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Halle Berry Dipped Her Bare Boob In Guac For Movie 43? This Is Why She Has An Oscar And A Razzie

Halle Berry dips bare breast in guacamole in Movie 43
As people who remember the scuttlebutt and hullabaloo surrounding Halle Berry‘s topless scene in 2001’s Swordfish, we relish the fact that Berry’s boobs have taken a new career path, one that seems closer to the career path our boobs have chosen. After all, who hasn’t dipped their breasts in guacamole, by accident or on purpose? Don’t lie to us; we know you’ve all been to Chipotle.

Movie 43 director Peter Farrelly revealed the details of Halle’s improvised burrito boob move in his new comedy during his Reddit AMA today. “I was a little nervous about meeting her because her scene is so outrageous and I was afraid she might get on the set and balk. Not only did she not, but she thought the scene was too soft, and asked us to amp it up a little,” he say of Berry. Hey, any Halle news that doesn’t involve Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez beating each other to a pulp is good news to us!

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