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Get Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora’s White Jeans in this Week’s Celeb Shopping List

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Hot weather style (short skirts, slinky tanks) might be giving way to the more buttoned-up looks of fall (pencil skirts, long-sleeved everything), but that doesn’t mean that celeb fashion is any less sexy. With everything from the San Sebastian Film Festival to the IHeartMusicFestival popping off last week, superstars were out and about looking chicer than ever.

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Twilight Stars’ Post-BD2 Careers: Whose Slate Is Full, Who’s Searching Help Wanted?

Some of the Twilight stars have plenty of movies lined up, while others are waiting for a new project

The Twilight stars look particularly yearbook-y in this photo from Comic-Con.

Even the most amateur of movie biz followers knows that stars of mega-franchise movies face a huge hurdle when it comes to finding work later But then again, for every Elijah Wood or Mark Hamill, there’s an Emma Watson or Harrison Ford. Which category will the Twilight cast fall into? We’re taking a close look at all the movies our favorite vampires and werewolves have lined up here, and while we were a bit surprised to see who’s dance card is all filled up and whose IMDb page is looking a little blank at the moment, we’re also choosing to see those empty calendars as great opportunities. Especially now that casting directors must be noting all the cash that Breaking Dawn – Part 2 brought in over the weekend. In the meantime, here’s what we’re looking forward to from the cast next:

Robert Pattinson: Rob seems hellbent on defying any and every box you might want to place him in, post Twilight, so his range of projects is vast. In pre-production, he’s got Mission: Blacklist, in which he’ll play a military interrogator who helped find Saddam Hussein; Hold On to Me, in which he’ll play the love interest of Carey Mulligan, who’s plotting to kidnap the town’s richest guy; The Rover, about car thieves in the Australian Outback; and Queen of the Desert, about early-20th-century archaelogist Gertrude Bell (played by Naomi Watts). Then it looks like he’ll be re-teaming with Cosmopolis helmer David Cronenberg for something called Maps to the Stars. We’re breathless after just summarizing all that.

Kristen Stewart: By contrast, KStew found herself telling E!, “I’m kinda desperate to get a job right now,” on the BD2 black carpet last week. After the release of On the Road in December, she’s got nothing official on her plate. But there are three possible flicks for her: Snow White and the Huntsman 2, which she might star in after all, despite rumors the movie was going in a different direction. Also, there’s Focus, the heist movie starring Ben Affleck. She’s also said to be in the running for Lie Down in Darkness, based on a novel by William Styron about a seriously screwed up family living in 1950s Virginia. On the other hand, Kristen had a very busy 2011, so we can also picture her taking a bit of a break — maybe perfecting her sax skills — and then making something huge a little later down the line.

Taylor Lautner: We think the disappointing box office take of Abduction may have caused Taylor (or his people) to opt for a breather before grabbing all the offers coming his way. We think his decision to make the comedy Grown Ups 2 his next movie is brilliant, though. We’ve seen in the Twilight movies and a number of little videos along the way that he’s got comedic chops to go with those abs. But then he’ll use those abs again in Tracer, which is, no joke, a parkour movie.
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Jackson Rathbone And His Cowboy Boots: A Breaking Dawn Love Story

We need help, Jackson Rathbone fans of the world. When Jackson and Nikki Reed sat down with VH1’s Kate Spencer to talk Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Nikki quite entertainingly teased her vampire brother about the fact that she was totally thrown off by him not wearing cowboy boots that day.

“I’ve been staring at your feet all day thinking, ‘What’s different about you?’ ” she said, just as the cameras began rolling.

“It’s the shoes,” he admitted.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” she continued.

“Don’t. Let’s not call it out.”

“I mean, you don’t understand … Jackson goes to the gym in cowboy boots,” Nikki explained. “Jackson does everything in cowboy boots. Jackson showers in his cowboy boots.”

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“Those are specific showering cowboy boots!” he protested.

But here’s where we need your help: Through that whole exchange none of the cameras in the room panned over to the non-cowboy boots in question! So frustrating! So, Team Jasper, if you guys have seen any photos of Jackson’s feet on the BD2 press day (November 1), send it our way. We’re dying to know what he was wearing. Were they these lace-up shoes that he wore to Ellen?

