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Shailene Woodley To Michael Strahan: 12 Celebrity Tributes We’d Sponsor For The Hunger Games

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As fans of The Hunger Games know, it takes much more than muscle to be the last man/woman/child standing in the arena. It’s about cunning, adaptability and strategy, as well as good-old-fashioned survival skills. While these are not things you’d normally associate with pampered Hollywood stars, as we’re gearing up for the release of Catching Fire this weekend, we could think of a few favorite celebrities who’d do quite well in a Third Quarter Quell-style battle.
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Live! With Kelly And Michael Stack Their Strip Trivia Questions Against Ryan Lochte For Some Reason

We don’t mean to make any sort of accusations here, but if we didn’t know better, we’d think Live! With Kelly and Michael was purposely giving Ryan Lochte difficult strip trivia questions this morning to make him take his shirt off! And that would be…wrong? Yeah, okay, that would be morally wrong! The Olympic swimmer stopped by Live! to hype his new workout DVD, both with his words and with the body he was quickly made to unveil in front of the studio audience…and the rest of the world. Okay, upon repeated viewings we guess the strip trivia questions weren’t entirely impossible. Ryan did guess that the Titanic was the first ship to have a heated pool. On the other hand…how many other famous ships are there? Want us to wait while you come up with a list of boat names? See, that’s exactly the kind of question they might have asked Ryan Lochte!

Then Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa sent Ryan plummeting into the dunk tank, which we’re totally okay with.  The dunk tank is the great equalizer; there can be no bias in dunking. We also love how Kelly couldn’t help but emphatically point out how dripping wet Ryan was. His eyes are up there, Kelly! Though to paraphrase Legally Blonde, the nipples are the eyes of the torso…