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Diamonds, Bikinis And Butt-Grabs: 50 Reasons Why Rihanna Unapologetically Dominated 2012

50 Ways Rihanna Dominated 2012

After her pantsless 2011, we thought that things couldn’t get any better for Rihanna. Damn, were we wrong! The singer made 2012 her best year ever with new songs, new albums, new hair, new drama, but the same DGAF attitude that we’ve come to know and love. So to recap her mindblowing last 12 months, we’ve assembled the 50 reasons why Riri dominated 2012. It’s a lot more than her being pantsless, that’s for sure! Well, OK, we do have some pics of her without pants…

50. Unapologetic earned Rihanna her first Billboard Number One album! And that’s not all: The landmark music mag also named her the top artist of the last 20 years. Take that, Gaga. All hail Riri!

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Rihanna Tells Piers Morgan To “Grow A …” On Twitter


Rihanna is one lady who definitely doesn’t take crap from anyone. But talk show host Piers Morgan decided to take his chances and make an unkind remark about Riri’s new pixie crop that she first unveiled at the MTV VMAs last week. Spoiler alert: he got burned right back. The singer performed at the closing ceremony for London’s 2012 Paraolympics last night alongside Jay-Z and Coldplay and Piers was not feeling her updated look. “Ps I think @Rihanna needs to grow her hair back. Fast.” he tweeted.

That’s when the singer launched her roundhouse kick to Piers’ feed. “@piersmorgan grow a d**k….. FAST!!!!” she shot back. Piers apparently d–k-less status caused him to become a trending topic on Twitter for the rest of the evening! Not exactly a great thing to become known for. Luckily the two kissed and made up soon after, with Morgan wisely deciding not to burn such a massive celebrity bridge. He invited her to appear on his show, and amazingly Rihanna was into it. “Haaaa! Only if it’s not about cosmetics! But phuck yea lets do it!!!!!!!!!” she wrote. We know everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but Piers’ is definitely wrong. Rihanna’s new ‘do looks ah-mazinggggggg! We wonder what he has to say about her dramatic new tattoo

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Nick Cannon, Please Don’t Ever Release Footage Sharon Osbourne’s Breast Prank On Piers Morgan

America's Got Talent stars Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan and Nick Cannon

We’re not even sure whether we should be helping this story to spread, for fear it may cause copycats: At an event honoring CNN host Piers Morgan in Los Angeles on Friday night (as part of BritWeek), Morgan shared the story of how his former fellow America’s Got Talent judge Sharon Osbourne once pranked him, according to the New York Daily News. While traveling on a private plane with Osbourne, AGT judge Howie Mandel and host Nick Cannon, Morgan said he woke up to find Osbourne’s naked breasts dangling in his face. He called it “a scene from Dante’s Inferno” and the “world’s worst nightmare.” That’s hardly fair to Osbourne, who has admitted to paying good money for those nightmares!

OK, we kind of love this story — it’s proof that even though Sharon’s gone from planning Ozzfest with her metal god husband to co-hosting The Talk to entertain housewives, she hasn’t lost her wild side. Also, it makes us aware that TV personalities on private airplanes behave just like we did on the bus during high school field trips.
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Paris Hilton Talks Sex Tape, Says She’s Neither “Spoiled” Nor A “Slut”

That Piers Morgan sure knows how to do a hard-hitting interview. The Larry King replacement had Paris Hilton and her mom Kathy on his show last night, and—once Piers got done complimenting Paris and the Kardashians for their amazing work in the world of branding—he gave the reality TV star/socialite a chance to clear up some misconceptions. For one thing, Paris isn’t spoiled! “People assume that everything was handed to me and I’ve never had to work a day in my life. But, in reality, I’ve worked so hard,” she explained. “I’ve done this all on my own and I don’t take anything from my family, I do everything by myself.” Kathy then shared an anecdote about Paris making her buy her a cell phone when she was 15, which somehow related to Paris being “thrifty.” “I think it’s just something that runs in my blood, wanting to be creative and do big things,” said the younger Hilton.

After repeatably calling her work ethic and empire “laudable,” he brought up Paris’ sex tape. “You know, and I was a little girl, I looked up to people like Princess Diana and these women, and I feel like [then-boyfriend/sex tape partner Rick Salomon] took that away from me…This is not what I planned. I didn’t want to be known as that, and now, when people look at me they think that I’m something I’m not just because of one incident one night with someone who I was in love with. People assume—oh, she’s a slut just because of one thing that happened to me and it’s hard because I’ll never—I’ll have to live with that for the rest of my life and explain it to my children.” Well, there’s also the infamous Carl’s Jr. ad and countless other allegations of sex-crazed drug abuse with fellow socialites/brands, but yeah, one could argue that the sex tape is a big reason Paris never got to be America’s Princess Diana. And far be it from Piers to suggest otherwise.

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Top 13 Charlie Sheen Quotes From His Piers Morgan Interview

Aside from an increase in the number of apologies and the revelation that Mel Gibson, Sean Penn and Sylvester Stallone all think he’s awesome, Piers Morgan‘s interview with Charlie Sheen was a little low on “news”—Two And A Half Men is shuttered, Charlie’s howling like a loon to anyone who’ll listen, nuff said. The guy’s giving multiple interviews a day whether or not something’s happened since the last one. But somebody give Charlie a talk show of his own—not since Tyra Banks have we seen somebody who could fuel a hot-air balloon with their mouth. He’s so quotable he even quoted himself (“There’s this great quote going around, yes, I’m on a high drug, it’s called Charlie Sheen”)! Here’s thirteen of our favorite Sheenisms from last night.