Jackson Rathbone without his signature cowboy boots

To be fair, we’ve combed through photos of Jackson and found plenty of instances in which he’s not wearing his favorite type of footwear. But we’d say on two out of three occasions, he’s in some kind of boots. Check out the evidence in the gallery above.

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Elle Fanning’s Shoes, Fivel Stewart’s Shroud Break Our Hearts At The Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Premiere

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere Worst Dressed

If the end of the Twilight franchise doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, might we suggest checking out Elle Fanning‘s platform sandals at tonight’s Breaking Dawn – Part 2 premiere red carpet? What. Are. Those. Monstrosities. Elle seems to be totally thrilled with her kicks, but they scream Spice Girls knock-offs to us. Fivel Stewart also went bold tonight, pairing a dark lip with a wispy First Communion lampshade dress of some kind. If Fivel wanted us to speculate whether she’s pregnant, mission accomplished! We’re assuming it’s just the dress though!

Actress Judi Shekoni didn’t far much better with her odd bi-level frock, and Alexandra Patsavas opted for a look that was more Hey Arnold! than high fashion. Obviously there were plenty of stunners on tonight’s black carpet, but unfortunately there were just as many near misses. If only Nikki Reed‘s gown didn’t have the weird boob detailing! If only someone had hemmed Willow Shields dress or fixed her hair! If only 90210‘s Trevor Donovan had remembered to change his pants or shirt or shoes! As for AJ Michalka, Mayim Bialik, Stephanie Meyer and Jacqueline Emerson…well, we’ll let you see for yourself.

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Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Premieres: We Look Back Wistfully At All The Twilight L.A. Red Carpets

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the Twilight cast at all their L.A. premieres

Taylor Lautner at the Twilight premiere, Kristen Stewart at New Moon and Robert Pattinson at Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

Cue the “Memories”/”Through the Years”/sappy song of choice. We are tearing up at the thought that tonight is the very last Twilight red carpet of all time, unless, of course, they decide to do that much-debated spin-off movie or, god forbid, remake these for some future generation. We’ll be waxing nostalgic all week, even as we look forward to the movie’s release on Thursday night, and we thought we’d begin with a simple look back at what our favorite stars wore to the big Los Angeles premieres, beginning with the first Twilight in 2008. Stay tuned for plenty more from tonight’s festivities!

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Nikki Reed Underwhelms At The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 U.K. Events

Nikki Reed: The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Photo Calls, UK

We’ve been digging Nikki Reed‘s wardrobe so much recently. Her stylist — Jessica Paster — gets it right almost every time. Off the top of our heads, in the recent past, we’ve seen Nikki shake things up at events like the Teen Vogue party (in a natty pantsuit) and at Vogue‘s Fashion Night out where she slayed it in a molten Michael Kors gold sheath. Gold really is her color because she looked beautiful in the same metallic shade at the MTV Movie Awards as well. So, where’s Nikki, consider our sartorial senses piqued. Which is why her run at various The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 events in the U.K. over the last two days have been such a disappointment. We expected something offbeat, yet totally on point from her and what we got was … beige. A whole lot of beige. Three looks in three different cities, and they were all massively underwhelming, except for her shoes, which, thankfully, are always on the awesome side of the fence.

We’ll start with the photo on the left, which was her first promotional stop in Dublin, Ireland on Friday. It’s actually our favorite from the triad of ensembles, even though it’s super casual. She wore a nude tee-shirt by A.L.C paired with J Brand leather leggings and fabulous cut-out booties by Camilla Skovgaard. What pulls this look together is the jewelry which had some pieces by Mattlin Era. Top marks for the tumbling ombre tresses and the fresh makeup. And that’s when it went downhill. We just can’t get on board with the outfit in the middle (barring the shoes again), worn at the Glasgow photo call. It’s a frumpy Dolce & Gabbana drop-waist dress and we don’t like the fit on her, or that tweet bow at the neckline. Even Kellan Lutz‘s presence hasn’t distracted us, so we know we really don’t dig it. But we do love those Rupert Sanderson ‘Flamente’ sandals. Lastly, the picture on the right is at the London event and she looks like she has a black nightshirt on. But, we’d go to despicable lenghts to own those heels. We’re hoping this is just a slow start and Nikki will bring it at the rest of the Breaking Dawn do’s.

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