Which TV Doctor Would You Actually Trust with Your Life?

Which TV Doctors Would You Trust with Your Life?

-Megan Meadows

Between all the hot love triangles and insane medical conditions that happen multiple times an episode in a TV hospital, would you actually trust any of these incredibly attractive people to be your real doctor? So, they know a lot of medical jargon we can’t always follow, but when push comes to shove you probably wouldn’t want some of these fictional docs as your own (lookin’ at you, Doogie Howser.) Read more…

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Hi, Patrick Dempsey: What The Hell Are You Doing?

Consider Patrick Dempsey at the premiere for Cirque du Soleil’s “Iris” in Hollywood. We have thoughts about this picture. Very strong thoughts that we will now enumerate for you.

• WTF, Patrick Dempsey? You’re frickin’ McDreamy. Get it together!

Tyra Banks is somewhere right now, aiming her book Modelland at your solar plexus.

• On Twitter, this would be hashtag ‘hipsterfail

• We see no muscles so do not draw attention to what it is that you don’t have.

• If you’re going to ham it up, at least commit it to it fully, will you? Like Thomas Jane does! Go hard or go home.

• Please go back to being hot.

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Patrick Dempsey Changes Mind On Leaving Grey’s Anatomy…Or Does He?

Patrick Dempsey is indecisive like a fox. A day after he was quoted telling Italian Vanity Fair that he was done with Grey’s Anatomy after its eighth season (“It’s gonna be my last. I do not know what’s going to happen to the other characters, but for me it’s done…I can’t see me doing it anymore”), a rep has come forward to explain he was totally misunderstood. “He was referring to the fact that his contract is up at the end of next season,” said the lackey, “and we have no idea what the future holds.” Yeah. Right. “It’s done…I can’t see me doing it anymore” is totally the same thing as “who knows what tomorrow may bring?” Uh huh.

It’s not like this wishy-washiness could backfire on Dempsey: either he leaves with eight years of cash and raised profile, or he stays for another season with guarantee of even more cash. With most of the original cast’s contracts up in the air, creator Shonda Rimes—who told TV Line she’s treating this season as the last—is someone whose “you never know” we actually believe. “Everybody has an individual choice to make and I get that…All the originals are in play.” And with Dempsey refusing to commit either way, it sure sounds like this will be all about pay.

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Stars On The AmFar Cinema Against Aids 2011 Red Carpet

This is the life! The eighteenth annual amfAR Cinema Against AIDS gala took place yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival. The super schmancy event was held at the Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France and involved the usual — gowns and jewelry worth approximately three of our lifetimes! Kirsten Dunst showed up looking as fresh as a daisy, completely unaffected by the rumor that her nighttime partying kept Brangelina up all night.

Janet Jackson looked pretty svelte and rocked some bright blue nail polish! Irina Shayk showed up with a slit cut up till there, while cuties Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto snuggled up for the cameras. Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani added a bit of punk to the proceedings while old hands Goldie Hawn and Brooke Shields looked flawless in dull gold and white respectively. Join us in our envy by taking a look at the photos below. We’re making margaritas!

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The FABLife’s Top Ten Favorite Patricks!

“Pfft,” you say, “Top Ten Patricks on St. Patrick’s Day? Really?” And to that we say, “Oh yeah, really! This is how we roll on St. Patrick’s Day! You wanna take this outside? WOOOOOO!!!!” We didn’t screw around with historical figures and celebs like Neil Patrick Harris and Robert Patrick to fill up the list, either. No, we found ten celebrities we love whose first name is Patrick—people you could yell “Hey, Patrick!” to on the street and they would turn around. Check out the gallery to see the fine cuts of corned beef we think best live up to the name that means “noble,” “patrician,” and “getting to work late the next morning, if at all.”

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Celebrity Baby Bump Flaunters: From The Prudish To The Shameless

When we saw pregnant Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak posing for the cover of In Touch Weekly wearing what looked to be a hand-me down bra and a weird pair of sheer panties last week, we immediate thought to ourselves, “That woman has no shame!” After the shock wore off, we began thinking: A) What other celebrities have flaunted their baby bumps on the cover of national magazines and B) Was their pursuit of fame more naked than their actual bodies?

Well, as we discovered during an intense round of research, there are two types of celebrities who use their unborn children to score themselves more publicity: the Prudes and the Shameless. Not every pregnant celebrity wants to pull a Demi Moore, you see. Some, like Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Celine Dion, don’t want to offend their base by showing too much skin. Others, like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, clearly see Moore’s famous Vanity Fair cover as a necessary (and fun!) step in advancing one’s career and deem it necessary to push cultural boundaries. So, what do your favorite celebrities score on either the Prude Meter™ or Shameless Meter™? There’s only way to find out!

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Bradley Cooper, Tone Down Your Tan!

Bradley Cooper & Ashton Kutcher

Either Bradley Cooper was coming down with a serious fever at last night’s Valentine’s Day premiere in Hollywood, or the Hangover hunk seriously needs to work on his tanning technique. It’s gotta be tough to work around manicured stubble, but you can’t just rub, spray or stick a lamp on your cheeks and forehead, dude. When you ignore the ears, jaw and neck it’s just…yow. Hopefully it’s the kind that wipes off fast!

Take a closer look at Coop’s inconsistent orange aura in the gallery below.

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Milla Jovovich Gets Married, Looks Stunning


Gorgeous actress Milla Jovovich tied the knot this past weekend – and we don’t think we’ve ever crushed so hard on a celebrity’s bridal gown. The Ukrainian-born actress married British director Paul W.S. Anderson – her long term boyfriend and father of her daughter Ever – at their home in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

Wearing a draped Grecian-style wedding dress, teamed with a veil and plaited hair band, the former model looked predictably amazing. Guests at the intimate wedding included Patrick Dempsey and his wife, who enjoyed a cocktail reception before the ceremony, which was followed by Cuban music and dancing at the reception. Congratulations!  [Photo: Splash News Online]

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