Porn’s Big Guns Come Out For The 2011 AVN Awards

Joslyn James, Mary Carey & The Infamous Boom Boom

If you don’t learn something new from the red carpet at the annual AVN Awards in Vegas…congrats, you know a lot about porn. While we recognized Joslyn James from her Tiger Woods sex texts and Mary Carey from Celebrity Rehab, we must admit we’d never encountered this blue individual named The Infamous Boom Boom on the right…and we strongly advise against googling…it if you’re at work. Woof.

See more stars in the gallery below, from porn princesses like Jenna Haze and Bree Olson to adult entertainment enthusiasts like Pauly Shore and Dave Navarro. Sadly, 2010’s Breakout Star Of The Year Sasha Grey skipped the event, despite a) being in Vegas and b) being nominated for nineteen trophies. Maybe she knew she wouldn’t win any!

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Five Words: Pauly Shore Adoption Reality Show. Discuss.


We don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this news, so we’ll just put it out there: Pauly Shore has signed on to be in a reality show about his quest to adopt an African baby. The show was originally filmed as a documentary but, given that Bruno cornered the market on comedic movies about adopting African babies, it appears to have been turned into a series. (Who knew there was a market for that at all?)

Shore, a.k.a. The Weasel (we miss you, MTV from the 90’s), is a self-confessed recovering sex addict who had already had one failed reality series on TBS, so while he’s not quite at Andy Dick level crazy, this still sounds like a really terrible idea. The series will air on Showtime. [Photo: GettyImages]


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