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Bonnie Wright Is The Latest Star To Chop Her Hair, Check Out 20 Others Who Went Short In 2012

Bonnie Wright chops off her trademark long hair

Harry Potter starlet Bonnie Wright showed up at Jo Malone’s Thoroughly Proper Party in London on Wednesday lacking her long flowing locks. After years of being linked to her character Ginny Weasley with trademark titan tresses, maybe she followed in the footsteps of Emma Watson, who famously cropped her hair as soon as the series ended to get some distance from the franchise. Or she’s just hopping on the short hair band wagon!

It seems like ever A-lister has gotten the urge to hack of the hair this year. Some like Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron and Evangeline Lilly went super short for film roles, whereas former American Idol singer Kellie Pickler got a buzz to support her friend being treated for cancer. And then there are music mama’s like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys who went short just for the hell of it. Head on down to the gallery below to see 20 lovely ladies who took the hair plunge in 2012!

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Miley Cyrus’ Dog Lila Passes Away, We Send Our Condolences

Miley Cyrus' Dog Lila Dies, Miley Tweets Her Pain

Our hearts are really going out to Miley Cyrus right now. Her beloved dog Lila Blue just passed away and the singer’s taking it really hard. We’ve all been privy to Miley’s tweets about her pooch over the last couple of years, including lots of adorable pictures like the one you see above of the two of them. Lila was quite ill in October this year and Miley asked for prayers to be sent to her, typing a message on Twitter that read, “Please pray for my baby girl Lila. She is in the hospital. I am so heart broken. Please send out vibes for her to not be afraid & to heal.” Now that she’s gone, Miley’s really sad tweets read, “for everyone asking… I have never been so hurt in my life. My heart has never been so broken….. Lila my sweet baby girl has passed away.” The previous one said, “can’t think of one good reason to get out of bed today…. ” We’re feeling her pain right now, truly. It’s really awful when one’s pet dies. Huge hugs to Miley and her family. The tweet below makes us tear up a little.

Miley Cyrus' Dog Lila Dies, Miley Tweets Her Pain

Miley Cyrus' Dog Lila Dies, Miley Tweets Her Pain

RIP, Lila Blue!

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The 100 Hottest Celebrity Bikini Pics Of 2012

Thte 175 Hottest Bikini Photos Of 2012

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, joyful Kwanzaa, and — why not? — happy birthday too, while you’re at it! It’s the holiday seasons, folks; the time of year for giving to our nearest and dearest. And for you, dear readers, we could think of no better gift than 100 of the sexiest bikini photos that this year had to offer! We’ve got some of everybody, and we do mean everybody. There might even been one of you in there. We’ve got that many!

Of course this uber-gallery is presided over by Beyonce, who ruled over our 2012 Bikini Awards just like she does with the rest of the known universe. In fact, she was able to defy time and win the coveted award with pics that were (technically) from 2011. That’s the power of Queen Bey! In addition to her, our list is chock-full of other pop queens like Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga, and big-screen A-listers like Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Alba. TV personalities Maria Menounos and Angela Simmons made a strong showing, too. We’ve also got shots from the usual suspects like reality star Kim Kardashian, never-shy Twitter mama Adrianne Curry and Coco, the Patron Saint of Donks.

Some of our very own VH1 stars like Mob Wives’ Drita D’Avanzo and Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada put in an appearance, as did Hunger Games leading lady (and our personal favorite) Jennifer Lawrence. Professional hotties Kate Upton and Brooklyn Decker look straight out of the pages of Sports Illustrated, while Victoria’s Secret Angels Miranda Kerr, Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima are simply heavenly.

So tear off the wrapping paper and dive in to our terrific 2012 retrospective of everyone’s favorite two-piece. Happy Holidays!

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Stick with MTV as we count down the Best of 2012, including the Best Songs of 2012, Live Performances, Movies and EDM Videos of the year.

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Will Miley Cyrus Take Over For Angus T. Jones On Two And A Half Men?

