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Bad Sports! Stars Who Married and Divorced Pro Athletes

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It’s really no surprise that celebs and athletes are so drawn to each other. They’re both larger than life, usually wealthy, have rabid fans, live public lives and, more often than not, are raging narcissists. Also, there’s the looks thing. Celebrity women are usually drop dead gorgeous (think Halle and Kim), while male sports stars are generally strapping, muscle bound hotties (i.e., Andre Agassi and Rick Fox). They look great together. Here’s the thing, though—it takes a lot more than being paparazzi-perfect to make a lasting marriage.

Thus, a large percentage of celeb/athlete unions end in disaster. Whether it’s a result of insane drug abuse, like wild child couple John McEnroe and Tatum O’Neal, or truly epic infidelity, like Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, most sports/starlet marriages never have a chance. Here, check out the most ten most salacious divorces, ever!

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Mike Tyson Can’t Tell This Robin Givens-Brad Pitt Story Enough Times

People really seem to like when Mike Tyson gets humble — and we think that’s why he’s trotted out this amazing story about a love triangle involving him, ex-wife Robin Givens and Brad Pitt on more than one occasion this year. He told the tale as part of his Spike Lee-directed one man show on Broadway over the summer, and while promoting it in April, he told it on Conan. Back then, the story went like this: Mike and Robin were in the midst of their divorce in 1989, but the boxer was still making frequent house calls to the actress’ house, “hitting it” just before they’d go to their lawyers’ offices to call each other every name in the book. Except one day, when Tyson rang the buzzer and no one was home. He was about to leave when Givens drove up to the house, with Brad Pitt. He told Conan that his first thought was, “Oh, man, I ain’t gonna get no p—y,” and instead of getting mad, “I went from a hard stallion to a wet noodle.”

He changed the story slightly over the weekend, when he spoke on In Depth With Graham Bensinger. Read more…

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Miley Cyrus Debuts Her Teddy Roosevelt Inspired Tattoo. Yup, Add That To Our List Of WTF Celebrity Ink

Miley Cyrus gets a Teddy Roosevelt tattoo

Ke$ha topped the list of our 20 Worst Celebrity Tattoos a few weeks back when she proudly displayed her inner lip ink reading “Suck It” on instagram. But now the dollar-signed-one might have some competition in Miley Cyrus, who was seen today showing off her new Theodore Roosevelt-inspired tattoo. We say “might,” because honestly we’re not sure how to feel about it. Body art inspired by our 26th president isn’t something we come across on a regular basis. On one hand, we guess it’s a pretty cool quote taken from a 1910 speech in which he said “So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” But on the other hand…what? And furthermore, WTF? We know you’re just being Miley, but damn. Maybe she’s still feeling the patriotism from her 4th of July festivities. Head on down to the gallery below to see more celebrity tattoos that left us scratching our heads!

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Ke$ha’s New Mouth Ink Tops Our 20 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Ke$ha Mouth Tattoo

Ke$ha, you’ve won again. You always do. Though never with a disturbing orifice tattoo before. “New tattoo!” the singer proclaimed on Instagram, displaying both her new “Suck It!” inner lip tattoo and what appears to be a gold toof. While we need some time to wrap our heads around why and to what purpose Ke$ha would get the inside of her mouth inked (Is it a command? To whom? Is it a reminder? It’s a reminder, isn’t it?), we only needed to see the photo for a millisecond to crown her queen of the bad celebrity tattoos, joining the likes of Gucci Mane‘s ice cream cone face ink and Hayden Panettiere‘s misspelled torso tattoo.

Don’t feel bad, every other famous with an awful tattoo! We probably just don’t know about your mouth art yet. Let us know, please; it’s what Instagram is for. In the meantime, everyone else can take a gander at our worst celebrity tattoo gallery. With Ke$ha at the lead, it looks like ya’ll need to start upping your bad tattoo game…

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Justin Bieber Got Pap-Beating Lessons From Mike Tyson … And Other Ways This Story Is Out Of Control

Justin Bieber trained with Mike Tyson last week

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and the random paparazzo who may or may not be healing from a Bieber Beatdown, we apologize on behalf of all media for the relentless coverage of Sunday’s scuffle. It’s just, well, too many celebrities were behaving nicely, or behind closed doors, or just fully clothed, this weekend. We have no choice. And also, we can’t get over the idea of the uber-careful Mr. Swaggy Adult inflicting injury on someone. So, here’s just a little update of the news so far:

