Jack Osbourne Rocks A No-Fro

That’s as in under no circumstances ever should this be an acceptable hairstyle for Mr Jack Osbourne. The adrenaline-loving son of Ozzy and Sharon brought his new hair-don’t to the streets of London over the weekend and we can’t remember the last time we saw such an ill-advised grow-out. Probably the last time Jack grew his hair like this. We have much respect for Jack as he’s a very cool bloke indeed, but no! No! No! (As Amy Winehouse would say)


Life’s A Beach!


Kelly Osbourne and fiance Luke Worrell splish splashed and rode jet skis in Miami yesterday. The happy couple later rode a Hummer golf cart with her mom Sharon Osbourne on their getaway in sunny Florida. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Report: Kelly Osbourne Engaged!

Ahhhh – just as one Rock Daughter’s rushed marriage hits the rocks, one of our actual favorite RD’s made good is heading down the aisle. Britain’s Star magazine is reporting in this week’s issue that Kelly Osborne is engaged to her model boyfriend Luke Worrall and planning a Vegas wedding next spring. Luke popped the big question in September, but the couple has been keeping it quiet for now.

“They want their wedding to be fun rather than a big, solemn occasion, which is why they are thinking something Vegas-style would work best. They are even toying with the idea of an Elvis-themed ceremony,” the mag says.

Uh. Well, no points for originality there, but we’ll gloss over that as we think they look super sweet together. We can’t wait for the wedding pics — especially as they’re rumored to be having a week-long wedding celebration at a private resort in St Lucia. Actually, we’d pay just to hear Ozzy’s father-of-the-bride wedding speech. And take a look at what Sharon’s mother-of-the-bride outfit and surgery package would entail. Woop!

[Source: Star magazine, Photo: WireImage]


Jack Osbourne: The Osbournes ‘Tarnished’ Ozzy’s Image

Jack Osbourne sat down with Rolling Stone and the rock spawn had a few choice words about the reality show that made him, parents Sharon and Ozzy, and sister Kelly, America’s favorite family. “I think The Osbournes, to a degree, tarnished the public’s perception of my dad as a bit of a senile, funny, bumbling guy,” Jack tells the mag. “Yeah, my dad can be that guy, but it’s not him. I think that almost discredited who he is as an artist.”

Jack is attempting to set the record straight with a new Ozzy documentary, tentatively titled John (Ozzy’s real name) that he is producing with some friends. Jack reveals that this “talking book” will show the real Ozzy. Jack says, “My dad’s not an idiot — he’s nothing short of a genius, in my opinion. He does have huge flaws, and we’re trying to really paint an honest picture of that.”