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Who Are the Richest Celebrities?

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Forbes just dropped its annual list of The World’s Billionaires, and, naturally, it’s dominated by tech CEOs, businessmen, sports team owners, politicians, and entertainers. Some of them, however, are more recognizable than others. Read more…

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The 50 Most Tongue-Waggingly Awesome Photos Of Michael Jordan


We’d like to wish a very happy 50th birthday to Michael Jeffrey “Air” Jordan, the undisputed best basketball player of all-time. The Hall of Famer won six NBA championships as a member of the Chicago Bulls thanks to his unrivaled competitive instinct, his 46-inch vertical leap, and his really rad footwear. MJ’s impact on the sport that began with a college professor throwing a round ball through a peach basket is immeasurable, but if we were to forced to name the one thing that defines his legacy, it would have to be his tongue.

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The 25 Hottest Olympians Of All Time (Based Solely On Our Personal Opinion)

Hottest Olympians Ever

We know what you’re thinking: how could anyone conclusively pick the top 25 hottest Olympians of all time? There have been literally thousands of athletes spanning well over a century! We completely agree, but with all the love we’ve been giving the men and women of the 2012 Games via our Top 50 Hottest Olympians Blazing London This Summer, we wanted to give a shout out to those who came before them in the Olympics‘ long, proud history of talented babes. From Muhammad Ali to Pete Sampras, Sonja Henie to Kristi Yamaguchi, it turns out being incredibly fit and profoundly talented never goes out of style. Their clothes and haircuts, however…look, few people could pull off what Flo Jo pulled off, okay? It was the late ’80s to early ’90s. Things were different back them. So enjoy ogling our 25 Hottest Olympians of All Time, and holler at us if we forgot your favorite Olympic babe. Oh, and in case you’ve never seen a young Bruce Jenner before…you’re very welcome.

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Oprah, Celebrities Make Crazy Faces At Her (Almost) Final Show

Oprah Winfrey taped her some of her last shows this week (spoiler alert: there were celebrities!) and the one requirement for appearing onstage was that each star had to do their best “Oprah having an orgasmic meltdown” impression. The roster was a who’s who of ultimate Oprah BFFs, including Maya Angelou, Tom Hanks, Will and Jada Smith, Tom Cruise and his wife-bot Katie Holmes, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, Halle Berry, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jordan, Maria Shriver, Patti LaBelle, Josh Groban and, randomly, Dakota Fanning.

Our favorite pics from what will surely be the world’s saddest week of TV programming, below.

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A-Listers Enjoy World’s Biggest Freebie

Well, it wasn’t a coincidence that saw Robert de Niro, Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, Ben Affleck, Lily Allen, Charlize Theron, Michael Jordan, Mischa Barton, Mary-Kate Olsen and Lindsay Lohan (plus SamRo, natch) all turn up in Dubai last night. They were all (plus lots more hangers-on) attending the launch of the $1.5 billion Atlantis resort on the man-made Palm Jumeirah island. If you’re feeling financially embarrassed by the credit squeeze at the moment, you might not want to know that the launch party cost $22 million, and celebrities enjoyed eating tons of lobster, smoked salmon, oysters and champagne, while watching Kylie Minogue perform a set in front of the world’s biggest fireworks display. Oh, and they were all flown out there for free, and got to stay in suites worth tens of thousands of dollars a night.

Next time you hear someone complain about “loss of privacy” or “paparazzi intrusion”, just look at their happy little faces last night. Honestly, it’s totally worth it. [Photo: Getty Images]

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