Miley Cyrus reportedly being courted for 'Two And A Half Men'

VH1’s very own Halle Kiefer called it yesterday: Miley Cyrus may become Two And A Half Men‘s newest “half man.” If you believe the latest reports from our friends over at Celebuzz, that is! Television insiders are telling the site that Miley is being courted to fill Angus T. Jones’ role on the long running series after he likely departs at the end of the season.

“There are talks to replace Angus and the perfect person would be Miley Cyrus,” says the source. “The episodes that she appeared on brought in the highest ratings of the season.” Miley appeared in two episodes last month as southern firecracker Missi, the daughter of Walter’s old friend. “When she was on set she was pleasant and very enjoyable to work with. She won everyone over. Now the whispers are growing louder. People involved in the show want Miley to replace Angus.”

This all comes on the heals of Angus making a taped statement in which he made disparaging remarks against the show that has been his steady job for the past decade. He dismissed the show as “filth” and urged his fans to stop watching. He has since issued the world’s most half-hearted apology for his Sheen-esque outburst, but it’s generally accepted that he will “likely” leave the show after the 10th season wraps.

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Miley Cyrus’ Cake Boobs From The “Decisions” Video, Might We Have A Moment Of Your Time?

Ladies, what we we doing here? We can’t be the only ones who were surprised to see you slow-motioning in Boregore‘s new “Decisions” video, a sentence we never could have foreseen having to type until right this second. If we are going to see you two smeared with cake in a music video, it should be in a Miley Cyrus joint for a Miley Cyrus song, not hanging out behind some other singer just looking amazing. Plus you had to appear next to so many spirit hoods. What is this, eight months ago? You guys. Seriously.

We guess we didn’t really mind it when you guest starred on Two And A Half Men because at least that was a different medium. But even as a featured artist, Miley sounds too good for us not to wish this could just be a new Miley Cyrus song. And not dubstep. Boregore had better be producing some sick, sick jams for Miley’s fourth album, which now has to come out a day later as a result of you guys shooting this video. Thanks a lot, you two. (Miley’s hair does look amazing though. Please let it know by whatever means body parts communicate with one another.)

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Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey And Somaya Reece Top Our List Of The 75 Sexiest Halloween Costumes Ever

The 75 Sexiest Halloween Costumes Of All Time

Halloween is almost here, and it’s definitely not just for kids anymore! These days it’s less about the mini candy bars and more about the seriously hot mini outfits. October 31st has become the unofficial the last gasp of bikini season, the final strip-off before winter sets in and everyone turns into Slanket mummies for 6 months. But for now, the goal is to be the most creative with the least amount of clothing. And no one does that better than Hollywood A-listers! These stars have brought us some truly awesome costumes over the years. Who could forget Kim Kardashian as Jasmine, Mariah Carey as a scantily clad bride(?) and Snooki as…the Queen of the Pickles? We think? Okay, we’ll be honest: we don’t know what a lot of these outfits are supposed to be. But that’s the magic of Halloween: We don’t have to! It’s the one night of the year where it’s not skanky, it’s a costume! Tons of stars and starlets have stripped down to celebrate over the years, so we’ve assembled the 75(!) most scarily sexy costumes of all time. Just think of it as a big basket of fun-sized Snickers on a doorstep and a sign that says “Help Yourself.” Dive in!

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Miley Cyrus’ Puppy Lila Is In The Hospital! Check Out Her 20 Cutest Pictures And Send Good Vibes

Nooooo! Some horrible news to pass on today: Miley Cyrus’ dog Lila is sick! “Please pray for my baby girl Lila,” the singer tweeted last night. “She is in the hospital. I am so heart broken. Please send out vibes for her to not be afraid & to heal.” The super cute Yorkie mix joined Miley’s furry clan in February 2011, and his been a familiar face on her twitter feed ever since. If we had a dog as adorable as Lila we’d want to show her off, too! Like most of us, Miley feels incredibly close to her four-legged friends. “Why would I need human friends?” she tweeted last winter. “Dude, Lila will ALWAYS love me & that’s more than we can say about most humans.” No news yet on what landed the precious pooch in the hospital, but we’re sending Lila and Miley all of the strength and good vibes that we can. Feel free to do the same! Check out the puppy’s 20 cutest looks in the gallery below. Get well soon, Lila!

