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Fashion Report: The 2012 British Independent Film Awards

Fashion: British Independent Film Awards

The British Independent Film Awards took place in London last night, and some familiar faces showed up. It was the pastels vs. black with this list, comprising Elle Fanning, Felicity Jones, Andrea Riseborough and Noomi Rapace. Elle’s sartorial maturity actually scares us. How is this girl only 14-years-old and picking out savvy taffeta and tulle Oscar de la Renta gowns? That’s what she wore to the show, as you can see above and right, and it’s so effing pretty. The beige pumps are a boring choice, in our opinion, but who cares because we live in a world that still has ballgown cuts! Felicity complemented her perfectly in a demure , textured white dress with sheer neckline and black pumps, before the evening took a dark turn …

Fashion: British Independent Film Awards

Thanks to Noomi and Andrea’s outfit choices, we mean. Someone should have given Noomi a hairbrush that evening but the strappy shoes are hot, even though the dress doesn’t look inspiring from this angle. But do we spy a rather long slit in her skirt? That should have spiced things up. As did Andrea’s gown’s neckline. Holy cleavage, Batman! How much double-sided tape did it take to prevent a wardrobe malfunction? She does pull it off, though, so s’all good. We wouldn’t dare!

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Creepy Awful Doll Mask Is The Break Out Star Of Rachel McAdams’ Sexy Passion Trailer

Looks like February 2013 already has a new break-out star! And by “break out star,” we mean a star that makes us want to break out of our skin and plunge into the void of insanity! We guess that’s kind of the point, seeing as how Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace‘s upcoming erotic thriller Passion looks like a cross between Basic Instinct, Eyes Wide Shut, and Halloween H20: Return of Mike Myers. According to IMDB, the Prometheus actress and The Vow star get their freak on in every sense of the word as “[a] young businesswoman [who] plots murderous revenge after her boss and mentor steals her idea.” Their IMDB page also has an additional photo of the mask, and it is making us want to scream forever. Those lips! This horrible, glorious lips!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the mask seems to have a pivotal role in the movie! People are wearing it to make love to Rachel McAdams, they’re showing it to people, they’re wearing it while holding some kind of knife. Seriously, take a look and tell us you aren’t filled with terror at that mask. We’ll be right here, too scared to move:

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Prometheus Premieres In London, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace Play Dress-Up

Prometheus World Premiere, London

Prometheus premiered last night in London, and we were looking forward to see what stars Charlize Theron and Noomi Rapace would wear. Both of them have been having a super fashion year so far, especially Charlize on her Snow White and the Huntsman promotional rounds. Anyone else wearing that midnight blue, semi-sheer, strapless dress by Dior would look terrible. But those rules don’t apply to Charlize, because she ended up convincing us that we liked a dress that we normally would nix. She also wore Dior T-strap heels and Bulgari jewels, and basically, Charlize — we love and hate you in equal measure. The hate comes in because her genetics are enviable. The love, obviously, is because she’s a tall glass of awesome.

Noomi went the gown route, picking a beautiful black Valentino dress with Harry Winston jewelry. It’s simple and so elegant — a very smart choice for her. Also spotted was Salma Hayek wearing lilac Bottega Veneta along with mauve heels and a matching clutch. Again, someone with such a color coordinated palette would look too matchy-matchy, but Salma always makes it work for her. Our last pick is Minnie Driver. She gets our vote for best-dressed, wearing a stunning gold lace overlay Temperley London Pre-Fall 2012 dress. We don’t see much of Minnie around, but as long as she makes the occasional appearance dressed like this, we’ll be just fine.

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Snow White To Black Widow: Who Will Be The Hottest Heroine Of The Summer?

The Hottest Heroines Of The Summer Movies

As the poet laureate Beyonce once said: Girls rule the world. And for proof, look no further than this summer’s biggest blockbuster movies. It’s the Summer Movie Preview week here at VH1 Celebrity, and we’ve already brought you our picks for the sexiest heroes coming soon to a theater near you. The hottest months of the year are going to real scorchers thanks to these badass beauties busting bad guys on the big screen.

Anne Hathaway steps into Catwoman’s famous leather jumpsuit for the much-anticipated Batman follow-up, The Dark Knight Rises, while Scarlett Johansson is back in her Black Widow gear for The Avengers. Kristen Stewart is getting medieval on our behinds with Snow White and the Huntsman, and Jessica Biel is fast-forwarding us into the year 2084 in the remake of Total Recall.

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There are some new faces to the blockbuster game this year, like Friday Night Lights star Adrianne Palicki, who stars in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and Battleship‘s Rihanna. Emma Stone gets to hook up with real-life beau Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and Rachel Weisz might be doing the same onscreen with her Bourne Legacy co-star Jeremy Renner.

