Free Spirits: The Best Cleavage Styles Of The ’70s Are Making A Comeback Today

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Let’s not mince words here. American Hustle, more than anything, was a foray into the many and varied ways into which Amy Adams‘ cleavage could be exposed. From spangly dresses with plunging necklines to the more humble wrap around dress, Adams’ greatest assets were consistently and brazenly on display. Not that anyone is complaining.

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Femme Fatales: The 10 Most Kick-Ass Girl Fights



Oh, girl fights… The phrase itself can conjure images of scantily clad models slapping at each other for sexually exploitive purposes, which is unfair and misleading. For instance, in Fast and Furious 6, Gina Carano and Michelle Rodriguez get to fight each other with insane ferocity that rivals any of the fight scenes that co-stars The Rock and Vin Diesel find themselves in. Pam Grier made her career in the 70s showing up in movies to beat people up. And let’s not forget the Kill Bill films, which are pretty much a collection of brutal battle scenes between women.

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