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Noah Wyle Arrested During Protest, Just Like Old ER Buddy George Clooney

The original dream team from ER still makes us go weak in the knees. The fact that they are, in real life, hot and politically conscious makes us want to fan ourselves. You remember how George Clooney was arrested last month in Washington D.C.? He was protesting the “violence committed by the government of Sudan on its own innocent men, women and children. They were demanding they allow humanitarian aid into the country before it becomes the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.” That’s what his spokesperson revealed about the incident.

Now, it’s his ex-doctor buddy Noah Wyle‘s turn. Noah was arrested, along with an excess of a hundred people, at a protest outside Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. yesterday. He was with members of a group called ADAPT and they were trying to get Congress not to cut Medicaid. He was seen handcuffed right at the Cannon House Office Building. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for a mugshot.

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Noah Wyle And Gina Gershon Are “Clearly In Love”

Noah Wyle & Gina Gershon

There’s something about the news that ER lifer Noah Wyle and campy actress Gina Gershon are dating that makes us feel like we’ve just ran into a long-time acquaintance at our 10th year high school reunion and they’re randomly engaged to someone we briefly roomed with on our year abroad in college. “Woah, small world!” The pair were rumored to have been dating earlier this year, with the Enquirer alleging Wyle saw Gershon—then performing in Bye, Bye Birdie—behind both his (now ex-)wife’s and mistress’s backs. But it looks like Wyle is a one-woman man again, unless he’s cheating on Gershon with that hot girl from our 12th grade chemistry class.

Dr. Connor and the Showgirls siren, nine years his senior, were spotted dining in Big Sur last week. “Noah and Gina arrived arm in arm around sunset, and they were dressed to the nines,” a witness told the Enquirer. “Noah and Gina are clearly in love…They’re a good match and have tons in common. They like the same movies, books and music. They even have keys to each other’s homes.” “They like the same movies, books and music”? Are we sure they didn’t meet on eHarmony? At least tourists can now say “hey, I know you from something!” to both of them at the same time.

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Noah Wyle Slowly Turning Into Woody Allen

There’s a certain style we associate with Woody Allen, the rumpled, professor look that he’s made his trademark has been working for him for forty years. The khakis, the jacket, the bucket hat he wears while directing, they’re all signature Woody. Which is why we want to warn him that, just as Roman Polanski usurped the title of most pervy film director, Noah Wyle is trying to steal his style. Wyle, seen here at a Lakers game last night has gone from cute emergency room doctor to neurotic New Yorker with just a few key pieces (Converse All-Stars excluded.). Maybe he wants to be Woody’s next muse… [Photos: Splash News Online/]