Ryan Gosling Celebrates Drive‘s Palme D’Or With A Smooch And A Smoke

We’re pretty sure Ryan Gosling had a good time this weekend at Cannes. Not only did the star of Drive wear a series of colorful tuxes and sporty pajama tops at the film’s events, he celebrated director Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Palme d’Or win last night with a loosening of the bowtie, a two-handed smooch on the lips and a little smoke…of what, we’re not going to assume. Hopefully Gosling will show a similar indifference to decorum if the film scores when Drive hits the states in September. We want to see this action at the Oscars!

Check out pics of Gosling and Refn hamming it up at Cannes in the gallery below. This isn’t the first time they’ve smooched!

[Photos: Getty Images/Splash News Online]

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