  • “It’s been a tsunami of media. And I’ve been riding it on a mercury surfboard. Right off the bat, sorry.”
  • “That doesn’t matter. That was an old brain. I have a new brain. I have a 10,000-year-old brain and the boogers of a seven-year-old. That’s how I describe myself.”
  • “I have not [hit a woman], no. No, women are not to be hit. They’re to be hugged and caressed, you know?”
  • “She was attacking me, though, with a small fork, like a cocktail fork. And I think she had it with her. That’s the weird part. What was she doing with a shrimp fork in her purse? She stole it clearly from a buffet.”

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Piers Morgan Already Banning Guests From His New Talk Show


Piers Morgan has only just taken over for Larry King as the resident celebrity interviewer on CNN, but he’s already taking pains to do the show on his terms and he doesn’t care who he offends. For instance, Morgan has created a list of guests who are banned from his show for no real reason except that Morgan just doesn’t like them. The show premiered last night and Morgan’s first guest was none other than interview queen Oprah Winfrey, but she’s one of the few people it seems Morgan can tolerate. Check out the list of diverse celebs Morgan refuses to invite to Piers Morgan Tonight and the actual reasons Morgan cites for blacklisting each person below:

Banned: Madonna.
: “She is so boring. She’s too vegan for TV. We have Lady Gaga now so Madonna is banned from my show.”

Banned: Keith Olbermann.
: “Just because it would really annoy him. It’s a temporary ban, designed to confuse and bemuse him, and hopefully engender a violent reaction.”

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Katie Price Reveals Miscarriage, Pete Retaliates


The British media is predictably becoming a daily battle ground as the split between Katie “Jordan” Price and Peter Andre stays nasty. The latest salvo fired by the former glamor girl is the revelation that she suffered a miscarriage soon after returning from the U.S. — and days before she ran the London Marathon. In an interview with Piers Morgan, Katie — who has been accused of crass, tarty behavior in Ibiza since the split — told tearfully what had happened.

“I was pregnant in America and the baby died … Emotionally for any woman, whether you’re in the media or not, to have a baby die, run the marathon, which is also a big thing on your body, and then your husband wants a divorce, split up. That’s a lot for someone to take in,” she said.

But Pete, who has so far come across as the more dignified partner in the messy breakup, responded to Katie’s disclosure in his weekly New! magazine column. “By revealing all about the baby we lost, Kate went against everything we said we’d never do. The miscarriage was a devastating time for us both, but I strongly believe it should have remained private,” he wrote.

The PR battle is certainly on again between the Jon and Kate of the UK, but the whole thing just seems sad when you think about the effect this must be having on their kids. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Piers Morgan Strips For Burgers

Hold your breakfasts down, people. Piers Morgan wants to show you his chest hair. The not-exactly-buff British TV talent show judge shows David Beckham just how to do the topless modelling thing in this new ad for a Burger King scent called “Flame” — although the phrase “fake publicity stunt” is ringing loudly in our ears.

Posing seductively before an open fire, any woman would find it hard to resist a man covering his modesty with a velvet drape, wearing a large medallion around his manly torso, and smelling of fast food. (Heave!) One extra thought: What did he look like before the airbrush? [Photo: Crispin Porter  Bogusky/Burger King]


Katie Price: I Was Disgusting To Sleep With Teenage Virgin

A few years back, before she became the be-boobed entrepreneur we know and love today, Katie Price, aka Jordan, was best known in Britain for being a topless model and falling out of clubs. And when it was revealed, back in 2002, that she had slept with innocent teenage Pop Idol singer Gareth Gates when pregnant with her first child Harvey, the whole of the UK let out a collective “eeeeew.” Now Katie herself admits that it may not have been her best-ever decision.

“When I look at it now, it’s gross, disgusting. It’s terrible — I was still young, I was pregnant, I didn’t have the dad about and I still wanted to be loved. It was wrong when I look back. It was over in seconds,” she told Piers Morgan on his ITV1 show last night.

Yes, popping a 17-year-old’s cherry (whose career then went down the toilet, but hey ho) and then telling everyone about how brief it was is super-tacky. Now don’t do it again. Please.

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Piers Morgan Disses ‘Selfish’ David Beckham

On the worldwide PR stage, it’s fair to say that David Beckham’s escaped relatively Scot-free (apart from his comedy accent raising a few giggles) whereas wife Victoria has suffered more than her fair share of tabloid hate campaigns, especially in the British tabloids. But America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan reckons this has been the wrong way round — branding soccer star Becks “ruthlessly selfish” for his plans to ditch LA Galaxy and head off to Milan, leaving Posh to potentially change her life around once more.

“I think he’s been ruthlessly selfish about his career from the start. I don’t blame him – I just wish he’d be more honest about it. My sympathy is all with Victoria. She has to do all the dirty work while he works out where he can make his next pay cheque. I think he should have stayed in America and honoured his commitment to them and American soccer. That was the deal and that’s why they paid him the big bucks, but as always, he’s put David Beckham first and if everyone has to be uprooted and disappointed by it then so be it,” he says to this week’s issue of the UK’s New! magazine.

It’s fair to say the Beckhams probably won’t be inviting wobblechops Morgan round to their LA home to swap stories about how much they miss beans on toast and Marmite anytime soon. But “Poor Posh” as a new nickname? Hmm, it’s got a ring to it… [Photos: Splash News Online, ]