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Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Other Celebs Tweet Out About The Tragic Shooting In Newtown, Connecticut

Celebs respond to the If you're close enough to a computer to read this, you've obviously heard about the tragedy befallen the town of Newtown, Connecticut. Latest reports say that 18 of the 27 people shot in a school shooting at Sandy Elementary are children; police have announced that Adam Lanza has the suspected gunman. If only to distract yourself from the grim procession of new details, we gathered celeb tweets for the survivors from everyone from Rihanna to Rashida Jones to Michael Moore:

If you’re close enough to a computer to read this, you’ve obviously heard about the tragedy befallen the town of Newtown, Connecticut. Latest reports say that 18 of the 27 people shot in a school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary are children. Police have announced Adam Lanza as the suspected gunman; his mother was found dead inside the school. If only to distract yourself from the grim procession of new details (and the tears intermittently falling out of your eyes), we gathered celeb tweets for the survivors from everyone from Rihanna to Rashida Jones to Michael Moore. For more serious advice on how to cope with the tragedy, head over to MTV Act.

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Patton Oswalt Picks His Favorite Downton Abbey Villain Over A Sip Of Scotch

Patton Oswalt might just be my favorite red carpet interview of 2012 … and it’s only January. The Young Adult actor and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards nominee whipped out a flask on the CCMA red carpet (practicing for his onstage flask gag), while joking about how drinking at red carpet events is tacky. Yep, Patton Oswalt is my kinda guy.

Another reason he rules so hard: his love of everyone’s favorite Edwardian soap opera, Downton Abbey. Patton’s been tweeting about the show and may just be its most high profile fan. When we brought up the hit PBS show, he replied, “I don’t have eight hours on this carpet, young lady.”

When asked to pick his favorite villain — O’Brien or Thomas — he said, “They’re sort of giving both backgrounds as to why they’re both villainous, so I don’t really know that they’re villains! And how about Edith the middle sister?” he mused. “Isn’t she just as villainous?”

Yes! She’s the worst/best! As for the middle sister’s kiss with a married farmer, Patton said, “That was like turn-of-century Russ Meyer stuff.” Spoken like a true CCMA nominee.

Dare we say we agree?

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Patton Oswalt On His Critics’ Choice Nom: “It’s Like Gravy On Top Of Gravy”

Patton Oswalt scored a Critics’ Choice Awards Supporting Actor nomination for his role in Young Adult, and the comedian shared his excitement with us at the film’s premiere last week. “I really appreciate it,” he told us. “This is like gravy on top of gravy that was on top of icing.” The dude’s thrilled and we’re thrilled for him – he’s great in Young Adult and one of our favorite stand ups to ever roam the comedy clubs of planet earth.

The best part is that the Critics Choice Awards air on VH1 (January 12 at 8PM EST, ya’ll), so we get to hang with Patton again next month. “Is there drinking?” he asked of the show. “I’ll sneak a flask in.” Yes please, new boozy soul mate of ours! We promised the comic that if he found us backstage or on the carpet we’d have a bottle of his favorite scotch waiting for him. We’re hoping he takes us up on the offer; now all we need to do is figure out how much a bottle of Balvenie costs. Anyone?

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Young Adult’s Patton Oswalt, Jason Reitman Do Their Part For Texter-Free Theaters

OK, so we’re still a little bit mad that Patton Oswalt was whisked away before we got to talk to him at the New York premiere of Young Adult last week. Also, that Charlize Theron’s publicist gave us the evil eye when we asked Charlize about vampires. But whatever, we really, really liked the movie. And Patton steals the show as the man who was literally crippled by high school’s cruelty and tries to act as a voice of reason for Charlize’s nutso character, Mavis.

Anyway, when we were sent this video by Young Adult director Jason Reitman and Oswalt, we decided to share it with you. It’s a spoof on the viral video PSA released by the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain, which purportedly features a recording of a possibly drunk, definitely angry patron who was kicked out of the theater for texting during the movie. We think Oswalt does a fine impression of her. How about you? (Side note: As annoying as it is to see someone texting in the theee-ater, I’d probably be more pissed off about having my movie viewing interrupted by an usher forcibly removing the culprit from his/her seat.)

Also, did we mention we liked Young Adult? Watch our red carpet interviews after the jump.
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2012 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Noms: Hugo And The Artist Dominate The Field

Awards season is really hitting its stride now, people. The nominations for the 17th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards were announced today at 6 a.m. The show, which will air live from the Hollywood Palladium at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, January 12, on VH1, is based on votes from the members of Broadcast Film Critics Association, and it’s had a pretty good record for predicting who will win the Oscars. (All four of last year’s acting winners took home Academy Awards, just for example.) So let’s see what they’re saying about this year’s flicks…

Hugo, Martin Scorsese’s fantastical 3D trip back to Paris in the Roaring ’20s, and French silent film The Artist the lead this year’s nominees with 11 apiece. It will be a particularly big night for Scorsese, who is the only nominee who is guaranteed to be walking home at the end of the night with a trophy; as we previously announced, the 69-year-old auteur is being honored with this year’s Music + Film award.

Following closely behind are Drive and The Help, each of which racked up eight nominations; The Help is up for Best Picture, Best Actress (Viola Davis), Best Supporting Actress (Jessica Chastain AND Octavia Spencer) and Best Acting Ensemble. Trailing these is The Descendants, which scored seven nominations, including Best Picture, Best Actor for George Clooney, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Director for Alexander Payne, and Best Supporting Actress and Best Young Actor/Actress for Shailene Woodley.

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The complete list of nominees, and more analysis, below!

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Charlize Theron Turns Off The Charm, Turns On The Venom In Young Adult

This is pretty much what we imagine happened to all the mean girls after high school. And we’re loving it! The trailer for Charlize’s Theron’s Young Adult debuted today, and we are pretty psyched for its release on Decemeber 9. Theron reportedly plays Mavis Gary, a down-and-out young adult writer who returns to her home town to seduce her (now married)(and child-having) high school ex.

Hijinks and terribly unflattering lipstick ensue! We love her co-stars, the adorable Patrick Wilson and the excellent comedian Patton Oswalt, but based on the trailer, don’t you find Charlize’s character slightly less sympathetic than she was in Monster, even though technically speaking she was playing a serial killer in that one? Just us then? But she almost won an Oscar for it! Okay, we’ll stop.


Paging Dina Lohan! Patton Oswalt Puts His Carvel Black Card Up For Auction

Dina Lohan‘s lifetime supply of Carvel Ice Cream may have been revoked, but she can have Patton Oswalt‘s…if the price is right. The voice of Ratatouille, with permission from Carvel, has put his Carvel Black card—one of only 75 in existence!—up on eBay for charity. The Black Card allows the owner to receive $25 worth of Carvel ice cream products a week for the rest of their natural life—more than enough for anyone who isn’t Dina. Though the winner will get one with their own name on it (you do have to be present for it’s use; your crazy-ass mother can’t go in instead), Patton’s even throwing in his old card as a memento.

The price is getting rather steep, though. Hovering around $1,000 before TMZ reported on the auction last night, Patton’s Black Card is going for $5,000 as of 12:30pm EST.  So if the winner eats $25 of ice cream a week, they should start turning a profit in about four years—assuming they’re still alive.

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