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Jersey Shore Cast Step Up For Restore The Shore Post-Sandy Fundraiser – Who Should Join Them?

The cast of the Jersey Shore is hosting a post-Sandy fundraising special called Restore the Shore

Considering what a controversy the cast of Jersey Shore has stirred up ever since their show first aired on MTV, we think this is a great step for them and their adopted hometown of Seaside Heights. After witnessing the devastation done to their summer haunt during Superstorm Sandy, the show is teaming up with Architecture for Humanity for a benefit called Restore the Shore, airing live next Thursday, November 15 at 11 p.m. ET (tape-delayed for the West Coast). The money raised will help rebuild the boardwalk and assist the people who live and work in the affected region.

According to the press release we got this morning, the special will also feature special guests to be announced. Who do you think they should invite? Here are our suggestions:

  • Everyone a Jersey Shore star has ever fought with on the show. What better way to demonstrate how Jerseyans come together in a time of crisis?
  • The cast of every other Jersey-set show that has been accused of promoting negative stereotypes of the state: Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Sopranos, that lawyer show no one watched.
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Kim Kardashian In Minnesota Vs. SNL: Who Had The Best Performance?

“All week we’ve just been crying and crying and posing and crying and …,” Nasim Pedrad whined, playing Kim Kardashian in SNL‘s hilarious spoof of “Kim’s Fairytale Divorce” over the weekend. Our stomachs still hurt from laughing. But seriously, folks. We’re not sure if Nasim can match the real-life posing Kim did in front of husband-for-now Kris Humphries‘ house in Minnesota on Sunday.

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She was photographed standing on his back porch, looking distressed while talking on her cell. Here’s the thing: We know the impulse to step outside when you want a minute alone to talk on the phone, especially after a fight with someone inside the house. But that is a big freaking house. There are many rooms in which she could probably talk in private. And obviously, if you’re Kim Kardashian, you know there are paparazzi outside, ready to catch your every gesture. So, color us cynical, but that phone call seems a little much.
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