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Of Course There Is A Lance Armstrong Movie Already Being Made! Of Course We Had To Cast It!

Lance Armstrong Movie In Production

We’re betting the second Lance Armstrong agreed to do that revealing Oprah interview this week, a million Hollywood execs shed a single tear, knowing there could be only one Lance Armstrong cheating scandal movie. According to Deadline, Paramount Pictures and producer JJ Abrams beat them all to the punch, closing the deal on the filmmaking rights to the proposal for Cycle of Lies: The Fall Of Lance Armstrong, a book to be written by sports reporter Juliet Macur. That’s right: they bought the proposal to a book that has not yet been written. Now we want to shed a single tear over how genius that is.

Since it’ll be a little while before shooting starts, we have plenty of time to pitch potential actors to play America’s Most Hated Athlete (You’re welcome, Manti Te’o!). As for who should play his ex Sheryl Crow…um, obviously it should be Sheryl Crow herself. Wouldn’t you love to star in your ex’s downfall story? Meanwhile, we’d love to see Sheryl across from…

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Is Bradley Cooper Playing Lex Luthor In The New Superman Movie?

Gladiator. The Talented Mr. Ripley. American Psycho. What do all these movies have in common? Absurdly. Hot. Villains. Allegedly joining the grand cinematic tradition of evil hotties is Bradley Cooper, who is rumored to cameo as Superman’s archnemesis Lex Luthor in the upcoming Man of Steel movie. While Michael Shannon stars as the film’s main bad guy General Zod, the website Comic Book News is now claiming that the Hangover: Part II star will allegedly at least cameo as Luthor in the 2013 film. Meanwhile, Bradley will be appearing as Lex Luthor in our elaborate erotic daydreams starting…now.

Of course, Henry Cavill isn’t so bad as Superman and his bespectacled nerdlinger alter ego, either; we bet Amy Adams‘ Lois Lane wouldn’t kick him out of bed for accidentally smashing her nightstand with his absurd alien strength. But is Clark Kent going to tent his fingers and laugh maniacally as he plots the bleak fate of a doomed Metropolis, all the while pinning you to the wall with his piercing blue eyes? No. No, he is not. Here’s hoping Bradley will.

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Tree Of Life, Bridesmaids, The Descendants Among Weekend’s Top Award Winners

While Hollywood accountants were having heart attacks over the worst box office weekend in years, movie critics all over the country were doing their best to make sure the year’s best films get their due — if not in cash, then at least with a little extra buzz leading up to the Oscars. The American Film Institute, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the New York Film Critics Online, the Boston Society of Film Critics and the San Francisco Film Critics Circle made their picks, adding to what we’ve already heard from the National Board of Review, the New York Film Critics Circle and the Independent Spirit Awards nominations. Here’s whose looking good so far:

Tree of Life, which was tailor-made for critics and film geeks, was named a top 10 film by AFI and the NYFCO; star Jessica Chastain was named Breakthrough Performer by the latter and Best Supporting Actress by the LAFCA (for Tree and five other films); NYCFO, LAFCA and SFFCC all named Terrence Malick Best Director; and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki earned Best Cinematography from those three and the BSFC.

Bridesmaids, which isn’t likely to earn any Oscar nods but will probably earn a few Golden Globe nominations, was named an AFI top 10 (Melissa McCarthy and the whole ensemble cast were also recognized by the NYCFO and the BSFC).
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Michael Shannon To Play General Zod In Man Of Steel (Formerly Superman)

You have to give them credit—every actor announced for the Superman remake has been more interesting then the last. Where Super-Henry Cavill is a question mark and Kevin Costner as Pa Kent doesn’t exactly set our wallets on fire, Amy Adams’ Lois Lane could be formidable and we’re seriously intrigued by the latest news. Warner Bros. confirmed Sunday that Boardwalk Empire badass Michael Shannon will play villanious Kryptonian General Zod in Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Man Of Steel—which is what they’re officially calling the new film.

Anyone who’s seen Shannon on Empire or in films like The Runaways and Revolutionary Road (for which he earned an Oscar nomination) knows that the 6’3″ actor owns every scene he’s in, and he’ll need every bit of mojo to follow Terence Stamp‘s imperious performance as Zod in the first two Superman movies—not just anyone can yell “Come to me, son of Jor-El, kneel before Zod!” and make it work. Is it too much to ask that Shannon keep the low-cut, easy-breathing robe that Stamp wore in his classic take on the character? Anyone who can terrorize Metropolis by blowing on it would dress for comfort.

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Million Dollar Oscar Winner Offer

Some lucky Oscar winner could not just go home with a prized statuette, but with an extra million bucks! The makers of Airborne have offered to give 1 million dollars to charity if any of the major winners lugs the product onstage during their acceptance speech.

The offer has been extended to all those in the Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actor and Actress category.

Airborne co-founder Robert McDowell said of the big bucks proposal, “It just seemed to me, in this economy, charities are really struggling. It seemed like a good time to reward some charities, and, if it goes through, we’ll be thrilled to provide the funds to the charity.”

Who will bite at Airborne’s million dollar product placement offer? If Brad and Angelina sign up and get the dough, some very lucky orphans might be getting a new school. But if Best Actor nominee Mickey Rourke is the big winner, surely the The Wrestler star will ease the pain of losing “the love of his life” by purchasing a fantastic Chihuahua farm! [Source: The Sun; Photo: Getty Images]


2009 Oscars: Vote For Best Supporting Actor

Heath Ledger is the favorite to win in this year’s Best Supporting Actor competition — and it’s not just because the Academy feels sad about his untimely death. Still, Heath is up against some amazing actors — all of whom have a legitimate shot. Could Josh Brolin, Robert Downey Jr., Philip Seymour Hoffman or Michael Shannon take home the prize? Vote now and read our Oscars predictions.

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