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Michael J. Fox Show, We Have Your Spinoff: The Wendell Pierce Show!

If you missed yesterday’s Very VH1 Spreecast with Wire and Treme vet Wendell Pierce, you must have very warm legs right now — the rest of us got the pants charmed off of us. (Sorry!) We could basically listen to his voice for hours, which is why we’re thrilled that he co-stars as Michael J. Fox’s newsroom boss Harris Green on The Michael J. Fox Show, which premieres tonight with two episodes tonight at 9 pm ET on NBC. And that’s also why we were thrilled when a fan (OK, it was me) asked: What would “The Wendell Pierce Show” be?
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The 5 Kids You’ll See Everywhere In Fall’s New TV Comedies


There’s an old saying that Hollywood is out of ideas. That may be true, but looking at the Fall TV comedy lineup, it’s clear that Hollywood isn’t out of children. Pretty much every single new comedy this fall is about children. So, it may seem like there are children everywhere. Hoards of children, scores of tweens, infinite amounts of teens… In reality, though, there are maybe only five kids you’ll see all year on network comedy.

Okay, five types of kids….

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They’re Baaack! 10 Celebs Poised To Make Major Comebacks, Whether You Like It Or Not

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The cycle of celebrity? Toil away in obscurity, make it big, ride the wave for a good decade, and then fall off. But some celebs come back — either because their talent is too amazing to be denied (hello, Mariah Carey, Natasha Lyonne and Michael J. Fox), or they’re just lucky as hell (oh hi, Andrew Dice Clay). These 10 comeback kids are either in the middle of amazing career resurgences, or on the verge of bouncing back. You heard it here first!

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The 15 Greatest Prom Scenes In Movie History

15 Greatest Prom Scenes In Movie History

Everyone knows that the high school prom is the greatest most important day of your life! Or at least one of them. Definitely in the top 10 days…or 20. Right guys? Maybe not, but it would probably make the top 100, though. Perhaps? OK, but we can all agree that prom is definitely a day in your life. Unless you didn’t go. In which case, that’s cool too.*

Yes, it’s true: Prom is kind of lame. It’s just a fact. No matter how great the DJ, our big nights NEVER matched up to the epic spring flings we saw in the movies. Those on-screen nights filled with young romance, snazzy outfits, cool cars, great music, choreographed dancing and underdogs coming out on top set our hearts on fire and our imaginations into flight. Our Mens Warehouse tux and awkward slow-dancing to Edwin McCain just couldn’t compare. But in honor of prom season, we’ve decided to revisit some cinematic proms that were wayyyy more memorable than our own.

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And Our Favorite Feud Of 2013 Is Now Over: Taylor Swift And Michael J. Fox Are “Good”

Taylor Swift And Michael J. Fox Not Feuding

Quit sharpening your swords and making blood oaths everyone: Michael J. Fox and Taylor Swift are cool! Well, obviously they are cool. If we could pick three celebs to have lunch with, they would be two of them. (The third would be Jesus, since he could just take his lunch and make four lunches. Free personal pan pizza, ya’ll!) We mean they are cool, in as much as Taylor is not offended about those hilariously mean jokes Michael J. Fox made at her expense this week about dating his son Sam. That kind of cool.

“Hey everybody, Michael J. Fox got in touch with me today and we are good. Thank you for having my back,” TSwift tweeted this afternoon. Frankly, we think it’s a testament to Taylor’s sweetness that she was able to get over comments like “Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right? What a way to build a career.” and song title suggestions like “‘Sam, You Piece of S—'” so quickly. She probably reasoned that Michael J. Fox might want to be able to use the Internet at some point in the future without all her fans nailing him to the cyber wall. Does anyone think we’ll look back at this moment and realize that this is how her relationship with Sam Fox actually started? Yeah, we think so too, Mwahahahaha!

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Did I Do That? From Sitcom Kids To Grown-Up Stars

Why can’t the world let Jaleel White be great? The man formerly known as Urkel complained to People today that he feels limited by his sitcom past. “I’m very versatile, but somehow I didn’t earn the tag of being called a versatile actor,” the former Family Matters star says. “I’m still chasing that one Vanity Fair tag that says, ‘This guy’s a versatile actor.’ I accept it. It’s fine. But for me, it’s like what do I have to do to get that [acknowledgment]?”

Luckily for White, those different and exciting roles could still be just around the corner! Your career doesn’t have to end when those highwaters get too tight to wear! Check out our gallery of sitcom kids, from Leo DiCaprio to Raven-Symone to Sarah Jessica Parker, who successfully made the transition from adorable youngsters to adult film and television stars. And hey…don’t lose the faith, Jaleel.

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Rapper Tinie Tempah Shells Out $37,500 For Marty McFly Kicks

It’s official: the future is now. Fans of the classic film franchise Back To The Future have always coveted Michael J. Fox’s space age kicks from the second installment. Fox’s character MartyMcFly has to travel to the year 2015 to get his power-lacing Nike Mags, but luckly for us we don’t have to wait that long. Nike has produced a limited edition run of 1,500 pairs of the sneaker! The shoes sadly lack the power lacing (what have we been doing with our resources, America!?) but they still look pretty damn cool, featuring LED lights and an electroluminescent Nike logo. Heavy!

How do you snag a pair for yourself? Well the shoes aren’t sold in stores, but are up for auction on eBay. Nike says that the proceeds are going towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson Research, which the temptation for us to buy ‘em all the more overwhelming. And apparently we’re not the only one who’s having a hard time holding back. British rapper Tinie Tempah bought himself the first pair last night at an LA auction for a whopping $37,500! Great Scott!! A source close to Tinie says that the dude’s a serious shoe collector. Ya think!? At least it’s for a good cause. And we’d probably do the exact same thing if we had the cash. We haven’t had light-up shoes since our LA Gears back in ’95, and we miss them terribly.

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Rudy Huxtable Steals The Show At The TV Land Awards

It’s no secret that Keshia Knight Pulliam, who played Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show and who we thought would make a great best friend, has grown into a gorgeous woman. Pulliam showed her grown up side in Chingy’s video for “One Call Away” a couple years ago and it was a far cry away from the little Rudy we knew and loved, and she certainly looked gorgeous on the red carpet of the TV Land Awards last night as well. Check out some of our most favorite television stars from The Cosby Show, Family Ties, and The Facts of Life, who were all honored with awards last night at the ceremony in New York City. Everyone seems to have aged pretty well, but no one’s as hot as Keshia. (Sorry, Abe Vigoda.)

The awards will air on April 17th at 9pm ET on TV Land.

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Celebrity Doppelgangers


Common folk eat up comparisons to their famous look-a-like, but what about celebrities themselves? Via makeup, plastic surgery, and sheer coincidence, duplicates of our beloved stars are running rampant all over Hollywood, or in Lady Gaga‘s case, gracing our currency.  Here are 20 of our favorite, unrelated, doppelgangin’ celebs. [Photos: Getty Images]

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