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Nikki Reed’s Wedding Dress: Not Designed For Rosalie’s Revenge

OK, we thought Nikki Reed had been all low key about her wedding last weekend, when she and American Idol cutie Paul McDonald got married in a private ceremony in Malibu. But it turns out the “Twilight” star was just a wee bit fancy on Sunday. She got a freaking jewelry maker, Tacori, to design her wedding gown, which had 100 DIAMOND BUTTONS. And also a 72-inch train. Try to murder your evil fiancé in that, Rosalie. Anyway, this week’s Us Weekly has photos and got all the deets on the dress, which is strapless and has a “ ‘40s classic glamour silhouette.”

We haven’t seen the whole spread yet, but there’s one thing that’s slightly confusing to us: Why, in the photo we have seen, are Paul and Nikki on the stairs leading up to an old-timey train car? And that 6-foot train is trailing in dirt and a bunch of golden leaves. Do they even have fall in Malibu? OK, we’ll just suspend disbelief and go with the fantasy for now ’cause they both look so pretty. I mean, next they’re going to tell us something crazy, like vampires don’t exist.


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Presenting Mr. And Mrs. McDonald-Reed!

Yay! Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald got married! We haven’t spotted any photographs of the wedding just yet but what we do have is the newlyweds exiting Trousdale nightclub in West Hollywood together, looking completely adorable. If body language says anything, then these two are madly in love. They’re probably still floating from the wedding, which just happened on Sunday. You know what they say — the couple that parties together, stays together. Or something like that. Congratulations, you two! We’re digging the leather jackets and the skinny jeans you both have on.

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Did Nikki Reed And Paul McDonald Secretly Wed? Matching Rings Say ‘Yes’

Everybody’s putting a ring on it these days! First Britney Spears stepped out yesterday with a veryyyy engagement-y ring, and now prepare yourself for a double dose of the romantic rock. Twilight’s Nikki Reed was spotted strolling with American Idol beau Paul McDonald today sporting matching gold bands! Did the couple give the press the slip and tie the knot in a secret ceremony? They met in March and became engaged just a few short months later, so a speedy union wouldn’t be completely out of character. We can’t say for certain whether or not the two did the deed, but the new bling and adorable hand-play seem to suggest yes. Congrats guys! Check out more in the gallery below!

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Report: Nikki Reed Lands Idol Boyfriend

Well done Nikki Reed. The Twilight actress is allegedly dating American Idol contestant Paul McDonald. We’ve long given up on watching Idol, so we have no idea if this dude is the next big thing or the next Blake Lewis. Either way, he’s kinda already won by landing Nikki. The two met at the premiere of Red Riding Hood – McDonald was there with the Idol crew, Nikki was supporting Twilight director and pal Catherine Hardwicke. Nikki actually approached McDonald, introduced herself, gushed and then awkwardly ran away, leaving McDonald to declare, “Was she a famous actress or something? I’d hang out with her.”

You want to see that interaction on tape, you say? You’re in luck! Check out their flirtation below. Nikki even blogged about their meeting, writing:

Finally Paul McDonald, with all 32 teeth sparkling (assuming he still has his wisdoms in) walked my way. I turned red (duh), looked to the ground and told him I thought he should be the next American Idol, and that I needed to walk away because I was overwhelmed and speechless…and…well…I still may have not matured past the age of 12.

Awwww, it was meant to be.