  • Yes, there isvideo evidence of Justin Bieber’s considerable boxing skills, as he hits the bag and receives encouragement from Mike Tyson, we assume when Bieber was in Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards on May 20. He must have felt bad about wimping out on that GQ reporter who really wanted to hit him.
  • “Nice hanging out with @justinbieber & @alfredoflores,” Tyson wrote on his Intagram this Sunday (about last week’s visit). Biebs’ handlers must have been thrilled with this timing.
  • According to TMZ, the criminal battery case will be referred to the Los Angeles DA, as most high-profile cases are. If convicted, he’d face up to six months in jail.
  • That kind of sentencing not very likely, though, “not in a zillion years,” legal expert Dana Cole told ABC News this morning. We highly suggest watching the ABC video, btw, as it includes hilarious imagery of actual film canisters and a briefcase full of money.
  • Bieber tweeted that he’s focusing on “important stuff,” rather than, you know, trouble with the law. He jetted off to Oslo yesterday for a series of “secret” shows as he drops his newest single, “Die in Your Arms.”
  • Randomly, the Los Angeles Times decided to remind us that this girl with cancer would probably not approve of Justin hitting people.
  • Also, we were right about Bieber and Selena still being together.

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Ben Affleck’s Dolphin Joins Our List Of Goofy Celebrity Tattoos

We’re going to take a break from commenting on Ben Affleck’s new Justin-Bieber-as-a-mountain-man look for a little bit so we can reflect on what appears to be a new tattoo. Or at least it’s new to us. The actor flashed the ink as he took his daughters Violet and Seraphina to lunch in LA over the weekend, and to be honest we’re still trying to figure out what the hell it’s supposed to be. People keep insisting that the tat is a picture of a dolphin, but we’re not so convinced. It looks more to us like it could be one of the following:

1. The fabled Loch Ness Monster.

2. A tribute to the film Free Willy.

3. McDonald-Land character Grimace, after being run over with a steam roller.

4. A shaggy mop-top toupee.

Any suggestions, guys? But regardless of whatever it happens to be, Ben has officially joined our list of the goofiest celebrity tattoos. Check out the rest of the entries in the gallery below!

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LaToya Jackson Says Ex Tried To Pimp Her Out To Mike Tyson

Our jaws dropped when we heard of LaToya Jackson‘s abuse claims at the hands of ex husband (and manager), Jack Gordon. She appeared on The Talk and spoke about their relationship — he passed away in 2005 — and the details are truly shocking. LaToya said that she was offered to Mike Tyson, for him to have sex with her for a pay check!  She explained, “Mike Tyson later told my mother and father and some other friends that he (Gordon) had told him that if he wanted to sleep with me he has to pay $100,000.” Whatwhatwhat?

She also said that Gordon forced and threatened her to take part in group sex and pose for Playboy. She told the stunned audience, “I was in brothels and everything. He put me (it was) everything I was against. He made me do Playboy twice and had me sit on the stage and say ‘Oh no, it was all my idea.’ And I had to do that because I knew what he said he would do, he would do it.” See, we told you this was just insane!

If this is all true, then we really feel for her. But all these confessions are timed with the recent release of her memoir Starting Over which is a no-holds-barred account of her life. The profitable angle gets us wary. Then again, if this is her form of catharsis and it’s her way of getting things off her chest, then who are we to say anything?

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Warner Bros. Settles Hangover Part II Tyson Tattoo Lawsuit

At least you can rest easy knowing when you go to buy The Hangover Part II DVD (along with 94% of the world’s population), Stu’s face tat will not have to be covered by a stylized dreamcatcher or the lyrics to “Allentown,” as Warner Bros. settled The Hangover Part II tattoo lawsuit out of court for an undisclosed amount. “Warner Bros. and Mr. [S. Victor] Whitmill have amicably resolved their dispute. No other information will be provided,” said attorney Geoff Gerber, who was representing Whitmill, Mike Tyson‘s tattoo artist, in the case. We’re sure Whitmill is relieved that he can get back to doing what he does best: giving awful tattoos in the hope that they’ll end up on camera near or around Zach Galifianakis.

Settling up now rather than wait for next year’s court date seems like a smart move for the studio, considering that a month after it premiered, The Hangover Part II is the highest earning R-rated comedy in the history of civilization, raking in $488.7 million worldwide. The film that used to hold the title of the highest-earning? The Hangover. With all that dough, the producers could potentially give everyone in the continental United States matching Tyson tattoos and still have enough to settle a lawsuit all over again. We’re not suggesting they should, mind you. Just that it’s a possibility.

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