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Kirstie Alley Didn’t Have An Affair Affair With Travolta, But She Is The Ultimate Shipper

Oh good, we can stop picturing Kirstie Alley and John Travolta having hot Scientologist sex now. Oh, wait, that image is already burned into our heads forever, even though Alley says it never happened. And actually, she never DID say it happened, even though the second we all saw quotes about her Look Who’s Talking co-star being the “greatest love” of her life, that’s what we assumed. Actually, she told Jimmy Kimmel last night, their relationship was never sexual, nor was her loving friendship with Patrick Swayze.

“Can I just clarify? They were not sexual affairs,” she said. “I didn’t say the word affair ever. … John Travolta is and has remained one of my best friends for almost 25, 26 years — before he was married, but I was married. But I fell in love with him.”

Actually, she said the feeling was mutual, and it evolved into a “beautiful friendship” between her, John and his wife, Kelly Preston. She even got their blessing to write about all this in her book (the reason she’s doing all these weird interviews), The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine al Dente).

What’s really interesting, however, is that she also basically confirms everything us regular people assume about every single on-screen couple: that it’s impossible for them not to fall in love IRL. Read more…

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Kirstie Alley Interrupts Election Night To Tell Everyone John Travolta Isn’t Gay

We don’t know about you, but we were fully focused on last night’s election tallies. As was, we noted, most of America. Our Twitter feed scrolled faster than ever before, as the country collectively chattered about the impending results. Meanwhile, smack in the middle of all the politics, comes a tweet from The Hollywood Reporter: “@KirstieAlley Fell in Love With Patrick Swayze, John Travolta While Married to Parker Stevenson.” WHAAAAAAT?! Hold the polls, America, Kirstie Alley is (in her very own special way) is deciding that now is the time to share with the world that John Travolta is not gay. Mind you, this is the same night that Americans voted for legalizing gay marriage in Maine

“I know John. With all my heart and soul, he’s not gay,” says Alley, who is a devoted Scientologist, along with Travolta. “I think it’s some weird way, in Hollywood, if someone gets big enough and famous enough, and they’re not out doing drugs and they’re not womanizing, what do you say about them?”

True, Travolta has not been womanizing.  But he has allegedly been doing the opposite of womanizing (manizing?), per reports that he grabbed the junk of a masseuse back in May. Well, it’s up to you decide if you believe this and if you’re going to buy Kirstie’s new book, The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine al Dente), but just imagine if these two had actually shacked up in real life! It’s a dream lost, along with the dream that we’d give birth to a child with the voice of Bruce Willis.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum, Patrick Swayze: Whose SNL Striptease Reigns Supreme?

You know how we know the folks at Saturday Night Live are proud of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s striptease opening monologue? It’s already behind the Hulu pay wall, and the only way to re-watch it for free now is via bootleg videos. Or you can settle for our lovely GIFs above (courtesy of our departing GIF Mistress Lauren Olson). We were pretty impressed ourselves with JGL’s skills — that push-up move was just, wow. Not that we expect him to be anything less than spectacular at everything he does these days. But of course, it immediately reminded us of two other great exotic dance skits on the show: Channing Tatum showing off the talent that made him Magic Mike (the “super-hero movie” that itself inspired JGL’s dance), and, of course, that legendary Chippendale’s dance-off between Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley. We hope those two are doing their best body rolls up in heaven right now. Take a peek at those skits and then tell us which of the three gets you most hot-and-bothered/clutching your sides with laughter.

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The FABLife’s Top Ten Favorite Patricks!

“Pfft,” you say, “Top Ten Patricks on St. Patrick’s Day? Really?” And to that we say, “Oh yeah, really! This is how we roll on St. Patrick’s Day! You wanna take this outside? WOOOOOO!!!!” We didn’t screw around with historical figures and celebs like Neil Patrick Harris and Robert Patrick to fill up the list, either. No, we found ten celebrities we love whose first name is Patrick—people you could yell “Hey, Patrick!” to on the street and they would turn around. Check out the gallery to see the fine cuts of corned beef we think best live up to the name that means “noble,” “patrician,” and “getting to work late the next morning, if at all.”

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Celebs Remember Patrick Swayze


The world will remember Patrick Swayze most for his portrayals of Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing and Sam Wheat in Ghost. Those roles were legendary and they not only made us swoon, but they became a part of the national consciousness. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” – did any teenage heart not want to be Baby Houseman at that very moment those words were spoken? Did anyone not want to go buy a potter’s wheel and messily make out to “Unchained Melody”?

While we fans mourn Swayze’s death, his co-stars from those films are mourning too. Jennifer Grey released a statement about her Dirty Dancing co-star, saying “Gorgeous and strong, he was a real cowboy with a tender heart. He was fearless and insisted on always doing his own stunts, so it was not surprising to me that the war he waged on his cancer was so courageous and dignified. When I think of him, I think of being in his arms when we were kids, dancing, practicing the lift in the freezing lake, having a blast doing this tiny little movie we thought no one would ever see.”

Whoopi Goldberg also shared her thoughts, saying “Patrick was a really good man, a funny man and one to whom I owe much that I can’t ever repay. I believe in Ghost‘s message, so he’ll always be near.” And, of course Demi Moore Tweeted about her leading man “Patrick, you are loved by so many and your light will forever shine in all of our lives.” Personally, we think of Swayze as the quintessential leading man from our youth and he’ll definitely be missed. [Photo: Getty Images]

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R.I.P. Patrick Swayze


It is with a heavy heart that we post this sad news: Patrick Swayze has passed away of pancreatic cancer. The actor was just 57 years old. His rep told People magazine, “Patrick Swayze passed away peacefully today with family at his side after facing the challenges of his illness for the last 20 months.”

The Dirty Dancing star is survived by his wife of 32 years, Lisa Niemi, and millions of fans, who went gaga for his sexy dance moves and overall sensitive bad boy vibe in movies such as Ghost and Point Break, and in TV stints like the Chippendales sketch he did alongside Chris Farley on “Saturday Night Live”. He will be sorely missed but fondly remembered.  [Photo: Gettymages]


Connor Cruise To Become Movie Star


Connor Cruise is set to take after his dad Tom as a box office superstar with the news he’s signed up to star in a remake of Red Dawn. The 1980s action flick made stars of Patrick Swaze and Charlie Sheen, and the 14-year-old is to start filming next month alongside Chris Hemsworth. Tom and Nicole Kidman’s son has already starred as Will Smith‘s younger self in Seven Pounds, and we’re feeling incredibly old that a someone we remember as a cute kid in photos is sure to soon become the next teen crush. [Photo: Getty Images]


Patrick Swayze Using Medical Marijuana


Patrick Swayze has been looking a little better these days, although the actor is still battling pancreatic cancer. His secret is something green and herbal. Patrick has reportedly been smoking medical marijuana which helps ease his nausea, anxiety, and insomnia. The miracle treatment has made him gain weight and feel “more normal than he has in months,” according to a source.

“Patrick was rapidly losing weight because he couldn’t keep food down,” a source says. “He was so weak, he needed help getting around.” Persuaded by friends to try marijuana, Patrick gave it a shot and is more comfortable as he battles his sickness. [Photo: Getty Images]