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Phyllis Diller Dead At 95: Watch A Sampling Of Her Pioneering Comic Style

Phyllis Diller

The world just got a little less funny today, as legendary comedian Phyllis Diller died today at the age of 95. According to TMZ, her health had been in decline following a recent fall and she was in hospice care in her Los Angeles home when she passed away, surrounded by her family.

Now many of us are a little too young to have been first-hand fans of Diller, who was a housewife before entering the stand-up world in the 1950s and appearing on shows such as Ed Sullivan and You Bet Your Life, as well as her own short-lived sitcom and variety shows. But her self-deprecating humor, wacky costumes and biting remarks have clearly influenced everyone from Roseanne to Lady Gaga. Here we’ve gathered a sampling of classic Phyllis Diller appearances, so you can see what we mean, and so you’ll think of that signature laugh for the rest of the day.

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