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Director Oliver Stone Can’t Handle Salma Hayek’s Curves At Savages Premiere

Salma Hayek, Oliver Stone "Savages Premiere, London

I love Salma Hayek and am constantly amazed how her, and I’m putting this in ladylike terms, “cleavage area” pretty much defies gravity. I also feel like she’s always walking that very fine line and gets people to think — how much boob is too much boob? But they’ll just think it and never say it because she’s Salma Hayek and is awesome. The actress was at the premiere of her film Savages held at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London yesterday wearing the very hot, color-blocked Roland Mouret “Mercy” dress with blue Giuseppe Zanotti platform heels (I want them) and Dana Rebecca Designs earrings. The dress, while amazing, begs the boob question because it makes her look positively … buoyant. It’s also ironic that the dress is called “Mercy” because that’s what director Oliver Stone seems to be begging for in the picture on the left. Excuse us, Oliver — keep your hands off the merchandise. I’m sure he was joking but he’s still a little too handsy for my liking. What’s hilariously funny, though, is that it looks like Salma’s telling him off in the picture on the right. Yo, gents. It is understood that Salma is too frickin’ hot to handle … so that means that you don’t try to handle her. Keep the paws off, capisce?

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Wall Street 2: This Premiere Never Sleeps

We haven’t seen Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, but we’re fans of the first film and have a lot of theories about how this new film is going to go down. First of all, if Shia LaBeouf doesn’t go on some mission to find his predecessor, Charlie Sheen (and inevitably finds him living in a cabin in the woods seeking redemption for his formerly greedy ways), that will have been a wasted opportunity. And if there’s not some kind of nod to Michael Douglas‘ prototype of those newfangled cellular telephones that were as big as a tissue box, we’ll be disappointed. Other than that, bring it on, sequel!

The premiere of the film took place in New York last night, and all the stars were out in full force – it was a mix of the old guard and the new. LaBeouf and girlfriend/co-star Carey Mulligan looked amazing, as did Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. And director Oliver Stone took time out from growing and combing his mustache to attend so that was nice. Of course, it wouldn’t be a party unless Courtney Love showed up and made everyone nervous so there was that, too. Check out all the shots from the red carpet below.


Money Never Sleeps, And Neither Do Stars At Cannes


It feels like the Wall Street sequel has been like 25 years in the making…oh, wait, it has. But now the film that stars Shia LaBeouf as Gordon Gekko‘s greedy financial district protége is finally ready to premiere at Cannes, and there was an abundance of men in light-colored suits there to celebrate. We don’t often visit the south of France, so that look is probably the norm – one person who opted for a burst of color however was the film’s director, Oliver Stone, who appears to be slowly morphing into late 1970’s Marlon Brando. LaBeouf and his Money Never Sleeps co-star and girlfriend Carey Mulligan both looked stylin’ in the tropical heat though, as always Mulligan can do no wrong with her fashion choices.

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#50: Oliver Stone’s JFK Stirs Controversy

After more than 20 years of speculation (including congressional hearings and enough books to constitute a literary genre), the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of John Kennedy broke in a big way thanks to Oliver Stone’s JFK, a three-hour epic stuffed with unforgettable cameos (John Candy‘s Nawlins lawyer and Kevin Bacon‘s Nixon-loving hustler – “fascism is coming back!” – deserve special mention) and so many potential conspirators (FBI, CIA, the Mafia, Communists, anti-Communists) that it’s unclear just who WASN’T on the grassy knoll.

Thanks to script leaks, articles lambasting the production as unconscionable and “insult to the intelligence” appeared only days into shooting. The furor hardly diminished when the film was finally released in 1992. Along with endless complaints of factual inaccuracies (Stone claims the movie is a “countermyth,” which means it’s completely full of it but in a good way), gay activists didn’t appreciate the film’s salacious treatment of alleged conspirators’ homosexuality, particularly the costumed orgy between Bacon, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones and Joe Pesci. Yes, Joe Pesci.

Despite (or thanks to) the uproar, the film was a financial success and nominated for eight Oscars. Everyone from the Simpsons to Seinfeld paid comic homage, and in the ultimate sign of cultural saturation, Congress passed the JFK Records Act, promising the release of all files concerning the assassination by 2017. Only nine years till the truth is out!