl didn’t fare as well as her compadres. While her Monique Lhuillier gown was quite sexy — it had a long slit up the side — something was very wrong with her makeup and hair. We kid you not. It felt like she had touch of too much sun and drove to the event with the windows down. We aren’t exaggerating! Click after the jump to see what went wrong, as well as a gallery of all the stars who got it right!  Read more…

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How To Do Red Right: Mena Suvari, Emily Blunt Rule Premieres On Two Continents

We want to stand up and applaud Mena Suvari and Emily Blunt for their sartorial choices. They wore the same color — red — at premieres on two different continents yesterday and both of them nailed it. That color really did seem to be the order of the day yesterday. You’ve already seen Cobie Smulders’ Alexandra Vidal gown at The Avengers premiere in London. She totally upstaged poor Scarlett Johansson.

Red was also the choice for Emily at the Your Sister’s Sister premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday in New York. Her cherry lace-overlay Michael Kors frock was so elegant that we want to throw words like “marvelous” and ” superb” at her. Add to that a Louis Vuitton clutch, Christian Louboutin shoes and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and you have one red-hot lady. This the second win in a row for Emily, as her Jason Wu outfit from The Five-Year Engagement event the day before was also fantastic. Then there’s Mena who also picked a red lace embroidered frock but this one was a Tadashi Shoji Fall 2012 number. It looked very flamenco which was totally appropriate since the event was the American Pie: Reunion premiere in Madrid. We can’t tell which one we like better. Can you? Take a bow, ladies.

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Red Carpet Report: The Five-Year Engagement Has A Busy Opening Night 

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American Pie Cast Then And Now: No One’s Mellowing With Age

After a long nine years since the last theatrical installment (sorry, we’re not counting those four revered direct-to-DVD masterpieces), American Reunion finally hits theaters today. From what we’ve heard, the latest chapter of the American Pie franchise is gonna be the wildest yet! Although some of the gang is married with kids, it doesn’t mean they’ve mellowed with age. VH1 News hit up the L.A. premiere and managed to catch up with Chris Klein, who plays lax-bro incarnate Chris “Oz” Ostreicher in the series and offered this comparison to the original: “It’s more fun because the jokes are a little crazier, and I think us as a cast is a little bit crazier,” he told our very own Kate Spencer. “I don’t think anybody is any more mature or responsible than we were when we were 18 and 19 years old.” Phew, that’s a relief!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whopping 13 years since the beloved original was released. Check out the gallery below to see your favorite American Pie stars, all grown up! From pie-shaggin’ Jason Biggs to band camper Alyson Hannigan, Glee-wanna-be Mena Survari to Stifler’s Mom, they’re all here! Head on down to see, and get ready to feel reallllly old…

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American Reunion Cast Skipped Their Own High School Reunions … And Other Revelations

I grew up on American Pie back in the day, so getting to interview the cast at the American Reunion premiere was a late ’90s high-schooler’s dream come true. I grilled Chris Klein, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth and the rest of the Pie Crew on the red carpet and learned some important things. Mainly, that they all had horrible prom nights, skipped their own high school reunions and really love singing Journey. In other words, some stars really are just like us!

American Reunion is out in theaters tomorrow.

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Mena Suvari Has A Beautiful Italian Wedding


Happy news! Actress Mena Suvari married her music producer beau Simone Sestito in Vatican City  on Saturday. Sestito proposed to Suvari in back in summer 2008, and she revealed, “He got down his knees. It was very romantic. I love him. He’s Italian and my family is part Greek, and it’s all about family and culture…I love his family and it just inspires me to live that kind of life.” Suvari wore a gown by Stacey Bendet, owner of Alice + Olivia and a close friend of the American Beauty actress.

The actress had spoken to this March about the wedding saying it was going to be “very romantic and traditional Italian…we’ll have at least a couple hundred guests. It’s big!” This is the second marriage for Suvari. She and cinematographer Robert Brinkman, who is 17 years her senior, were married for 5 years before divorcing in 2005.
Sestito’s completely head-over-heels with his new bride saying, “The thing I love most about her is the understanding. We get each other a lot, so there’s a good connection there.” They also connect very well over the poker table. Suvari plays on the World Poker Tour in the Hollywood Home games for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and said of her husband, “We play poker together really well.”  Sestito added, “We went to Vegas and she made more than I did!” That’s more cash in the collective bank! Congratulations to the newly hitched couple.
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Maggie Gyllenhaal: Black And White Bombshell Or Just Blah?

That Maggie Gyllenhaal sure tries hard sometimes. Check out the combo she wore to the LOFT Style Studio launch in the Bowery last night—black and white low-cut flower-print sundress, striped sweater jacket that can’t pull past her shoulders, black leggings and knee-high boots. It’s like some poor schoolgirl grew two feet while out playing in the rain and then spilled whiteout all over herself. Are you feeling it? Get a closer look in the event gallery below and let us know in our TheFABLife poll.

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Paps Get Bloody Over Mena Suvari—In 2010!

Mena Suvari & Paparazzi

These dudes really want that shot—any shot. A pap was left bloodied after an argument broke out between photographers chasing American Beauty actress Mena Suvari as she shopped on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Do we have to explain how insane this is? Sure, one doesn’t hear much about the Sugar & Spice actress these days, but it’s not because she’s our Greta Garbo. Mena’s been photographed shopping in Beverly Hills as far back as 2007, and as recently as last month—it’s not a major event. At all. Why were so many of you out there anyway? Be like hawks—not pigeons.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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