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Happy Birthday, Prince William! Here Are 31 Balding Stars For You To Look Up To

Prince William Tyson Beckford

William, the Duke of Cambridge, is about to be a dad any day now, so maybe some of his family members aren’t treating his 31st birthday as the specialest of days. But don’t worry, we didn’t forget your gift, Will!

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Tom Hardy’s Star Trek Screen Test Confirms He Is Your #1 Villain Crush

Sorry, Tom Hiddleston! If you weren’t convinced after seeing him freestyle while holding his baby Louis last week, Tom Hardy‘s snide, snarling Star Trek screen test will win you over to the dark side. We know we aren’t the only ones who are secretly obsessed with Hardy’s Bane after seeing The Dark Knight Rises. Something about that freakish, hulking strength paired with that cheeky eloquence…it gets us every time. Plus Tom is, you know, incredibly good looking. In case you had failed to notice that part before. Seeing Hardy square off against Patrick Stewart in 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis on top of all that equals a game over. We love how you can see hints of Tom’s Dark Knight Rises archness when he says the line, “We would have to take it!” Oh, and did we mention he plays Stewart’s evil clone. Game over. We’re done.

While Tom has firmly entrenched himself in the shadowy recesses of our hearts as a villain, he’ll soon be switching it up and playing a hero in next years Max Max: Fury Road. Luckily the film takes place in a gritty, futuristic Australia dystopia, so there’s probably no threat of Hardy suddenly turning into a Tom Hanks-style leading man just yet. Honestly though, put Tom Hanks in a grotesque face mask, give him a spinal scar and make him fight Christian Bale…yeah, we’re on board. We are so on board.


The FABLife’s Top Ten Favorite Patricks!

“Pfft,” you say, “Top Ten Patricks on St. Patrick’s Day? Really?” And to that we say, “Oh yeah, really! This is how we roll on St. Patrick’s Day! You wanna take this outside? WOOOOOO!!!!” We didn’t screw around with historical figures and celebs like Neil Patrick Harris and Robert Patrick to fill up the list, either. No, we found ten celebrities we love whose first name is Patrick—people you could yell “Hey, Patrick!” to on the street and they would turn around. Check out the gallery to see the fine cuts of corned beef we think best live up to the name that means “noble,” “patrician,” and “getting to work late the next morning, if at all.”

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