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Apologies To Will Ferrell, But His New Dad ‘Stache Must Join Our 10 Worst Celeb Mustaches

Wille Ferrell Sports Mustache In Miami

Good lord! That’s the most severe case of Dad ‘Stache we’ve ever seen! Will Ferrell was spotted at Art Basel in Miami this week, wearing what we can only assume is a costume for his upcoming role as a wise old fisherman. Or our uncle from Chicago. Our wise, old fisherman uncle from Chicago. Seeing as how the SNL alum is usually clean-shaven/the star of our elaborate Anchorman-themed fantasies, these photos go to show the devastation a bad mustache can bring to a celebrity’s handsome face. Ferrell obviously isn’t the only one to suffer a terrible lip rug, as our 10 Worst Celeb Mustaches can attest. Michael Cera? James Franco? Mickey Rourke? We don’t know why a line of hair can make so much of a difference, but it does. A terrible, terrible difference.

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25 Apologies We’ll Fondly Remember From 2011

In the age of Twitter, it’s pretty amazing that more celebrities aren’t putting their foot in it these days. But enough of our favorite (or least favorite) actors, musicians and other public figures managed to say and do the kind of awful things that simultaneously give publicists strokes and keep them in business. After those awful things come the kind of public apologies that make us cringe, squirm and thank god we’re not in their shoes. From Chris Brown to Gilbert Gottfried, Arnold Schwarzenegger to Lea Michele, Hilary Swank to Mythbusters, we had a lot of Schadenfreude to enjoy in 2011. We’re pretty sure the culprits would like us to forget these moments, but here’s a little gallery to remind you:

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Did we leave out one of your faves? Share it in the comments!

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Star Watch: Immortals Premieres In L.A.

The whole cast of Immortals came out to play at the premiere of the film, held yesterday in L.A. Freida Pinto was murderously chic in a metallic, textured Antonio Berardi gown. Henry Cavill, the lead in the movie, wore a suit that barely contained his Superman physique. Isabel Lucas looked slender and very pretty in a Roksanda Ilincic dress while a suited-up Kellan Lutz held on tight to new girlfriend, Sharni Vinson.

Stephen Dorff, Luke Evans, Mickey Rourke and Joseph Morgan rounded off the cast. Joseph, FYI, plays our favorite new badass vamp on The Vampire Diaries and his co-star Claire Holt was at the premiere, as well. Also spotted were 50 Cent, Nia Vardalos, Estella Warren, Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari. Browse the gallery below to watch them strut their stuff on the red carpet.

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Mickey Rourke Apologizes For Calling His Film With Megan Fox “Terrible”

You know how when it’s noisy at a party and you get cranky, you just start trash-talking the stars of Transfomers? If we’re feeling ornery, you wouldn’t believe the nasty things we’ll say about Shia LeBouf. Now after Rourke insulted Megan Fox and the “terrible” movie they have coming out this week, Mickey Rourke apologized for Passion Play insults he spouted to New York Mag. “When I talked to you, I was at a party,” he explained on Thursday. “It was loud and crowded, I was in a s—ty mood and I was trying to get rid of your reporter. Mitch [Glazer, Passion Play director] is one of my best friends since we were kids. I loved working with him and would do it again tomorrow.” We’re sure once Mitch hears your excuse, he won’t be able to say no! Or he won’t be able to say no because the film doesn’t open until May 6. Either way, that movie still looks awful.

No mention on whether Mickey regrets his comments about 13, his movie with 50 Cent, so we’re guessing the volume of the crowd didn’t affect his perception that it’s “a really bad movie.” Says the star of The Wrestler, “I don’t know why I said that stupid shit. I love Mitch, I love Megan. My bad.” We actually appreciate Rourke’s honesty. In the future, he shouldn’t talk to reporters unless he’s in the middle of a quiet, empty space. A drained municipal pool, perhaps? The Grand Canyon? We’d hate to see what Mickey would say if someone managed to corner him at the Olympics.

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Mickey Rourke Admits New Films With Megan Fox, 50 Cent Are “Terrible”

Having seen the trailer, we were pretty sure the Megan Fox movie Passion Play would be an epic stink bomb. Trumpet players, angel wings and a villainous Bill Murray do not an Academy Award win. Today we get confirmation of Passion‘s awfulness from someone who was actually in the film, and his honesty is exhilarating. According to Mickey Rourke, Passion Play is “terrible.” As the actor told New York Mag, “Terrible. Another terrible movie. But, you know, in your career and all the movies you make, you’re going to make dozens of terrible ones.” Despite having claimed co-star Fox was “probably the best young actress I’ve ever worked with,” he now emphasizes the phrase “that I worked with.” After reports that Passion Play would go to DVD, it will actually get a limited release beginning May 6. The reason Passion won’t be hitting theaters world-wide? “That’s because it’s not very good,” Mickey patiently pointed out. Wow, we feel so alive hearing Mickey speak the truth! Too bad it has to end eventually so he can, you know, find gainful employment.

Not content to hate on his upcoming film, Rourke also ripped on the gangster film he made last year with Jason Statham and 50 Cent, 13. “A really bad movie, yeah,” Rourke admitted, correcting the reporter who wondered if it had been released yet. “No, it’s so bad it can’t get out.” Okay, Mickey, now tell us your opinion on that 50 Cent movie with Chace Crawford? Or Megan Fox’s long-term career prospect? Or what you think when you look in the mirror at yourself?