Whether they’re cartoons like Princess Merida in Pixar’s latest epic Brave, or real live ladies like Prometheus star Noomi Rapace, you can be sure that these women aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty while they save the rest of us — but they’ll still look amazing doing it. Our question to you is: Which of these heroic ladies are you most looking forward to seeing this summer? Check out the gallery and let us know in our poll!
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The 15 Most Badass Up-And-Coming Female Action Movie Stars

With The Hunger Games raking in $214 million over its opening weekend and the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman topping last week’s Twitter trends, one thing seems sure: female action stars are having the best year ever, and it’s only March. And with Rooney Mara‘s Oscar nod for Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, teaser trailers for Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Kristen Stewart as vampire Bella!) and The Host giving us chills and Lily Collins confirming her role in The Mortal Instruments, the ladies leading up 2012/13’s biggest action flicks are in good company.

We took a look at the women who are establishing themselves as the action heroines of the future, as well as some actresses from whom we want to see more onscreen butt-kicking. Did we miss anyone on our list? Check out our gallery and then let us know!

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First Trailer Of Prometheus Scares The Pants Off Us

Whoever did the background score and sound effects for Prometheus — well done. Even though we didn’t get to see any real carnage, but only the suggestions of it, the various screams and pleas punctuated by a looming, foreboding swell of music made us crawl under our duvet. We already know this movie is going to be terrifying. It’s the prequel to the Alien series and is directed by who else but Ridley Scott. The cast is pretty amazing too with Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Idris Elba starring. Prometheus will be out in theatres in June, 2012. Until then, this chilling trailer should suffice.

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Who Was Best Dressed At The Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Premiere?

OK, some of us have been slacking on our movie news homework and had no idea that Sherlock Holmes: A Game af Shadows was coming out so soon. Perhaps Twilight has been hogging the attention. But our favorite detective is back, and the movie premiered yesterday at the Village Theatre in L.A. Three ladies in particular really stepped it up on the very chic carpet. Rachel McAdams — who reprises her role in this second installment of Guy Ritchie’s franchise — leads the list. She wore this beautiful, long-sleeved, silver Marchesa dress with Christian Louboutin heels. Amber Heard, who’s had the best sartorial year ever, kept it simple and stylish with a white tailored shirt and black pants. Loose Marcel waves and red lips completed the look. Noomi Rapace , who also stars in the film, chose the same color palette as Rachel, only with a different silhouette. All three are so glam and have got premiere wear down to an art.

We’re leaning towards Noomi’s dress as our favorite, but your input could totally change our minds. Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below. The gallery has full length pictures if you want to take a closer look, plus we’ve included a completely gratuitous photograph of Robert Downey Jr. hamming it up for the cameras.

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Who Will Be Tom Cruise’s Leading Lady In Alien Invasion Flick Horizon?

We can all agree that nothing goes better together than Tom Cruise, up-and-coming actresses and aliens, and this time the trifecta is headed from the Cruise mansion to the big screen with Tom Cruise’s Horizon. Formerly titled Oblivion, the film is apparently having a casting call of nearly every B-list actress in the land to play either Tom’s fiance Julia or Victoria, Cruise’s “post-apocalypse right-hand woman, who watches Jack’s back as he goes on missions in a war-torn Earth to repair drones that keep humanity alive.” Um, isn’t that what they’ve been training Suri for since birth? It was the role she was literally born to play!

Brit Marling, Olivia Wilde, Jessica Chastain, Noomi Rapace and Olga Kurylenko are just some of the names being tossed around for the two female leads. Wilde has already worked with the film’s director Joseph Kosisnki on Tron: Legacy, so they know she has the outfit at home. Personally, we’re rooting for Girl With The Dragon Tatttoo’s Rapace. Did you see how badass she looked in that movie, with her asymmetrical haircut, i.e. what we’re all going to look like after the alien Armageddon? Plus she’s a great actress, and clearly that can’t hurt.

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Downey Jr. In Drag = We Will Be Seeing Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

We’re already a sucker for anything involving smoking jackets, petticoats and pewter chalices, but combine it with good ol’ fashioned cross-dressing? You have yourself the holiday hit of the year right there. The Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows trailer promises all the karate chops and dry banter present in the first Sherlock Holmes film staring Robert Down Jr. and Jude Law, but just in case the American public wasn’t sold on the bad-assery inherent in an old-timey British detective series, the upcoming sequel also includes The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo‘s Noomi Rapace, a showdown with Holmes’ archnemisis Dr. Moriarty (we remember our Wishbone episodes), and what appears to be a slow-motion trains-plosion. We also suspect Downey in drag is a sly blue-eye-shadow-encrusted wink the Sherlock Holmes gay rumors swirling around the previous film. Elementary, my dear diva!


TheFABLife’s Ten Biggest Bad-Asses Of 2010


In 2010, movie-goers clamored for three things at the box office: family-friendly fare (Toy Story 3, Harry Potter 7), a movie about dreams within dreams within dreams, and seriously ass-kicking action films. From trashy, big-budget blockbusters to Critics’ Choice Movie Award nominees, every genre was chock full of bad-asses this year. While it was hard to narrow down, but we somehow managed to decide on our Biggest Bad-Asses of 2010: ten characters that are not to be messed with. Yes, Toy Story 3 made the list— even Pixar is capable of turning cuddly nursery toys into evil villains with no conscience.

Check out our complete Bad-Ass gallery below and let us know if we left any of your favorites off the list.

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