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From Dexter To Homeland: Showtime’s 25 Sexiest Men

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With Homeland and Masters of Sex drawing to a close this weekend, TV is about to get a lot less sexy. Both shows boast a cast of strapping leading men that have, from week to week, made us laugh, cry and swoon. When you look at the current roster of shows airing on each network, it’s safe to say that Showtime has contracted some of the most alluring men to appear on TV. Whether it’s Homeland (Damian Lewis), Dexter (we miss you already, Michael C. Hall!), Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber for DILF of the year) or even Nurse Jackie (mmm, Morris Chestnut), there’s a man for everyone.
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Daniel Radcliffe, Kill Your Darlings Co-Stars Fess Up To Their Poetry-Writing Days

Between last year’s On the Road and this year’s Sundance flicks Kill Your Darlings and Big Sur, it’s safe to say the Beat Generation is having a moment. The real mystery to us, actually, is why they’re not always having a moment. Because if you were anything like us in high school, you either went through a phase in which you wanted to be Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac or William Boroughs, or you dated someone who did. VH1 News found further proof that this is a thing when they interviewed the cast of Kill Your Darlings at its Sundance premiere last weekend.

“I wrote a lot of poetry when I was a teenager,” Daniel Radcliffe, who plays a college-age Allen Ginsberg in the film, confessed. What he likes in particular about Ginsberg in the movie, he said, is,”Everyone’s experienced that massive self-doubt. Howl is a poem written by someone who’s terrified that they can’t write.”
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Michael C. Hall Plots His Post-Dexter Return To TV

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We’re approaching the impending (maybe possible) series finale of Dexter with a mix of excitement and dread. Sure, we can’t wait to see how things will wrap up, but we also know we’ll soon have to go on with life without our favorite characters and actors. Like with most series endings, there will be some sort of twisted mourning period we all must go through.

If you’re like us, you’re already worrying about missing Michael C. Hall after season eight airs this summer. And if you feel an extra twinge of panic at the thought, it might be because Michael has been a major part of groundbreaking television for well over a decade, first portraying funeral director David Fisher in Six Feet Under before moving on to the serial killer we can’t help but love in Dexter. In fact, there hasn’t been a year without Michael gracing our screens since 2001! Who else could make us want to hug a funeral director? Who else could make us want to hang out with a murderer? Please don’t leave us, Michael!

That’s why I had a bit of desperation in my voice at the Sundance premiere of Kill Your Darlings, when I asked Hall if there’s any chance he might sign on to a new series. And what type of roll could live up to the two iconic characters he’s already portrayed?

“I would like to find something that had, you know, someone who was both a murderer and a funeral director. If that comes my way, I’m in,” he quipped. “No. … I’d never say never, you know. Who knows what the future holds? But I’ve been very fortunate thus far.”

Let’s hope the fortune continues. And in the meantime, all you writers out there get to work on some scripts about bloodthirsty morticians.

Michael C. Hall on Dexter

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Julia Stiles Denies Being Dexter’s Other Woman


Looks like we won’t be getting that steamy serial killer love triangle we asked Santa for this year, since Julia Stiles has denied having an affair with Dexter’s Michael C. Hall. Despite rumors that Stiles and Hall have been flirting all over the show’s blood-spattered set, Julia says any gossip suggesting that she had a hand in Hall’s divorce from co-star Jennifer Carpenter is just ridiculous. “I have absolutely nothing to do with the split between Michael and Jennifer. We are good friends and enjoyed working together,” Stiles claimed. We were wondering how that amount of awkwardness was going to fit on one sound stage. Now they only have to kill off one character at the end of the season!

“This is a personal matter between them, and we should respect their privacy. Although I too prefer to keep my private life private, I felt compelled to dispel the rumors I was somehow the cause for this matter,” she concluded. Looks like Julia will have to put the lotion on her skin herself this Christmas. [Photos: Getty Images/Showtime]


Dexter Love Triangle! Is Michael C. Hall Romancing Julia Stiles?

Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter & Julia Stiles

The next season of Dexter‘s going to have to be pretty juicy to compete with what’s going on off-screen. Rumors are swirling that star Michael C. Hall is hooking up with co-star Julia Stiles—which might have something to do with Hall divorcing wife and on-screen sister Jennifer Carpenter. And to think a year ago he was worried about beating cancer.

The evidence of infidelity is pretty sketchy at this point: a blind item in Lainey Gossip (“Their chemistry was so crazy and so evident to everyone that writer and producers, seeing it play out on set, actually cranked up their sex scenes to capture it for show”), some ridiculous quotes from Showbiz Spy (“Michael was checking out Julia’s butt…he was fixated…you would never tell his marriage had just collapsed”). But this might explain why Hall and Carpenter’s public statement pointed out they’d been “separated for some time.” Good thing the guy’s supposed to look awkward on-screen anyway.

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Michael C. Hall And Jennifer Carpenter Are The Latest Couple To Divorce


Joining the latest pile of dead marriages in the Hollywood graveyard are Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter‘s brief stint together. The two actors play brother and sister on one of our favorite shows, Dexter. They got married in December 2008, but they didn’t really make this two year anniversary: their statement to Entertainment Weekly reveals that they’ve been separated for a while now. The soon-to-be ex-couple’s joint brief reads, “Having been separated for some time, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall have filed for divorce.”

This divorce seems especially sad to report because of the rough 2010 the actor has already had. Michael was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma earlier this year. Fighting cancer and getting divorced all in one shot? That’s just harsh. Their reps say the split is amicable, and for once, we’re hoping that’s not a load of crock. He’s in remission now and deserves a break.

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Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall Battling Cancer

Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall, star of the hit show Dexter, has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. “I feel fortunate to have been diagnosed with an imminently treatable and curable condition, and I thank my doctors and nurses for their expertise and care,” he said in a statement. The cancer is reportedly in remission and treatment is underway, with Hall still planning to attend the upcoming SAG and Golden Globe awards, both of which have nominated him for Best Actor trophies in TV drama. Hall—a theater actor who scored an Emmy nomination for his TV debut as David Fisher on Six Feet Under in 2001—married Dexter co-star Jennifer Carpenter just over a year ago.

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Shave It Off, Dexter!

Is Michael C. Hall going to be in a sequel to Boogie Nights, or does he just have too much time on his hands? The star of Dexter, who looked his usual stubbly self last month, rocked a full beard two weeks ago at an industry party. That fuller fuzz wasn’t fun enough for Mike—dude showed up at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards last night with a porn ‘stache and soul patch. Season four of the hit show starts production in the spring, so hopefully Hall will get over face follicle follies before the cameras roll. Then again, you might be into the Deadwood look.

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