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Miranda Cosgrove Injured In Tour Bus Crash

When you hear about singers getting crazy on their tour bus, it’s usually not followed by the words “as they howled in pain while clutching their broken leg.” People reports that singer Miranda Cosgrove injured her ankle after her tour bus slammed into an overturned tractor trailer outside Vandalia, Illinois this morning. “There were five passengers on the bus, and Miranda suffered a broken ankle,” Cosgrove’s rep said in a statement. “At the time, we are told everyone will be fine.” Or as fine as you can be if you woke up to find yourself hurtling through a tour bus.

The driver of the truck Phillip Carter and bus driver Rodney McClure were among the most injured in the accident, and at least three people had to be taken to a hospital. The crash also forced Cosgrove to cancel her Wichita concert date tomorrow, with all upcoming dates on hold. “Her tour is postponed until further notice,” her rep says. “Miranda thanks everyone for their understanding and support,” and hopes everyone will respect her wishes to travel via plane next time.

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The Only Thing Cuter Than This New Best Coast Video Is Its Director Drew Barrymore

A Best Coast video directed by Drew Barrymore starring Chloe Moretz, Alia Shawkat, Miranda Cosgrove, Donald Glover and that Teen Wolf dude (Tyler Posey), you say? Why that sounds like some sort of hipster-twee hurricane of awesomeness! Indeed it is, bested only by the behind the scenes video which features a glorious amount of Drew’s signature lispy-ness. Bonus: Chloe Moretz describing actor-y things with the kind of sincerity only a 14 year old can possess.

Check out the lovely video for “Our Deal” above and the behind the scenes video below the jump. We’re embarrassed to tell you this, but we got choked up at the end. Damn you Moretz/Drew/Teen Wolf dude!

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10 Best Dressed Celebs At The MTV Movie Awards


People are known to take fashion risks at the MTV Movie Awards because unlike other award shows, anything goes. That means you’re just as likely to see glamourous gowns as you are assless chaps (or an assless tiger-print leotard if you’re Ken Jeong). Still, there are some celebrities who know how to combine their version of cool with some serious style, and unfortunately, Ken didn’t make our cut. But Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson and Kristen Stewart did. Check out their dresses and some other winning styles in our Best-Dressed Gallery below. [Photos: Getty Images]

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