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March Celebrity Madness: Round 6! Who’s Your Favorite Man Of Action?

The FABLife is playing March Celebrity Madness this month, putting 64 of our favorite stars into brackets and having you vote to decide our ultimate FAB icon. First we’ll be pitting four similar celebs against each other in the divisionals, with the winners pairing (and squaring) off in our Sweet 16 until only one is left standing. It’s just like the NCAA, except…ok, it’s nothing like the NCAA.

Who doesn’t love a studly, soulful man comfortable with snapping necks in a heartbeat (at least on screen)? Representing the classy, elite side of the action genre are George Clooney and Matt Damon, regular partners in charitable efforts and grand, cinematic heists. Standing in for the brutal, trashy side of video violence is the brutal Jason Statham and the trashy Mickey Rourke (don’t punch us for saying that, Mickey). All of them are men who get results—Ocean’s Expendables, anyone?—but which one is your favorite?

Don’t forget, you can still vote for your favorite Pop Queen, Community Cutie, Social Network Stud, Acting Ingenue and Kardashian. The polls don’t close until Friday, March 25th, so vote early and vote often!


Megan Fox’s Freak Show Romance With Mickey Rourke Goes Straight To DVD

America just wasn’t ready. While we’re glad to see the release of Passion Play, the tale of a mob-entangled jazz trumpeter’s forbidden romance with a sideshow attraction known as the “Bird Woman,” we’re sad to report that the Mickey Rourke-Megan Fox flick will go straight to DVD. We’ve been excited about the film ever since Mickey said Megan was “probably the best young actress I’ve ever worked with,” but negative film festival buzz scared away distributors, despite the presence of Bill Murray as a gangster by the name of Happy Shannon.

Thankfully, the people will have their chance to judge the film’s merits on May 24th, though the lack of a theatrical run likely means the Golden Raspberry Awards will disqualify the film from consideration, scrapping Megan’s chances of being nominated for Worst Actress for the third year in a row. Odds are probably better than her next movie, Friends With Kids, will hit theaters—unless America isn’t ready to see Megan Fox snowboard with Jon Hamm either.

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TheFABLife’s 50 Hottest Fashion Moments Of 2010

Is it just us, or do there seem to be more and more televised award shows each year? That means one thing (and it has nothing to do with awards)—there’s more red carpet fashion than ever. When we compiled our list of favorite fashion moments from 2010, we had quite a crop to choose from. Gone are the days where the only shows worth mentioning were the Emmys, Grammys and Oscars. This year’s style compilation comes to you courtesy of the Creative Arts Emmys, the SAG Awards, and even the ESPYs. Oh, and a couple dozen film premieres, too. Check out who made our cut for best dressed celebs of 2010 in the gallery below—including just about everyone from Mad Men, a very GOOP-y celeb we love to hate, and the most famous half-vampire couple ever.

50. You Can Ring My Bell

49. Hop In My Mini Cooper

48. Glambert

47. Be-Jewel-ed

46. A Toast To This Douchebag

45. Carey On

44. Kim’s Kar-Dazzling

43. Yes, We Cannes

42. Zoe’s Glowy

41. Katie Shows Her Stripes

40. Taylor Lautner: GQ Werewolf

39. She Whips Her Hair

38. The Hills Are Alive

37. Sexy Sookie

36. My So-Called Sparkles

35. Hot Mama

34. Lookin’ Liveley

33. The Last Action Heroes

32. With Honors

31. Black And White And Greene All Over

30. Emma Roberts, Goth n’ Glam

29. The Unborn Identity

28. Glee-n With Envy

27. Berry Sparkly

26. Christina’s World

25. Ready, Set, Chloe

24. Kelly, Re-Born

23. Pretty Peggy

22. Gwyneth’s White-Out

21. Pretty On Pink

20. Mila Dollar Baby

19. Red Hot Rihanna

18. Venus On The Court

17. Morning Glorious

16. She’s Got A Hatha-Way About Her

15. Katie Got Back

14. Leighton Up

13. Nevermind The Bullocks

12. Bewitching Emma

11. Dashing Don

10. Swift N’ Sparkly

9. The Black Swan Herself

8. Ryan And Child

7. A Rose By Any Other Name

6. Mr. And Mrs. Brand

5. Keri Is So Very

4. Angelina: Eyes On The Thighs

3. Stone-Cold Style

2. Selita’s Fashion Is A Runaway Hit

1. Robsten Eclipses All Others

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The Last Action Heroes

A bunch of actors got together last night to watch a movie they shot for the express purpose of reliving their former glory and to see if they could identify their plastic surgery scars on the big screen. Right??

Cheap aging jokes aside, we’re actually super excited for The Expendables because we l.o.v.e. 80’s action movies, and this movie features almost every action star from that time. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger took time out from governing California to appear in the film, though he didn’t walk the red carpet.

The film was written and directed by Sylvester Stallone (who also wrote Rocky, so the guy knows what he’s doing), and also stars Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren and Stone Cold Steve Austin, just to name a few (Dear God, we don’t ask you for much, but please let Carl Weathers make an uncredited cameo). If nothing else, at least we know that this bunch of actors knows how to clean up for a movie premiere, the whole lot of them look dapper.

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