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Oscars Red Carpet Early Arrivals: Milla Jovovich, Berenice Bejo And Cruelty-Free Worms

The big stars are just beginning to arrive at the 84th Annual Academy Awards, and we’re chomping at the bit to see who will shine and who will totally flop on the red carpet tonight. Just to get things warmed up, let’s take a look at the ladies who either couldn’t wait to get there, or whose publicists really wanted to assure them lengthy interviews (while all the reporters are just biding their time until Brad and Angie and George and Stacey show up). It’s the first Oscars for some, like Milla Jovovich, though you wouldn’t tell by the way she’s killing it with a dazzling sequined Elie Saab. Sequins seem to be the early trend — they’re also a big feature on Rose Byrne’s Vivienne Westwood and Ellie Kemper’s Armani Prive. Berenice Bejo is also wearing Elie Saab, but she chose beading over sequins. Berenice’s hair is our fave of the night so far — we’re kind of envying her Tyra-esque high forehead. Missi Pyle is an early winner, if only because she manages to make the phrase “cruelty-free silkworms” seem like the next big thing in fashion. Check out the gallery for our early pics below, and then watch along on MTV News’ live stream for more!

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The Artist Earns 12 BAFTA Nods — Here Are The Real 5 Reasons To See It

So, The Artist, a movie with by a French director, with French stars, that takes place in Hollywood, is so completely dominating awards season that it’s earned 12 nods for the British kudosfest the BAFTAs. It’s already won three Golden Globes and four Critics’ Choice awards. And it’s nominated for all the other big pre-Oscar awards: NBR, PGA, DGA, SAG and Independent Spirit. But we worry that all this lofty buzz (not to mention the attention it garnered during Cannes) is actually doing the opposite of drawing certain people to the theaters. A critically acclaimed, bound-to-be-Oscar-nominated black-and-white silent movie by a foreign dude? “No thanks,” some of you are saying. But I am here to say you are wrong. Here’s why you should see it:

1. Uggie as “The Dog.” If you saw the Jack Russell terrier hamming it up onstage at the Globes, you got a tiny taste of his scene-stealing antics. Also, Robert Pattinson fans should recognized this talented pooch as Queenie from Water for Elephants. He’s not just a pretty face, either — his heroic feats rival Lassie’s in the pic, and he may have made us cry once or twice. There’s even a campaign for him to get an Oscar.

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