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Nostalgia Check: The Princess Bride Turns 25 Today!

It’s amazing to think that the cinematic classic The Princess Bride is 25 years old today! We’re not going to be the millionth person to make an “Inconceivable!” joke, but it’s still pretty crazy. It seems like people have been running around deadpanning “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” in their best Mandy Patinkin impression since the dawn of time! On top of being the most quotable movie of all time, The Princess Bride has everything a film fan could ever want. Swordplay and action, romance, laugh-out-loud humor, and Billy Crystal looking kind of like a leper, and Peter Falk being Peter Falk: it’s truly flawless.

In honor of it’s quarter century of making audiences smile, we’ve decided to check in with the whole cast, including Robin Wright, Carey Elwes, Wallace Shawn, Chris Sarandon and all the rest of your favorites. Enjoy!

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Christie Brinkley Settles With Ex, Still Pissed

christie brinkley

Christie Brinkley and ex-husband Peter Cook have settled their custody dispute, less than a week after each demanded the other be sent to prison. The ordeal started when attention-starved Cook complained to the cameras about Brinkley holding on to their son’s passport, making them miss a school trip to Egypt. She accused him of breaking a confidentiality agreement and suddenly everyone was prescribing anger management classes and jail time.

The settlement appears to be “Christie hands over the passport next time and everyone takes a chill pill,” but since neither was actually punished, both parties are claiming victory. “She didn’t get what she wanted. All that happened here is that Mr. Cook’s parenting time was preserved,” said Cook’s lawyer. “Ms. Brinkley is completely vindicated,” said the supermodel’s, who suggests they could have thrown Cook in the clink if they wanted. “Since Mr. Cook lost the custody battle in the divorce trial, he has staged a relentless smear campaign against Ms. Brinkley….Ms. Brinkley chose not to exercise her right to hold Mr. Cook in clear violation of their original confidentiality agreement until Ms. Brinkley was served this unfounded and unwarranted court action at her children’s school holiday concert this past December. It was only at that time that she agreed to file her counterclaims which she hereby withdraws today in an effort to put this all behind her. For the sake of the children, she is hopeful that Mr. Cook will cease his attacks on the children’s mother.” Or else! Somehow we think this drama is far from over.

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Hurray! The Tape Of Peter Cook Bangin’ An 18-Year Old Is Real!

Christie Brinkley must be having a great day. Word is that rumored sex tape starring her ex-husband Peter Cook and his then 18-year old mistress, Diana Bianchi, is real, and the people at the NY Post have seen still shots from the masterpiece. Lucky! In it, Cook’s then 18-year old lover strips down to a g-string while he gropes his man-parts. Other pictures capture the two having sex on a brown loveseat and Cook resting his head on Bianchi’s ass. The Post hypothesizes that Cook settled for basically no money in their divorce trial because Christie had seen these pics and used them as leverage in the case. Bianchi, meanwhile, apparently had no idea that her ass was captured on film, and may sue Cook over the images.

In other news, Peter Cook is totally single. Ladies? To see a Diana Bianchi photo, click the thumbnail image below. [Top Photo: WireImage]

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The Interview Christie Brinkley Doesn’t Want You To See

As if Peter Cook hadn’t already pissed off ex-wife Christie Brinkley enough, the architect of sleaze sat down with Barbara Walters to rehash the dirty details of his philandering and proclivity for Internet porn. Christie really does not want her kids, Jack, 13, and Sailor Lee, 10, to see daddy’s little interview, which airs on 20/20 tonight.

The supermodel filed for a restraining order to prevent Peter from seeing his children this weekend. The visions of them gathering around the television tonight with milk and cookies, and watching daddy chit-chat with Babs about why he banged his teenage assistant were just too much for the Uptown Girl to handle.

According to P.Daddy, it didn’t work out like she planned. “Ms. Brinkley sought to suspend my parenting time with our children for this weekend, and her motion was denied,” he said. Reportedly he has to take the kids “away from his home, and he can’t expose then to the 20/20 broadcast.” [Source:Us Weekly; Photo:Getty]


Peter Cook: I Just Wanted Attention

Christie Brinkley‘s ex-husband Peter Cook sits down to chit chat with Barbara Walters for 20/20 about his tumultuous divorce from the supermodel. He basically tells Babs that he boned an 18-year-old because Christie wasn’t paying attention to him. Peter tells Barbara that he started banging Diana Bianchi, his teenage assistant, because, “I was seeking a connection I could not find in my own marriage. I think the emotional aspect of our lives had changed. I think we were both feeling more like we were living with a brother and sister than a life partner. … I think I just suddenly realized when I was getting attention from someone else that this is something that is missing in my life.”

As for his proclivity for philandering, ie. internet porn and voyeurism, he says, “I wanted a little acknowledgment, a little attention, a little thank you every now and then…”

And why, after humiliating himself in divorce court is he sitting down with 20/20 and airing his dirty laundry again? “My hope is that the world will see that I’m not the scum bag pervert that I’ve been painted to be.”

So what is the proper term for a married guy who pulls a teenager out of a toy store, puts her to work in his office, and then bones her in a home he owns with his wife? [Source:ABC]