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Kim Kardashian, Rihanna And Christina Milian Help Serve Up The 40 Hottest Twitpics Of August 2012

Are August doldrums getting you down? Well here are some of the sexiest ladies in entertainment to add some more heat to these dog days of summer!  Yes, it’s time again for our monthly twitpic roundup! All the usual suspects are here, including Kim Kardashian, Coco, Rihanna and so many more ladies who just can resist flaunting their fantastic physique for all of their followers to all to ogle. We have Victoria’s Secret angels Miranda Kerr, Heidi Klum and Candice Swanepoel, and ladies who fall on the less-angelic side like Lady Gaga, Aubrey O’Day, and the newly punky-pixie-haired Miley Cyrus. Bask in this bikini bumper crop as summer winds down and the coats get zipped up. The hotness from these photos will keep you warm all winter, that’s for sure. Head on down to the gallery below for more!

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Based On Her Marie Claire Interview, Miley Cyrus Is Going To Be The Exact Opposite Of A Bridezilla

Miley Cyrus Marie Claire 2012

Miley Cyrus is so whatever about her married, she might get married barefoot in a Dunkin Donuts bathroom! She’d happily use an old linty Ring Pop as an engagement ring! Anyone who doesn’t like it can inhale a paper bag filled with mouse turds! That’s the overall message we’re getting from Miley’s Marie Claire interview, in which the cover girl makes it clear in ever conceivable way that she has no plans to be a difficult bride.

“I don’t really care about the wedding or the piece of paper as much as I do the promise we’ve made to each other,” she tells the magazine about her upcoming nuptials with Liam Hemsworth. “And we want to have a long engagement.” While Cyrus is currently sporting a sweet, fat rock, the singer wasn’t particularly worried about the ring she’d be wearing for the rest of her life, either. “I had no input,” Miley said about her vintage Neil Lane engagement ring. “We’d been kind of talking about getting engaged . . . I saw it online at one point and thought it was really pretty.” Says Miley, “Life is too short not to be with the person you want to be with.” Man, only Miley Cyrus can make not giving a paper bag filled mouse turds sounds romantic. Are we allowed to invite a plus 1 to the Dunkin Donuts bathroom, girl? Oh, we’re not invited? We see.

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Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Coco And More Present You With The 40 Hottest Twitpics Of July 2012

The hottest celebrity twitpics of July 2012

The only thing hotter than the weather this sweltering July was our Twitter feed! Celebrities of every stripe were tweeting teasingly scandalous photos that were not always safe for work (unless you work for VH1 Celebrity, in which case, it’s cool). It seemed like there were more super sexy skin-filled Twitpics in July than in the rest of 2012 combined! Maybe it’s global warming?

Selena Gomez modeled a selection from her new bikini style line, while Adrianne Curry modeled her BDSM-inspired Comic-Con outfits. Rihanna tweeted so many sun-drenched photos from her never-ending Mediterranean vacation that we’re starting to imagine that we were there. Some celebs, like Aubrey O’Day, Heidi Klum and, of course, Coco, tweeted up-close and personal pics of their favorite body parts (spoiler alert, it was usually boobs or butts) and reps from the Kardashian Klan went more for the full body shots. The Spears sisters both weighed in with bangin’ bikini shots of their own, and High School Musical soul sisters Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens did the same.

We had hot moms like Jada Pinkett-SmithSofia Vergara, Vanessa Minnillo and Jessica Alba. And Kris Humphries’ rumored GF Myla Sinanaj shared a pic to prove she’s gonna be a hot mom in the near future. And of course models like Candice Swanepoel, Bar Refaeli and Tyra Banks turned even the most humble Instagrams into glam shots worthy of GQ and beyond. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the gallery below. But if you want the sexiest Twitpics of July 2012, you’re in the right place!

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