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Maggie Gyllenaal Gave Birth To Baby Gloria … 10 Days Ago!

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard welcomed their second daughter, Gloria Ray, on April 19, Maggie’s rep told Us Weekly today. Yep, you read that right; the Gyllenhaal-Sarsgaards are apparently excellent at maintaining their privacy and didn’t let this news out until they were absolutely ready. Also amazing is that the above photo, according to Splash News Online, was taken in downtown NYC on April 19, we assume just before the couple headed to the hospital. That face she’s making looks like she’s actually having a contraction on the street, too, doesn’t it. Probably not, because she’s just chatting in other pics. And because we imagine that if the photographer actually caught her that way, he would have chased them all the way to the hospital.

Gloria Ray (very fitting in that grandparent-y name trend) joins older sister Ramona, 5, in the Brooklyn based brood. We look forward to seeing them strolling through our neighborhood soon, and look forward to seeing Maggie cracking us up in the vibrator film Hysteria on May 18.

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Chloe Sevigny Joins Amanda Seyfried In Lovelace After Demi Moore’s Exit

Demi Moore pulled out of her role as Gloria Steinem in the porn biopic Lovelace approximately 24 hours ago. According to People, this was juuuuuust enough time for Chloe Sevigny to join the cast as “a feminist journalist assigned to write a story about Lovelace.” While the site doesn’t confirm specifically that Chloe has stepped into Demi’s comfortable-yet-stylish shoes, the description of Sevigny’s role seems to fit Moore’s ground-breaking character to a tee. A tee with no bra under it, because that bra is going up in flames. Woo hoo! Historical dramas, ya’ll!

While the turn-around in finding Demi’s (alleged) replacement might seem quick, keep in mind that Lovelace has been shooting since the beginning of the year. Just this week Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard appeared in all their hot pants and mustache glory on-set in Los Angeles. With any luck they won’t have to reshoot all of Demi’s scenes, since we have to assume they went directly for the sexy parts first. Why? Oh, no real reason. That’s just what we would do, if we were a director. A director with his or her priorities straight.

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Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal Are Pregnaant!

Jaacob? Maadison? Noaah? Oliviaa? Pirate conventions of the world, get ready to hoist a pint of lager and roll your salty Rs, because Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal confirmed to People today that they’re currently expecting their second child. Married since 2009, the Hysteria star and Green Lantern villain are already parents to 5-year-old Ramona, who really dodged the double vowel bullet as far as we’re concerned. No Raamonaa? She’s going to be so jealous of baby Isaabellllaa. Jealous, or filled with pity.

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Green Lantern Premieres In L.A

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds new film, Green Lantern, is poised to hit theatres tomorrow. In preparation, the big premiere happened at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in L.A yesterday, and most of its cast turned up to celebrate. Blake looked lovely in her white Chanel couture gown, which only someone as leggy as her could pull off. She also brought her family with her including mom Elaine, and sisters Lori and Robyn.

Ryan was not, in any way, overshadowed by his co-star? That light grey suit’s totally working on him! Tim Robbins and Peter Sarsgaard rounded up the main male cast. As for the ladies — and we didn’t know this — Angela Bassett‘s in the film too. Angela, as in Stella who ‘Got Her Groove Back’ in the ”90’s!  In it to just watch the film were celebrities like Jason Bateman, Zachary Levi and Karina Smirnoff, who you can all see in the our gallery. Let’s see if this is going to be the summer hit that everyone predicted it to be!

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New Green Lantern Trailer Delivers What We Want: Hideous Supervillains

If The Dark Knight taught us anything, it’s to never underestimate the acting ability of a ’90s teen heartthrob. If The Dark Knight taught us two things, though, it’s that’s no superhero movie is complete without a compelling supervillain. And seeing as how there are so many action movies coming out this year, including Thor, X-Men: First Class, and Transformers 3, it was kind of hard to get excited about the Green Lantern trailer‘s CGI-splattered fight scenes…until we saw Peter Sarsgaard as corrupt scientist Hector Hammond. Someone get us a fainting couch, because he is the archnemesis of our dreams. You’re saying he has a gigantic gruesome head, a thirst for limitless power and a terrible haircut? It’s what evil geniuses are made of. Sure, Ryan Reynold‘s Green Lantern will undoubtedly save the day before the credits role, but until then let’s enjoy Sarsgaard in all his snarling, preening, demented glory.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal Is No TomKat

We’d certainly be just as excited to spot Maggie Gyllenhaal on the street as we would to see Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The paparazzi however…not so much. Gyllenhaal recently told E! that one day when she and hubby Peter Sarsgaard were sitting in a café in New York, the paparazzi seemed to hover around them. “There were a ton of paparazzi in the café with their huge cameras and laptops. I was like, ‘Peter, oh my god, they are so into us. They’re swarming us. We are so important.'”

Turns out though that none of the shots the paps were taking were of the low-key indie couple, they had their sights set higher. Gyllenhaal explained, “Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were living on that street. It was the winter, so the photographers would go into the café to download their pictures.”

Gyllenhaal flies under the radar as it is and didn’t mind the lack of attention. Besides, she’s allowed to have the last laugh – she gets to live a relatively tabloid-free life, and she replaced Katie in The Dark Knight. Sounds like a win-win situation to us.  [Photos: GettyImages]


Maggie Gyllenhaal And Peter Sarsgaard Get Married

Cool couple Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard have finally put a ring on it. The couple got hitched in the gorgeous South Italy town of Brindisi on Saturday, in another hot contender for Sneakiest Wedding of ’09. The under-the-showbiz-radar pair have been dating since 2002 and have a two-year-old daughter, Ramona. Although neither’s rep has confirmed the wedding, it’s said that Maggie’s brother Jake Gyllenhaal and A-lister girlfriend Reese Witherspoon were in attendance. Congratulations!