Nikki Blonsky Denies Kicking Model’s Mother In The Vagina

Nikki Blonsky‘s long-awaited take on the violent brouhaha between her family and that of America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden in Turks Ciacos last August is unsurprisingly different than Golden’s, which she calls “absolute lies.” Will we ever know the truth?

Golden claimed on Tyra Banks that things got physical when Blonsky’s father Carl (pictured right) hit Golden’s mother, with the rest of the Hairspray star’s family joining in on the fun. “He hit my mom with such force she stumbled back and when she stumbled back the whole family got up and attacked my mom. [Nikki] takes her foot and kicks my mom in her vagina, and that’s when my mom fell out completely.” Ouch! Who wouldn’t?

Now Blonsky tells People that the violence began when she asked the model to take her finger out of her face, “That’s when she stood up, pulled her arm all the way back and said, ‘F— you, you white bitch.’ And she closed her fist and punched me.” Both the Blonskys and Golden still face criminal charges in Turks Ciacos, assuming everyone bothers to show.

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Papa Don’t Beat!: Nikki Blonsky’s Dad Stuck In Prison

Carl Blonsky, father of Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky, will have to sit tight in jail until he can be tried for allegedly beating the crap out of Top Model contestant Bianca Golden‘s mom in that crazy airport brawl that went down last weekend on the Turks & Ciacos. According to TMZ, Papa Blonsky planned to argue that his kidneys require American attention, but he’ll have to wait till a bail hearing on August 19th to test that one out on a judge. Should have thought about your kidneys before pounding on a middle aged woman, Carl! [TMZ]

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The Best D-Lister Beat Down Ever

Hairspray actress Nikki Blonsky and America’s Next Top Model reject Bianca Golden got into a serious fist fight this weekend, over a couple of seats at a Turks Caicos airport that the Blonskys had covered with their luggage. An all out brawl ensued, and Bianca’s mom landed in intensive care after she “alleged to have been repeatedly kicked and punched all over her body.” Nikki and her father were arrested, and Mr. B remains in jail, on charges of grievous bodily harm. Somehow chance brought the two “stars” together for the sole purpose of beating the sh*t out of each other and possibly ruining each other’s lives forever. All over a few chairs.

In addition to the beat down, Bianca’s family is accusing the Blonskys of dropping some racial slurs and N-bombs after they were asked by the Goldens to move their luggage from the chairs. Nikki’s been spotted in a neck brace, while her dad is still stuck behind bars, hoping someone can spot him the $75,000 to post bail. He even faces an eight year prison sentence, which might teach him not to f*ck with anyone who identifies herself as fierce. Bianca may smile with her eyes, but she fights with her fists! [NYPost]