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Ranking Every Nicholas Sparks Movie Couple, from Pathetic to Passionate


While we’ve pretty much established all Nicholas Sparks films are the same, the one factor that truly sets them apart is the chemistry between the lead actors. Sure, we could watch attractive people kissing in the rain, hair blowing in the wind during a slow embrace on the sandy shores of North Carolina all day, but if the passion isn’t there, we ain’t buying it. Read more…


Miley Cyrus Gets Nicholas “Notebook” Sparks To Write Her An “Adult” Role

Note to Miley Cyrus‘ press people: please avoid referring to Cyrus’ cinematic aspirations as “adult.” She’s only 15, and it sounds like you’re talking about porn. Instead, Scandalist suggests you promote her desire for “dramatic” roles, or her ambitions as a thespian (unless that sounds too much like “lesbian” for you). Besides, “dramatic” does a better job than “adult” of describing the work of Notebook author Nicholas Sparks—the man currently turning an upcoming novel of his into a script for the former Hannah Montana.

According to Variety, the project came about when Cyrus suggested A Walk To Remember, a Mandy Moore film based on a Sparks novel, as an example of what she’d like to do as a serious actress. See what we did, Disney? “Serious.” Not “adult.” Actually, Sparks’ novel won’t be out until late 2009, so it’s possible Miley will be close to legal adulthood by the time the film adaptation comes out.

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